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Iowa Wins Toss-Up Matches To Defeat Oklahoma State, 22-9

Iowa Wins Toss-Up Matches To Defeat Oklahoma State, 22-9

A full recap of the wrestling dual between Iowa and Oklahoma State on Sunday, February 25.

Feb 25, 2024 by Jon Kozak
Iowa Wins Toss-Up Matches To Defeat Oklahoma State, 22-9

The #3 Iowa Hawkeyes traveled to Stillwater and defeated the #2 Oklahoma State Cowboys, 22-0 on Sunday, February 25th. Check out the below article to see a complete recap that was provided in real-time from this incredible dual.

125: #3 Drake Ayala, Iowa dec. #8 Troy Spratley, Oklahoma State - 8-1, SV-1

We're starting at 125 in a huge toss-up match that will set the tone for this incredible dual! The atmosphere looks awesome in Stillwater with a sold-out crowd in attendance. 

Spratley starts out aggressive and gets to an underhook early - he's really moving Ayala around the mat. Spratley sticks with the underhook and walks Ayala out of bounds and earns a stall call against Ayala. Spratley fires off a nice single but Ayala gets his leg back and defends. Now Ayala attacks with his single leg but nice defense by Spratley and we remain scoreless at the end of the first period.

Spratley goes down to start the second period and escapes right away to take the 1-0 lead. Now Ayala ties up a 2-on-1 and he's moving Spratley around the mat. Ayala looks like he's settled in and might be controlling the hand fight a little more now after Spratley's strong first period. A few attacks for both wrestlers but it's still 1-0 with Spratley leading heading into the third. 

Ayala goes down in the third with Spratley looking to ride with a leg but Ayala does a nice job staying active underneath and earns an escape in just 10 seconds - we're tied at 1! A minute left and Spratley hits a nice outside step and has his hands locked around the leg. Ayala stuffs the head inside and defends well to force a stalemate. After a restart, Ayala almost runs to a leg but Spratley squares up and we're going to overtime with the score locked at 1.

20 seconds in and Ayala gets to a clean single leg. He works up to a double but Spratley scrambles through and extends the position. Now Ayala works back to a single leg and he locks up a cradle - Ayala is looking for the fall! Spratley's fighting hard and he gets back to his belly to avoid the pin but Ayala takes the bout and puts the Hawkeyes in front early.

Team Score - Iowa 3, Oklahoma State 0

133: #3 Daton Fix, Oklahoma State dec. 

 Brody Teske, Iowa - 7-2

It's Brody Teske taking the mat for the Hawkeyes and Daton Fix will wrestle his final match in a Cowboy singlet at Gallagher-Iba Arena. A lot of felling out to start the match but at about a minute in Fix gets in on his lefty high crotch and fights through Teske's whizzer to finish for the takedown and take the 3-0 lead. Teske gets an escape after about ten seconds and it's 3-1 going into the second period.

Fix goes down to start the second. At about 15 seconds in, Fix hits a roll and almost gets a reversal but Teske squares up and it's only an escape for Fix - he extends his lead to 4-1. Fix gets back in on a leg and has Teske on his hip but Teske is defending well with a chest wrap. Fix is fighting hard to finish and he's able to put Teske in danger long enough to earn the 3-second danger call and he earns the takedown with less than 10 seconds left in the period. It's 7-1 going into the third period.

Teske goes down to start the final frame and earns a quick escape. Fix gets right back to his attacks and is in on another single but Teske defends and avoids giving up another takedown. Fix is pressing hard and earns a stall call against Teske - Fix needs a takedown to earn the major decision. The stall call seems to have motivated Teske - he's coming forward now and almost gets Fix down to a hip with a shot but Fix defends well. That'll do it - Fix wins 7-2 and receives a standing ovation after leading the OSU chant. Really cool moment for Fix.

Team Score - Iowa 3, Oklahoma State 3

141: #2 Real Woods, Iowa dec #9 Tagen Jamison, Oklahoma State - 4-1

Almost immediately off the whistle, Real Woods gets in deep on a single leg but Jamison gets to a whizzer and is fighting hard to defend. Woods is so close to finishing but Jamison is holding on to that whizzer and isn't allowing Woods to work to an angle and secure the far ankle. Jamison continues to defend and they go out of bounds after Woods was in on the leg for almost a full minute. Great job defending by Jamison and it's still 0-0. Woods continues to move forward and works to double under hooks but Jamison defends again and it's still scoreless at the end of the first period.

Woods goes down in the second period and immediately gets to his feet but Jamison stays tough with a nice mat return to stay on top. Now Woods hits a sit out and cuts away to earn the escape. Now on their feet, Woods gets back to his lefty single and again has his hands locked around the leg. This time Woods brings the leg off the mat and finishes for the takedown. Woods stays on top through the end of the period to hold a 4-0 lead with 14 seconds of riding time in his favor.

Jamison goes underneath to start the third and Woods looks committed to riding at least long enough to get to a minute of riding time. Jamison is fighting hard underneath and he gets hand control and cuts out for the escape with Woods only holding 44 seconds of riding time. Jamison needs a takedown and fires off a straight on single but it's defended by Woods. Now Woods times another single leg and gets in deep with 30 seconds left. Woods is working for the finish but time runs out and Woods takes the 4-1 decision.

Team Score - Iowa 6, Oklahoma State 3

149: #21 Jordan Williams, Oklahoma State dec. Victor Voinovich, Iowa - 7-3

Now we have a battle of former teammates between Voinovich and Williams. Voinovich attacks first with a lefty high crotch but Williams scrambles through and almost has a cradle locked up but Williams settles for the takedown. Williams rides for about 30 seconds until Voinovich earns the escape to make the score 3-1 with about 90 seconds left in the first period. Voinovich shoots his high crotch again and gets to Williams' leg but Williams sits the corner and defends long enough to earn a stalemate. It's still 3-1 with Williams leading as the period comes to a close.

Voinovich goes down to start the second period and gets free in less than 10 seconds to cut the lead to 3-2. Voinovich continues to move forward and now Williams gets dinged for his first stall call - that stall call could be huge as this match unfolds. Not much action to end the second period and it looks like Williams is going down to start the third period.

Voinovich is tough on top but Williams gets right to his feet and earns an escape to extend his lead to 4-2. Now Voinovich gets back to his high crotch but Williams is really tricky here and defending well. Williams is threatening to score now and Voinvoich is flattened out holding onto the leg but the ref calls a stalemate and they'll get a restart with about a minute to go. Williams hits a nice duck and winds up on Voinovich's legs and Williams finishes to extend his lead to 7-2. After a quick stalemate call, Voinovich earns an escape and fires off another head outside attack but Williams' defense is too strong. Great showing from Jordan Williams and he gets the 7-3 victory to even the team score for the Cowboys.

Team Score - Iowa 6, Oklahoma State 6

157: #5 Jared Franek, Iowa dec. #11 Teague Travis, Oklahoma State - 10-4

This is a big one! Travis has been really solid this year with notable wins over All-Americans Brock Mauller and Ed Scott. Neither wrestler seems to be in a hurry to get to his offense but Franek is controlling the ties a little more than Travis. At about 20 seconds left in the first, Franek fires off a single leg but Travis defends and we remain scoreless after the first period.

Franek goes down to start the second period and Travis is riding tough on top. Travis is putting a lot of pressure on Franek making it difficult for him to get to his feet. After a restart, Franek picks up his motion underneath and creates some space to earn the escape but Travis has 47 seconds of riding time. Back on their feet and Franek hits a beautiful low double and finishes cleanly for the first takedown of the match. Travis gets his feet and earns the escape but Franek is back in on a single leg with less than 20 seconds to go and he finishes for the takedown to take a 7-1 lead into the third period. 

Travis goes down in the third and earns the escape in less than 10 seconds and it's 7-2 now. Travis is picking up his pressure now and hits a nice low single with Franek draped over top. Travis fights through the middle and turns in but Franek's leg is caught in a weird position and the ref blows it dead calling it potentially dangerous. The Cowboy fans and coaches don't like that call as it looked like the takedown was imminent for Travis. Travis is feeling the urgency and fires off an errant attack allowing Franek to reattack for another takedown - Franek leads 10-2 now with less than 30 seconds to go.Travis needs an escape to avoid the major decision and he gets to his feet with Franek holding onto an ankle - Franek gets called for stalling. About 15 seconds left and Travis is working hard for the escape and there's a locked-hands call against Franek! That's huge for the team score as that takes away the major decision for Franek but he'll take the victory and put the Hawkeyes in the lead.

Team Score - Iowa 9, Oklahoma State 6

Looks like we're going to have a short break halfway through the dual but we get a quick interview with Coach John Smith. He doesn't sound too happy with how his team is performing in the neutral position saying, "(He) Fell over like a building...We're giving up easy takedowns." It was a short interview but you have to appreciate Coach Smith's candor. It will be interesting to watch the neutral battle in the second half of this incredible dual!

165: #7 Michael Caliendo, Iowa dec. #3 Izzak Olejnik, Oklahoma State - 7-2

And we're back with Caliendo - Oljenik! This is a rematch of the 7th-8th place match at NCAAs last year we're Caliendo won, 6-2. 

Caliendo gets to a single leg early and fights through Olejnik's defense and finishes with a big lift to strike first and takes an early, 3-0 lead. Olejnik earns an escape in about 10 seconds to cut Caliend's lead to 3-1. Back on their feet and Caliendo hits a CLEAN boot scoot for another takedown to extend his lead to 6-1. There are 30 seconds left and Caliendo is fighting hard to finish on top. Olejnik gets to his feet but Caliendo applies just enough pressure to stay on top and take a 6-1 lead into the second period.

Olejnik goes down to start the second period and escapes quickly but Caliendo holds 1:02 of riding time. The pace has slowed here in the second with neither wrestler getting close to scoring. Olejnik attempts his shuck by a few times but Caliendo counters well to defend and it's still 6-2 going into the third period. 

Caliendo goes down to start the third period and escapes in 6 seconds to put his lead at 7-2 but his riding time goes under a minute. Olejnik hits a nice single leg - this is his best opportunity to score in the match. He's working hard to get to the other ankle but Caliendo squares up and gets his leg free to avoid the takedown. Both wrestlers fire off attacks in the final 30 seconds of the match but neither converts for a takedown and Caliendo wins a controlling 7-2 match.

Team Score - Iowa 12, Oklahoma State 6

174: #5 Patrick Kennedy, Iowa maj. dec. #24 Brayden Thompson, Oklahoma State - 12-3

Brayden Thompson might be the big underdog here but his win a few weeks ago over All-American Peyton Mocco proves he's capable of wrestling with the best.

Kennedy fires off early and hits an ankle pick and finishes for the early takedown. Kennedy is committing to the ride - he's not close to a turn but making it tough for Thompson to get to his feet. After about a minute, Thompson earns an escape but Kennedy secures another ankle pick and finishes quickly for another takedown. Kennedy's back to riding tough on top and has Thompson flattened out underneath. Stall call against Thompson and Kennedy takes a 6-1 lead with over 2 minutes of riding time heading into the second period.

Kennedy goes underneath to start the third and quickly earns an escape. Kennedy's pace is relentless and he's controlling the ties and center of the mat. After about a minute of handfighting, Kennedy fires off another shot and earns another stall call against Thompson to give Kennedy a point extending his lead to 8-1.

Thompson goes down to start the third period and Kennedy is back to riding tough on top. Kennedy is using his pressure well but gets called for stalling after riding for 40 seconds. Kennedy's riding time is locked and he cuts Thompson loose making the score 8-2 - Kennedy will need a takedown or another stall call to earn the major decision. Another ankle pick for Kennedy and he finishes - huge takedown for Kennedy to make the score 11-2. Thompson gets an escape with 10 seconds left but it's not enough to erase the major decision - Kennedy wins 12-3.

Team Score - Iowa 16, Oklahoma State 6

184: #2 Dustin Plott, Oklahoma State dec. Gabe Arnold, Iowa - 5-1

It's true freshman Gabe Arnold taking the mat for the Hawkeyes against 2-time All-American Dustin Plott! Every match is a must-win for Oklahoma State from here on out.

Nice attacks from both wrestlers to start and some really fun exchanges but 90 seconds in and we're still scoreless. A minute left and Plott fires off a double but ends up with a single leg. Plott brings it off the mat - Arnold tries to roll through but Plott catches Arnolds far leg and finishes the takedown. Plott commits to the ride and finishes the period on top with just over 40 seconds of riding time. Great first period for Plott. 

Plott goes underneath in the second, gets to his feet, and cuts away for the escape in about 6 seconds. Plott fires off another nice double but Arnold shows off his defense, stays on his feet, and defends to avoid giving up another takedown. Plott continues to attack and earns a stall call against Arnold. The score is still at 4-0 with Plott in the lead going into the third period.

Arnold goes down and he'll have to escape in less than 20 seconds to avoid Plott's riding time over 1 minute. Arnold gets right to his feet and is fighting hard but Plott hits a mat return and Plott's riding time goes over a minute. Plott stays riding tough but is called for stalling on top. Plott gives Arnold the escape and Plott will need a couple of takedowns to earn the major. Plott gets to another single leg but Arnold defends and the Hawkeye keeps the match to a decision - Plott wins 5-1.

Team Score - Iowa 16, Oklahoma State 9

197: #12 Zach Glazier, Iowa dec. #16 Luke Surber, Oklahoma State - 4-1

No score a minute into the period and Glazier is the first to fire off a committed attack but Suber defends and looks to reattack with the go-behind. Glazier defends the reattack and it's still scoreless. Now a minute to go in the match and it's Surber with a nice attack but Glazier feeds him some heavy hips to Surber's lock. No score after the first period and Surber will go down to start the second period. 

Surber gets right to his feet but Glazier returns to stay on top. After going out of bounds, Surber gets back to his feet on the restart and this time he cuts away for the escape. Back on their feet, Glazier gets in deep on a knee pull single and puts Surber on his hip. Surber's tough here holding onto Glazier's ankle and Surber's length is making it tough for Glazier to finish. Surber holds on long enough to force a stalemate and we'll go into the third period with the Surber holding a 1-0 lead.

Glazier goes down in the third and Surber puts a leg in and is riding tough. Glazier flips his hips and has Surber in trouble! Glazier almost catches Surber on his back but Surber scrambles out and it's just an escape for Glazier. Back on their feet Glazier hits a clean ankle pick but Surber locks through the crotch and passes Glazier's leg. Crazy scramble! It looked like Surber was going to come out on top for a moment but Glazier shows incredible fight and powers through for the takedown with just 10 seconds left in the match. Amazing end to a really tight bout and that win clinches it for the Hawkeyes!

Team Score - Iowa 19, Oklahoma State 9

285: Ben Kueter, Iowa dec. #11 Konner Doucet, Oklahoma State - 5-1

True freshman Ben Kueter takes the mat for the Hawkeyes and this is a really good test for him. Doucet has been tough this year and feels like a gatekeeper for any All-American threat this year at heavyweight.

Not a ton of action to start this match - just a lot of hand-fighting from both wrestlers but can you expect or ask for anything else in a heavyweight bout? Kueter fires off an attack from the outside but Doucet defends well and that's about all the action in the first period - still scoreless after 3 minutes.

Doucet goes down to start the second and almost earns a reversal after 30 seconds but settles for an escape to take a 1-0 lead. Kueter fires off another attack from the outside but Doucet defends and the score stays 1-0 going into the third period.

Kueter goes down in the third and he catches Doucet's leg early. Doucet's in a tricky spot here with Kueter holding the leg underneath and now Kueter gets the reversal and puts Doucet right to his back and earns 2 nearfall points. Kueter takes the 4-1 lead and is riding on top. Kueter still on top and his riding time goes over a minute now with under 30 seconds to go in the match. Now Kueter gets hit with a stall call but he's in the driver's seat still riding on top. Kueter closes out the match and dual for Iowa with a 5-1 win. Really impressive performance from Kueter and the Hawkeyes going into Stillwater and taking out Oklahoma State.

Final Team Score - Iowa 22, Oklahoma State 9