2024 NCAA Championships Watch Party

2024 NCAA Wrestling Championships Finals Live Updates

2024 NCAA Wrestling Championships Finals Live Updates

Real time updates of the finals of the 2024 NCAA D1 Wrestling Championships from Kansas City, Missouri.

Mar 23, 2024 by Andrew Spey
2024 NCAA Wrestling Championships Finals Live Updates

Looks like we made it! Four months of the regular season, one weekend of conference championships, and here we are, in the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City getting ready for the culmination of the most excellent tournament of the world's oldest and greatest sport. 

Match Notes: First Round | Second Round | Quarterfinals | Semis + Bloodround | Medal Round

We're at the 2024 NCAA D1 Wrestling Championships, and we'll have an account of all the action here for you in real time!

Have some time to kill before the wrestling starts? Might I recommend spending an hour watching the latest FloSports Original: Spencer & Austin? I'm admittedly biased but in my humble opinion it rules. 

Where Are Brackets?

I'm hoping you came here for the live blog but if you just want the brackets I understand as well. We all crave brackets. Here is the link to the D1 NCAA Championship event page on Trackwrestling. Brackets are very easy to find from there. Sweet sweet brackets. 

What About the Schedule?

Sure, right here. 

Saturday, March 23

Session 5 - 11:00 am (Placing Matches)

Session 6 - 7:00 pm (Championship Finals)

And that is the very last time I will cut and paste that information into the live blog. Now, they're finally here, live from KC and in prime time on ESPN, the 2024 NCAA Championship finals!


Using NCAA rankings, not seeds. Finals are starting at 285 and going in weight class order.

285: #1 Greg Kerkvliet, Penn State vs #8 Lucas Davison, Michigan

Kerkvliet beat Davison at the 2022 Big Tens and in a dual meet this season. Kerkvliet had a brief stint at Ohio State before transferring to Penn State his freshman season. He is a four-time All-American (7th, 4th, 2nd, ?)  with one more season of eligibility remaining. Davison qualified for four NCAAs at Northwestern and earned two All-American honors (6th & 5th) before transferring to Michigan for his final year of eligibility. 

Davison comes sauntering out to Slipknot's Duality. Nice. I don't recognize Kerkvliet's song which is not surprising as I get further and further out of touch with popular music with each passing day. Sounds cool though!

1st period: Fierce handfighting. Neither of these guys have a lot of extra pounds on them for heavyweights. Kerk takes ground, picks and ankle, collects the other leg and gets a takedown on the boundary for the early 3-0 lead. Davison stands and is out quickly to make it 3-1. In short time, Kerkvliet short drags an arm and grabs another leg, the strength he must have to stop Davison from kicking free is incredible. Another takedown, though Davison escapes before the period ends. 6-2. 

2nd period: Davison chooses down. Again no trouble getting out. That's no small feat given how Kerkvliet has ridden many All-Americans this season. Kerkvliet fires off a shot, Davison reattacks, is in on Kerkvliet's legs but Kerk defends and then counters with his own leg attack. He finishes for three more. Incredible speed and precise timing by Kerkvliet and he leads 9-3 going into the third. 

3rd period: Kerk gets a turn on bottom. Kerk sits and is free. 10-3, Davison in a deep hole, though on the plus side riding time isn't a factor. One minute to go, Davison unable to get through Kerk's hand and hands defense. He shoots anyway but Kerkvliet down blocks and goes behind for three more, 13-3. One more escape is all Davison will get. It's a 13-4 major decision as Kerkvliet completes a perfect 20-0 season! 

I don't think Kerkvliet gave up anything but escapes all season. He's in the running for the Hodge, with only a couple of people who can challenge him (looking at you, 197-pound final).  

FINAL: Greg Kerkvliet (Penn State) over Lucas Davison (Michigan) MD 13-4

125: #2 Drake Ayala, Iowa vs #11 Richard Figueroa, Arizona State

This is the first collegiate meeting between Ayala and Figueroa, although Ayala did beat Figueroa in high school at 2020's Who's Number One. This is Ayala's first All-American honor. He has two more years of eligibility. The same can be said for Figueroa. 

I forgot to pay attention to what they walked out too, sorry. 2nd match and already I'm slipping. By the way the smoke machine keeps pumping out fog after the walk outs and the lights are on. Looks like someone is hitting a massive vape. Anyway. 

1st period: Ayala in on the first shot after a couple of slide by attempts. He gets Difueroa's leg but FIgs kicks free. Ayala taking more ground and the stall chants from the crowd are coming out with a minute to go in the period. Figueroa a little more active in short time but no scores after three minutes. 

2nd period: Fgueroa chooses bottom and is out in six seconds. Ayala pressuring in. Duck under attempt by Figueroa thwarted by Ayala. Spectators calls for stalling are gaining momentum but I think the refs want more shots from Ayala first. Slide by attempt from Figs in short time, now one from Ayala. Drake throws in a leg looking for a merkle but Figueroa drops down on a leg, pops his head out and grabs the far ankle from Ayala. He drags a toe of his own and collects the three just before the period ends. Or does he? Official review. Call upheld, it's three. Now a brick from Coach Brands. Not sure what the rules are in this situation but maybe he is asking for something else to be reviewed? As it stands it 4-0 Figueroa and Ayala will have choice in the third. Ah, I think Brands wanted a takedown called on the merkle. If so it would be 5 to 3 I think? Some boos now from an impatient crowd. Coach Zeke Jones not happy either. And finally the ruling is no change. All that to go back to the original call. 4-0 Figs.

3rd period: Ayala in the bottom position. He stands, is brought down, then stands and is out to make it 4-1. Ayala attacks, they go out of bounds, no stall call, though the Hawkeye faithful disagree. An attack by Ayala, Figs counters, has a leg but they go out of bounds. More pressure from Ayala, out of bounds, and now a stall call. Again Figs taking ground, Figueroa drops a level and has a leg, a long scramble, it chews up a lot of clock, and Figueroa will get the takedown to ice it. One more escape and it's 7-2 officially, Richard Figueroa is a national champion! 

And he does a little breaking in the center of the mat to celebrate. After the handshake of course. Now it looks like the whole Figueroa family is dancing to RIchie's walk out song as Quint Kessenich tries to interview him, lol. Great moment for them. 

FINAL: Richard Figueroa (Arizona State) over Drake Ayala (Iowa) Dec 7-2

133: #2 Vito Arujau, Cornell vs #3 Daton Fix, Oklahoma State

This is a rematch of last year's NCAA semifinals, won by Vito 11-3. Both Arujau and Fix graduated high school in 2017. Arujau is a four-time All-American, Fix is a five-time All-American. Both also have senior world medals in freestyle at 61kg, Fix a silver and Vito a gold. 

Arujau hps out to a classic, Hypnotise by Biggie. Fix jogs out to a song I know I've heard before, starts with a lot of horns, then some singing. Sorry I am bad at this. 

1st period: Fix is the undefeated top seed, whereas Arujau had two losses to Ryan Crookham this season (avenged in the semifinals), hence him receiving the 6 seed. And after less than 30 seconds we need to pause for blood time for Vito. Looks like a cut on the top of Vito's head. But that's cleaned up and we're back to action. Pause for an inadvertent eye poke from Fix but we're good again and wrestling. Now we pause to clean up some schmutz on the mat. Also they are fixing up Vito's head again so maybe he started bleeding again. Okay, here we go. Go behind/slide by from Fix but Vito runs out of danger. Shot by Vito misses. Fix attacks, reattack by Vito gets to Fix's legs but no scores and the period ends scoreless. 

2nd period. Fix starts on bottom, and after 10 seconds either Coach Smith or Coach Scott thinks they saw locked hands from Vito so they throw the challenge brick and we get another stoppage. And smart challenge because the no-call is overturned, Vito locked his hands and Fix gets a point. Arujau says optional start and Fix is out for another point and leads 2-0. Arujau shoots, stall call on Fix. Another shot, Arujau comes close but Fix scrambles and they go out of bounds, no takedown. Or is there? Coach Grey throws the challenge brick. Looks close on the replay but I don't think Vito had it. And it's confirmed, no takedown. Crowd boos, at least the Cornell fans do. Back to action, another shot by Vito but again Fix counters, this time nearly scoring a takedown himself but no dice. Under 10 left after the restart and we go to the third, still 2-0 Fix. 

3rd period: Vito's choice, but first, more blood time. Vito underneath, he's out in no time, cuts the lead in half. He shoots Fix out of bounds and the Cornell coaches and a good portion of the arena wanted a stall call. No call though, back to action after some more blood time, I think for Fix though. Another shot by Vito, there's the stall on Fix and it's tied 2-2. Vito works his way around for the three and leads 5-3. Or does he? The Cowboy corner throws another brick saying it should not have been a takedown. And another good challenge, call overturned! 2-2, 1:17 to go, riding time not a factor, we're wrestling in neutral. And Vito catches Fix off balance on an attack and pounces for three. So it's back to 5-2, Arujau. Fix escapes to make it 5-3. Vito on the attack again, and another takedown on the edge to make it 8-3. Or is it? Now an official review. Fans are naturally not enjoying the many stoppages of this match but rules are rules! And once again the call is overturned, so no takedown and it's 5-3. Fix still in the match but only 15 seconds left. Fix on the attack, changing levels, but Vito won't be denied! Back to back champion, Vito Arujau! 

No Vougar on the mic in the post match interview but Vito proudly spoke to Quint with his mom and siblings. 

Very tough for Daton Fix, who finishes as a five-time All-American and four-time runner-up. Great wrestler and person and should be remembered as an Oklahoma State legend. 

FINAL: Vito Arujau (Cornell) over Daton Fix (Oklahoma State) Dec 5-3

141: #1 Jesse Mendez, Ohio State vs #2 Beau Bartlett, Penn State 

These two have met twice this season. Bartlett beat Mendez in overtime in a dual meet and Mendez won in the Big Ten finals 4-1. Mendez is a true sophomore who finished 6th at NCAAs last season. Bartlett is now a two-time All-American who finished 3rd last season and has one year of eligibility remaining. 

Mendez runs out to Black Eyed Peas' thumping Imma Be while Bartlet comes out to Two Door Cinema Club's ear worm What You Know. 

1st period: A tactical first half to the first period. Collar ties, small level changes and fakes. Checking distances and probing for weaknesses. Mendez is the first to touch an opponent's leg but he only has a grasp on Bartlett for a moment and it's back to neutral. Bartlett maybe getting the better of the ties in short time but it's immaterial and we got bagels on the scoreboard after 3 minutes. 

2nd period: Mendez starts on bottom, he stands but Bartlett runs him off the mat. Mendez is out quickly after the restart. Another tactical 90 seconds of wrestling and we're down to the final 30 seconds, still 1-0 Mendez. Barlett reaches in and has a leg but Mendez steps over and finds a leg for himself and they scramble for the rest of the period. Still 1-0, nice defense from Mendez. 

3rd period: Bartlett gets a turn on bottom. Mendez rides for a little over 30 seconds, at one point might have been thinking spladle, which he hit on Brock Hardy in the quarterfinals, but Bartlett isn't having any of that and he kicks free and escapes to knot the score. Less than a minute left in regulation. This bout is zipping by as compared to last match. Short time left, riding time not a factor. Now a shot by Bartlett, he's behind Mendez, but a forward roll and more crazy defense from Mendez, he's got one of Bartlett's legs, time is running out, now he gets the other, there's three, and time is out! Mendez wins, or does he? Coach Sanderson (or Coach Sanderson) threw a challenge brick. Did Bartlett have a takedown before Mendez? It would give Mendez three and Mendez just two for the reversal so this review basically decides the match. Call on the mat confirmed, the Buckeyes have a national champion!

FINAL: Jesse Mendez (Ohio State) over Beau Bartlett (Penn State) Dec 4-1

149: #4 Caleb Henson, Virginia Tech vs #5 Austin Gomez, Michigan

Henson is a true sophomore from Georgia who finished 5th at least year's NCAA. Austin Gomez finished in the round of 12 in 2019 while at Iowa State. He later transferred to Wisconsin where he was a two-time qualifier and 2022 All-American. He is using his final year of eligibility at Michigan. He also represents Mexico in international freestyle competitions and has qualified for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. These two have ever wrestled each other in college.  

Gomez walks out to something with a great Latin beat that I can't place. Henson goes with the ultimate Hall of Fame metal track, Enter Sandman by Metallica. And we get a little extra time with the headbanging legends, I think because of TV time, but I'm not complaining. 

1st period: Gomez wasting no time, gets an early takedown on a reattack on one of Henson's ankles. Now 3-1 Gomez as Henson escapes. Now Henson reattacks on a Gomez shot and takes Gomez to his back. That's three plus two nearfall for the Hokies as Gomez bridges out of bounds. Extremely powerful bridge by the way. And on the restart a chin drop for Henson and he's got four more. Just like that it's 10-3 Henson. Escape for Gomez. Now has Henson in a front headlock. Goes cement mixer but Henson stops him and puts Gomez on his back again! No nearfall as Gomez bellies out before a two count by that's three more and Henson gets the ride out to make it 13-4 going into the second. Dang that was a lot for one period. 

2nd period: Henson chooses bottom, he escapes to make it a 10 point lead. But Gomez is not done by any stretch of the imagination. He shoots on a leg and collects a takedown to make it 14-7. Escape by Henson and it's 15-7. Gomez in on a shot in short time but Henson defends and the period ends, still 15-7. 

3rd period: Gomez chooses neutral. He's got home run move capabilities but Henson will know Gomez will be swinging for the fences this period. Under a minute to go, still 15-7. 30 to go, Gomez drops on a leg but Henson is playing the edge and the go out of bounds. No stall calls on Henson yet so this is going to be tough for Austin. And Henson will win a championship! 15-7 victory and the Hokies have their second national champ in program history!

I believe Metallica helped power Henson to victory. Enter Sandman is also the walk out song for Hokie football so maybe the pigskin squad can take some points from Caleb and company. 

Henson the first national champ from the state of Georgia. Thank you Bryan Hazard and Jason Bryant, the in-house MCs, for that bit of trivia. 

FINAL: Caleb Henson (Virginia Tech) over Austin Gomez (Michigan) MD 15-7

And now we got a musical interlude. Part of a TV break. ESPN is showing a pretaped video while the T-Mobile Center gets a live performance of Eminem's Lose Yourself by some guys I've never heard of. They are talented though! 

157: #1 Levi Haines, Penn State vs #2 Jacori Teemer, Arizona State

Haines is a true sophomore who finished runner-up at last year's NCAAs, losing to North Carolina's Austin O'Connor. Teemer is a redshirt senior who may or may not have another year of eligibility remaining depending on if he got a medical redshirt for last year (I think he does but am not sure). He's a three-time All-American and has never before wrestled Haines in college.

Long Beach, New York's Jacori Teemer walks out to Wu-Tang, and Biglerville, Pennsylvania's Levi Haines has Hank Williams Jr playing as he makes his way to the mat. For song 

1st period: Not much after 90 seconds, mostly wrestling from space. 30 seconds left in the period and lots of circling and probing but not much in the way of flurries or anything. The period ends with goose eggs. 

2nd period: Haines chooses down, stands and is out with minimal resistance from Teemer. Little action for another minute and now Teemer banged for stalling after Haines shoots in. Haines is taking ground and the stall calls are flying in from the many Penn State fans in attendance. second period ends, 2-0 Haines. 

3rd period: Teemer elects to stay in neutral for the third period. He's losing and has a stall call on him so he's as incentivized as you can be to create action at this point. Haines decides to take matters into his own hands, hits a lightning quick high-c to a double and takes the elusive Teemer down for three and a 4-0 lead. Haines still on top as we round the final minute of regulation. Teemer gets to his feet but Haines brings him back down to earth and has a leg in. Riding time goes over a minute as the clock keeps ticking. 15 seconds left, Haines is close and the fans know it. Haines will ride out the match for a national championship! 5-0 officially for the Nittany Lion!

FINAL: Levi Haines (Penn State) over Jacori Teemer (Arizona State) Dec 5-0

165: #2 David Carr, Iowa State vs #4 Mitchell Mesenbrink, Penn State

Carr is a five-time NCAA qualifier and four-time All-American (1st, 3rd, 2nd, ?). He has never wrestled redshirt Mitchell Mesenbrink before, who transferred to Penn State last summer after a brief stint at California Baptist. 

Walk out songs: Can't Be Touched by Roy Jones Jr (I think, I cheated and used Shazam) for Carr and Drake for Mesenbrink.

1st period: Takedown right off the whistle for Carr. Blast double, hands behind the knees, no change for Mesenbrink to defend. A couple of mat returns keep Mesenrbrink on the mat for 30 seconds and counting. More impressive mat returns for Carr. He's using a lot of energy but he's also racking up a lot of riding time. 1:38 to be precise as they go out of bounds with 1:16 left in the period. This time Mesenbrink stands and peels hands and is out to make it 3-1. Mesenbrink very active from neutral but Carr is keeping pace. 30 seconds left in the period as they two circle each other like hyperactive panthers. The periods ends still 3-1 for Carr, who has 1:42 of riding time as well. 

2nd period: Carr has choice and he takes bottom. Mesenbrink chops an arm and pinches the near side leg with his own but Carr slips his leg free and escapes to make it 4-1. Mesenrbrink shoots Carr out of bounds and induces a stall call on Carr. Shot from Mesenbrink, Carr crotch locks but Mesenbrink is close to getting behind for three. Somehow though Carr holds on and forces a stalemate and it's still 4-1. 44 seconds left after the next restart. Mesenbrink shoots and a quick stall call on Carr for a point to Mesenbrink, but Carr counters that shot and has a leg. He finishes to make it 7-2 with short time left in the period. Mesenbrink stands but can't free himself before he runs out of real estate and he's still underneath with just 7 seconds left in the period. Mesenbrink only needs 5 seconds to escape though, so the period ends 7-3 in favor of Carr, riding time at 1:52. Carr also already has 2 stall calls. 

3rd period: Mesenbrink chooses down. He keeps standing and Carr looking for a mat return. Now another stall on Carr and then an escape by Mesenbrink and it's 7-5 in favor of Carr. Mesenbrink on the attack and he's got a a takedown! Scoreboard says 8-7 Mesenbrink but Carr has the RT point locked up. Mesenbrink cuts him. Mitchell charges forward, Carr circling, reattacking. 8-8 but really 9-8. Short time, they go out of bounds in short time. Now Carr has his bearing and can see the finish line, Mesenbrink's attacks have slowed. Time runs out and David Carr is a two-time national champion! The look of relief on Carr's face. He beat O'Toole in the semis and now Mesenbrink in the finals. Incredible performance for David Carr! 

FINAL: David Carr (Iowa State) over Mitchell Mesenbrink (Penn State) Dec 9-8

174: #1 Carter Starocci, Penn State vs #6 Rocco Welsh, Ohio State

Starocci is a redshirt senior with one more year of eligibility that he may or may not use. He's a three-time NCAA champion seeking to become the sixth four-time in NCAA history (the other five are Pat Smith, Cael Sanderson, Logan Steiber, Kyle Dake. and Yianni Diakomihalis). Starocci beat true freshman Welsh in a dual meet 4-2. Welsh was pressed into service when teammate and All-American Carson Kharchla went down with a season ending injury. Starocci was injured in the final dual meet of the year and injury defaulted in two matches at Big Tens, but is showing little difficulty wrestling at this tournament. 

Welsh jogs out to Iniko's stirring The King's Affirmation. Starocci walks out to Jason's theme from the movie Halloween, which then cuts to inspiring quotes from Mike Tyson. 

1st period: And after about 15 seconds of scrapping we've already got to stop for bloodtime. I think this is going to be a pretty physical bout. Yeah Welsh's right cheek is bleeding. But the Buckeye trainers patch him up and we're back to action. Lots of handfighting, not much in the way of shots after two minutes. Level change from Starocci but that's stuffed by Welsh. And a hi-c by Starocci is also stopped by Welsh but it earns him a stall call, his first warning. Starocci keeps shooting in the final seconds of the period and Welsh is banged again so he concedes the first point to Starocci on stall calls. 

2nd period: Some more blood time as Welsh's forehead is bleeding too now. He then defers and Starocci chooses down. 12 seconds in we need to stop for more blood. Back in action and Starocci stands and escapes to double his lead to two. Welsh fires off a shot and he's in deep but a heavy sprawl from Starocci gets the action stalemated. Starocci appears to be winning the hand fight which allows him to take more low risk shots which may get Welsh dinged for stalling again. None of that happens though so we go to the third, still 2-0, riding time not a factor. 

3rd period: Welsh picks neutral so we stay on our feet for the final stanza of regulation. Not much action in the firs minute. Welsh doing a better job holding ground. Now It's Starocci backing up and reacting. Down to the final 30 seconds of regulation. Starocci hit for stalling at the 20 second mark but immediately gets in on a leg and chews up more clock. 8 seconds left on the restart. A takedown will do it but Welsh doesn't have much time. Welsh attacks, but Starocci defends. And the escape was all he needed. Starocci pitches a shut out to become the first four-time NCAA champion in Penn State history! Incredible grit to come back from an injury and run through that bracket from the nine seed!

FINAL: Carter Starocci (Penn State) over Rocco Welsh (Ohio State) Dec 2-0

184: #1 Parker Keckeisen, Northern Iowa vs #2 Dustin Plott, Oklahoma State

Keckeisen is a redshirt senior with one more year of eligibility remaining. He's a four-time All-American (3rd, 3rd, 2nd, ?). He's beat Plott twice this season, 12-6 in a dual and 14-5 at Big 12s. Plott is a true junior with one more year of eligibility. He's a three-time All-American (6th, 6th, ?).

Keckeisen gets us all pumped up by running out to Pump It Up by Endor. Dustin Plott has us stomping our feed to Jerry Reed's East Bound and Down. 

1st period: Our penultimate bout is under way! Keckeisen on the attack early, sliding on a knee looking for Plott's legs. He connects about 30 seconds in and finished for the first points of the match. Big mat return fires up (or should I say pumps up) the Panther fans in the arena. Plott escapes after 40 some seconds of riding time. Keckeisen is back in on a shot not too long after and puts on a master class of staying in the cylinder and finishes a double while you're opponent has a tight chest lock. Superb stuff from Keeckeisen had a hand trailing in bounds, switches to a foot, then dragged a toe as he popped his head. I can't explain it right, go watch the replay. Escape but Plott and it's 6-2. That's how the period ends, 1:04 of RT for Keck. 

2nd period: Plott chooses down. He's out after a few ticks of the clock, 6-3. Plott fires off a nice shot, has a single leg, but Keckeisen defends and they go out of bounds, no score. Plott the aggressor but Keckeisen doing enough to avoid a stall call. Period ens still 6-3. 

3rd period: Keckseisen's choice, but first, some blood on Plott's head needs attention. Optional start for Plott, Keckeisenis out and it's 7-3. Plott pressing in, looking for a shot. Head snap from Keckeisen and he's back in on Plott, finishing clean for three more and a 10-3 lead. Plott's out, 10-4. One minutes to go. Throw by attempt from Keckeisen. More snaps from Keckeisen and he's back in on a double and has three more. 13-4, that should ice it. Escape from Plott and that's it. Never in doubt and with all the takedowns, Parker Keckeisen is a national champion by major decision! Northern Iowa now has two 184-pound champs in the last five years, plus the number one seed at 184 at the canceled 2020 NCAAs. Awesome to see that kind of success at a program like UNI. Not a lot of resources compared to the majors but plenty of accomplishments.

FINAL: Parker Keckeisen (Northern Iowa) over Dustin Plott (Oklahoma State) MD 14-5

197: #1 Aaron Brooks, Penn State vs #2 Trent Hidlay, NC State

Brooks is a a five-time qualifier and four-time All-American seeking his fourth NCAA title. Whether he could be the 6th or 7th four-timer depends on what his teammate Starocci does earlier in the finals. He is the current Hodge Trophy Award front runner and in his final year of eligibility. Hidlay is redshirt senior and also a five-time qualifier and four-time All-American (2nd, 5th, 4th, ?) and in his final year of eligibility. Brooks defeated Hidlay once in each of the last three seasons, though they have not met this year. They are also both bumped up from 184 to 197 and are undefeated on the season. 

The crowd is announced at 15,950 in attendance. Very good crowd in my opinion. Loud, knowledgable, perhaps a bit tipsy. A+

The classic Sandstorm ushers Trent Hidlay onto the mat like rolling thunder. Brooks jogs to the mat to the melodious Heavs Beat by Not Your Dope

1st period: This is it, one undefeated wrestler will end their career with a loss, the other with a win, an NCAA title, and a good chance at winning the Hodge. Brooks goes on the attack first, moving Hidlay around and grabbing his ankle, Hidlay avoids the takedown though and we're back to neutral. Brooks working an underhook and he's controlling these ties. Double leg from Brooks but Hidlay hips into him with a whizzer and defends the shot. Brooks' pressure and activity gets Hidlay hit with a stall call with about 30 seconds left in the period. We pause to sop up some blood on Hidlay's face. Back in action, heavy hands from Brooks helpsthe Nittany Lion find an opening and he powers Hidlay to the mat and comes out on top for three points just before the period ends. 

2nd period: Brooks chooses down and is out in about 10 seconds. 4-0 early in the second. Brooks taking more ground and he flips Hidlay over at the edge of the mat. Hidlay shakes it off. Back to the mat and Brooks continues to take ground. Another stall call on Hidlay and it's 5-0. The period ends that way and it's Hidlay's choice. 

3rd period: Hidlay takes bottom. A couple of standup attempts are stymied by Brooks. Hidlay still underneath after 40 some seconds of wrestling. Brooks starting to wear on Hidlay, all with mostly a tight waist and wrist control. Riding time over a minute and counting. Under 30 to go. Hidlay can't break free. 8 second now same position. Brooks is right at the finish line. Hidlay stands and is out in the final seconds but that's it! 6-1 win for Aaron Brooks, who is the second four-timer in Penn State history and seventh in NCAA history! 

FINAL: Aaron Brooks (Penn State) over Trent Hidlay (NC State) Dec 6-1

Penn State pretty much all the records today. Most points, largest margin of victory. Everything but 10 All-Americans and six champs, which I assume will be the next records to fall under the tread of the unstoppable juggernaut Cael has created. 

Congrats to the Penn State Nittany Lions and congratulations to you, the wise and learned wrestling fan who has reached the end of another awesome NCAA season! Apologies for the typos, see you at the Olympic Team Trials!


1Penn State10172.5
4Iowa State968.5
6Arizona State864.5
7Virginia Tech1064
8Ohio State962
10Oklahoma State1056
11NC State1049.5
13South Dakota State848.5
14Northern Iowa739.5
17West Virginia531.5
19Little Rock524
21Air Force321.5
23Oregon State520
26Lock Haven313
31North Carolina512.5
34Army West Point69.5
39Appalachian State57
42Central Michigan35
44Michigan State54
44North Dakota State14
47Cal Poly53
47California Baptist23
47George Mason33
50Northern Colorado32.5
56Franklin and Marshall21
56Utah Valley11
61Cleveland State20.5
61SIU Edwardsville10.5
63Northern Illinois20
63The Citadel10