2024 NCAA Championships Watch Party

The Best Seniors In 2024 Who Have Yet To All-American

The Best Seniors In 2024 Who Have Yet To All-American

Highly accomplished seniors who qualified for the NCAAs in their final year of eligibility attempting to make the podium for the first time.

Mar 18, 2024 by Andrew Spey
The Best Seniors In 2024 Who Have Yet To All-American

One of the highlights of the NCAA Championships is, for me, researching the qualifiers who are in their final year of eligibility and have yet to make the podium. It provides wrestlers to root for as they cap off highly credentialed careers, hopefully by attaining the coveted All-American status. 

Below is a list of seniors I've found that meet the criteria of having qualified for the 2024 tournament, being in their final year of eligibility, and not having an All-American accolade to their name. Sometimes figuring out eligibility was difficult, though, so if I've made an error or left anyone out, please don't hesitate to reach out! 

Listed before each wrestler is their seed at the 2024 NCAA Championship. Listed after their school are their respective finishes at previous NCAA tournaments. RS = redshirt; DNW = did not wrestle; DNQ = did not qualify. 

125: #22 Brayden Palmer, Chattanooga - 2020, DNW, R32, R16

Palmer spent two seasons at Clarion before joining the Mocs in Chattanooga. He was two wins away from making the podium last season.

133: #15 Brody Teske, Iowa - RS, DNS, R12, R16, R24

133: #28 Michael Colaiocco, Penn - 2020, DNW, R24, R16

Teske made a couple of stops before arriving at Iowa City. He's reached the bloodround before, meaning he was one match away from All-American status. The Ivy League did not compete in any sports in 2021, so Colaiocco did not have the opportunity to wrestle in 2021. He's qualified for three other tournaments, including the canceled 2020 championship. 

141: #15 Mitch Moore, Rutgers - R24, R16, R12, DNW, R24

Moore won matches at four previous NCAA tournaments. He wrestled for Virginia Tech and Oklahoma before landing at Rutgers, where he'll have one last shot at finishing in the top 8. 

149: #11 Quinn Kinner, Rider - RS, 2020, DNW, R24, R32

149: #15 Corbyn Munson, Central Michigan - RS, DNQ, DNQ, R32, R32

149: #17 Graham Rooks, Indiana - RS, 2020, R24, DNQ, R12

There is a trio of seniors at 149 taking one last bite of the NCAA apple in Kansas City, so you've got plenty of rooting options.  

157: #21 Lucas Revano, Penn - 2020, DNW, R24, DNQ

Revano also had the misfortune of not being able to compete at the canceled 2020 tournament, nor the entire 2021 season. 

165: #11 Andrew Cerniglia, Navy - R24, R32, DNQ

165: #25 Holden Heller, Pittsburgh - DNQ, 2020, R32, RS, R16

Cerniglia technically had another year of eligibility, however, because he competes for a service academy he will be commissioned in the spring and will be busy serving in the armed forces after this season. Heller was at Hofstra for four seasons before joining the Pittsburgh program to utilize his remaining season of eligibility. 

174: #5 Philip Conigliaro, Harvard - 2020, RS, R12, R16

174: #8 Adam Kemp, Cal Poly - RS, 2020, DNQ, R24, DNW

174: #13 Justin McCoy, Virginia - RS, 2020, R32, R12, R16

174: #18 Benjamin Pasiuk, Army - R16, R24, R24

174: #21 Tyler Eischens, North Carolina - RS, 2020, DNW, R24, R24

With five wrestlers in the weight class, including two seeded in the top 8, there's a good chance we'll be able to cheer for one of these seniors next Saturday. 

184: #8 Sam Wolf, Air Force - DNW, DNQ, R32

184: #20 Jacob Nolan, Binghamton - 2020, R32, R32, R16

184: #23 Layne Malczewski, Michigan State - RS, 2020, R32, R32, R24

184: #25 David Key, Navy - R16, DNQ, R24

184 is another weight where there's a good chance we'll see someone break through to the medal round. Key will have the added pressure of attempting to be the first Navy All-American since Matt Miller in 2016. 

197: #24 Cole Urbas, Penn - 2020, DNW, R32, R33

197: #25 Benjamin Smith, Cleveland State - DNQ, 2020, R24, R32, RS

Not only is Smith looking for his first All-American honor in his sixth season at Cleveland State, but the Vikings will be hoping to notch their first NCAA AA since 1995 when Dan Carcelli placed at 142, though it should be noted that Evan Cheek was awarded an NWCA All-American honor in 2020. 

285: #7 Taye Ghadiali, Campbell - RS, R32, R24, R24

285: #11 Josh Heindselman, Oklahoma - RS, R24, R32, R16

285: #13 Yaraslau Slavikouski, Rutgers - 2020, DNW, RS, R12

285: #15 Lewis Fernandes, Cornell - DNW, R12, DNW

I believe all these heavies have another year of eligibility (sorry if seeing their names here scared anyone!) but I couldn't find any other 285-pound qualifiers who fit the criteria and I didn't want to leave any weight classes out. 

Again, please reach out if I've gotten any of the information wrong. Good luck to these seniors and the rest of the field!