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Live Updates: #1 Penn State vs #8 Nebraska

Live Updates: #1 Penn State vs #8 Nebraska

All the action brought to you in real time as the Huskers travel to Happy Valley to take on the top-ranked Nittany Lions.

Feb 18, 2024 by Andrew Spey
Live Updates: #1 Penn State vs #8 Nebraska

All the action brought to you in real time as the Huskers travel to Happy Valley to take on the top-ranked Nittany Lions. 

You can also watch the dual meet live on BTN if you have a cable subscription. First whistle is scheduled for 4:00 PM ET. 

You can read a preview of the dual written by yours truly by clicking here

Projected Lineups

125: #5 FR Braeden Davis, PSU - Belleville, MI vs #9 SR Caleb Smith, NEB - High Point, NC

133: #8 SO Aaron Nagao, PSU - La Habra, CA vs #22 FR Jacob Van Dee, NEB - Union City, PA

141: #1 SR Beau Bartlett, PSU - Tempe, AZ vs #5 SO Brock Hardy, NEB - Brigham City, UT

149: #12 FR Tyler Kasak, PSU - Doylestown, PA vs #1 JR Ridge Lovett, NEB - Post Falls, ID

157: #1 SO Levi Haines, PSU - Arendtsville, PA vs #13 SR Peyton Robb, NEB - Owatonna, MN

165: #6 FR Mitchell Mesenbrink, PSU - Hartland, WI vs #10 FR Antrell Taylor, NEB - Millard, NE

174: #1 SR Carter Starocci, PSU - Erie, PA vs #20 JR Bubba Wilson, NEB - Manhattan, KA

184: #7 SR Bernie Truax, PSU - Oceanside, CA vs #3 SO Lenny Pinto, NEB - Stroudsburg, PA

197: #1 SR Aaron Brooks, PSU - Hagerstown, MD vs #13 SO Silas Allred, NEB - Anderson, IN

285: #1 SR Greg Kerkvliet, PSU - Inver Grove Heights, MN vs FR Harley Andrews, NEB -Tuttle, OK or SR Nash Hutmacher, NEB - Oacoma, SD

125: #5 Braeden Davis, Penn State vs #9 Caleb Smith, Nebraska

1st period: Another test for the true freshman Braeden Davis with senior Caleb Smith. This one could go either way. No scores after two minutes. Davis was in on a single leg but Smith was able to defend, going out of bounds before Davis could collect the second leg. Smith did earn a stall warning from the exchange. Period ends 0-0/

2nd period: Smith takes bottom. Gets to his feet, Davis drags him back down. 30 seconds in Davis still riding. One minute in, 1:01 to be precise and Smith escapes after a sit out. They spend the rest of the period in neutral, with a smattering of flurries. Smith leads 1-0. 

3rd period: Davis takes bottom. Riding time goes under a minute almost immediately. Davis able to sit out and escape after about 20 seconds to tie the score, 1-1. 90 seconds remain in regulation, riding time not a factor. Snap down go behind, Smith close to a takedown, good scramble from Davis. Now Smith has Davis on his back, close to a fall! Davis somehow fights off his back. Smith still trying to muscle Davis over for another turn but gets caught throwing in a full nelson and Davis gets a penalty point. Decides to cut Davis on the restart and work for a major. Excellent level change and Smith gets a takedown. Throws in a half and rides out the match. Big bonus point win for the Huskers.

Smith over Davis by major decision, 11-3

Nebraska 4, Penn State 0

133: Baylor Shunk, Penn State vs #22 Jacob Van Dee, Nebraska

1st period: No Aaron Nagao today. Haven't heard why. Shunk will wrestle in his stead. Big opportunity for Van Dee. He's in on a shot early and finishes for a quick 3-1 lead. Shunk escapes and Van Dee is in on another shot about minute later that he again finishes cleanly and its 6-1 with half of the first period still to go. Shunk stands and escapes to make it 6-2. Now Shunk in on a shot. Van Dee dives for an ankle and now has Shunk in trouble. Excellent scramble from Shunk to avoid a short time takedown. Period ends still 6-2. 

2nd period: Van Dee underneath. Shunk stops his first move and then throws in a leg. He's broken down Van Dee flat. Shunk continues with a cross body ride and Van Dee can't shake him loose. Short time left in the period, Shunk still riding. And Shunk gets the ride out. Big period for Shunk. 

3rd period: Shunk chooses down, he'll need some offensive points if he's going to make a come back. Van Dee giving him a taste of his own medicine, breaking him down flat. Van Dee tight around the waist. One minute to go, riding time won't be a factor, still 6-2. Van Dee looking for a turn, but Shunk won't go. Match ends 6-2, Shunk did well to limit the damage after Van Dee scored two quick takedowns in the first.

Van Dee over Shunk by decision, 6-2

Nebraska 7, Penn State 0

141: #1 Beau Bartlett, Penn State vs #5 Brock Hardy, Nebraska

1st period: One of the best matchups of the week in all of the NCAA. Bartlett will look to reverse the results of their previous meaning, where Hardy won at 2023 Big Tens. Bartlett on the attack right off the whistle, gets a single leg and eventually corrals Hardy for the first three. Hardy escapes after 23 seconds, 3-1 Bartlett in the first. Lots of hand fighting but not much else this period and Bartlett takes a 3-1 lead into the second. 

2nd period: Bartlett takes bottom. he stands and is out in a hurry. Hardy in on a nice shot, Bartlett defense and counters. Has a vice lock grip on one of Hardy's feet. And Bartlett finishes for three more and a 7-1 lead. Hardy stands, Bartlett takes too long to bring him down and picks up a stall warning. Hardy does eventually escape in short time and it's 7-2. 

3rd period: Hardy underneath again. He sits and stands and it's 7-3. Bartlett with 1:18 of riding time. 90 seconds to go and Hardy is going to need a couple of scores to gain the lead. And there's a double by Hardy and it's 7-6 just like that. Hardy quickly cuts Bartlett and it's 8-6. Hardy in on a shot, Bartlett scrambling, and potentially dangerous is called with 28 seconds on the clock. Bartlett takes injury time, that will give Hardy the choice when action continues. Won't matter as Hardy takes neutral. Shot from Hardy, nice counter and a scramble ensues. They go out of bounds. Only 7 seconds left, still 8-6 in favor of Bartlett. Hardy shoots off the whistle but there's not enough time and Bartlett holds off the curious comeback attempt. Riding time point makes it 9-6. 

Bartlett over Hardy by decision, 9-6

Nebraska 7, Penn State 3

149: #12 Tyler Kasak, Penn state vs #1 Ridge Lovett, Nebraska

1st period: Another great matchup, Nebraska's NCAA finalist is favored by Kasak is extremely tough, especially for a true freshman. No scores half way through the period. Now Kasak in on a deep shot. Lovett fending him off, but Kasak lifts and returns Lovett to the mat and completes the takedown for an early lead. Lovett went on the reattack and gets a reversal to cut that lead down to one. And now Lovett's hellacious ride is on. Lovett rides out the period and has 52 seconds of riding time, though he trails 3-2.

2nd period: Lovett chooses down, rolls off the whistle and escapes in under ten seconds to knot the score up at 3 a piece. Lovett with double underhooks, Kasak fights free. Lovett taking ground, they go out of bounds, and Kasak did just enough circling to avoid picking up a stall call. The period ends, still 3-3. 

3rd period: Kasak wisely chooses neutral. Riding time at 47 seconds for Lovett. Lovett drives Kasak out of bounds but no stall warning, despite the protests from Coach Manning in the Husker corner. One minute left in regulation. Level changes and shots from Kasak but he misses both times. Lovett drops downs  throws in a leg and he'll get the three. No doubt that will be challenged. It is challenged but the call will stand. And with just 3 seconds on the clock that'll be it for the match. Riding time just snuck over a minute to 7-3 is the final. 

Lovett over Kasak by decision, 7-3

Nebraska 10, Penn State 3

157: #1 Levi Haines, Penn State vs #13 Peyton Robb, Nebraska

1st period: Another rematch from Big Tens, although this time its the Husker looking for revenge. No scores after a minute. Haines gets in on a shot, Robbdives over the top and hunts for ankles. Robb now locked around the crotch, Haines fighting Robb's legs. Now they're in a north-south position and it's stalemated. Solid work from Robb not to give up the TD. Less than a minute left in the period. Period ends still scoreless. 

2nd period: Robb sits and jumps free after just 8 seconds to earn the first point of the match. Another shot by Haines but Robb sits the corner, locks around the crotch again and it's another stalemate. Robb fires off a shot but Haines sprawls and gets back to neutral. The two trade shots but neither comes up with much. 20 seconds left in the period and now Haines is in deep again. Robb still defending, 10 seconds left. Neutral danger is called and Haines gets the three just before time expires. No surprise to see the challenge brick come out from the Nebraska corner. Didn't have the best camera angle to tell but I think this will stand. And the call is confirmed. Haines leads 3-1 and has choice in the third. 

3rd period: Robb goes optional start and Haines gets a 4th point. 4-1 Haines leads with most of the period still to go. Slide by attempt from Robb comes close but Haines is free. Nice counter from Haines and he'll get another takedown to make it 7-1. Quick escape and it's 7-2. Clean double and Haines has Robb up in the air. He'll bring him down to the mat for three more. 10-2, riding time not going to be a factor. Robb escapes to make it 10-3. Haines on the attack trying to get that major. But Robb defends. 10-3 impressive win by Levi Haines. 

Haines over Robb by decision, 10-3

Nebraska 10, Penn State 6

165: #6 Mitchell Mesenbrink, Penn State vs #10 Antrell Taylor, Nebraska

1st period: Two redshirt freshmen on the mat. And Taylor strikes first with a throw-by/whip-over and Taylor has a 3-0 lead early in the match. Mesenbrink is out after about 30 seconds. Mesenbrink right back on the attack. He's got a single leg. Long scramble as Taylor is fighting hard. Taylor hopping, avoids getting tripped. Mesenbrink brings him down to the mat and Taylor does the splits. Great defense, as Mesenbrink loses the leg and they're back in neutral after a long scramble. And the period ends with no additional scores, still 3-1 lead for Taylor. 

2nd period: Mesenbrink takes bottom. Taylor with one mat return but Mesenbrink is free after his next stand. Mesenbrink in on a shot, he's hip to hip with a body lock, and a massive lift and return gives Mesenbrink the takedown and the lead, 5-3. Taylor escapes and the period ends with Mesenbrink still in the lead, 5-4. 

3rd period: Taylor has choice and goes underneath. He's out quickly to tie it up 5-5, riding time at 0:00. But it doesn't stay that way long, leel change and low double leg for Mesenbrink and he regains the lead, 8-5. Taylor broken down flat and Mesenbrink is chewing up clock and collecting riding time. RT clock now over a minute. Short time and Taylor is glued to the mat. Stall warning on Taylor. RT locked up. And Mesenrbink will take it 9-5. Good response from Mesenbrink after giving up the first takedown. 

Mesenbrink over Taylor by decision, 9-5

Nebraska 10, Penn State 9

174: #1 Carter Starocci, Penn State vs #20 Bubba Wilson, Nebraska

1st period: Penn State's three-time NCAA champ will have an opportunity to put the Nittany Lions on top of the team score for the first time today. Wilson keeps Starocci at bay for the first half of the period but eventually Starocci finished a takedown on the edge of the mat to make it 3-0. Quick escape and it's 3-1. Shot from Starocci and he's in deep, clean finish and it's 6-1. Starocci will ride out the period. 

2nd period: Wilson takes bottom, Starocci cuts him loose. Quick takedown and it's 9-2, now 9-3 as Starocci goes catch and release. Wilson in on a shot but Starocci wrestles to a stalemate. Starocci digs an underhook, drops down on a leg and it's another takedown. 12-3. Wilson did get warned for stalling already and now Starocci gets another warning on Wilson who is broken down flat on the mat. 13-3 as Staroci rides out the period and has over 90 seconds of RT. 

3rd period: Staorcci takes bottom and is out quickly. Another takedown and it's 17-3, one point away from a tech-fall. Staorcci's cuts, shoots in, and collects another takedown right don't he edge of the mat to make it official. 20-3 tech-fall for Carter Starocci in the third period.

Starocci over Wilsin by tech-fall, 20-3

Penn State 14, Nebraska 10

184: #7 Bernie Truax, Penn State vs #3 Lenny Pinto, Nebraska

1st period: Pinto gets on the board first with an early takedown. The refs look at it as Truax was fighting through the position on the mat but call is confirmed. Truax escapes and gets ahold of Pinto's legs but Pinto defends and it's 3-1  about halfway through the period. High crotch attack for Pinto and he powers through Truax's defenses for another takedown. Truax is out quickly but it's a 6-2 lead for Pinto. Truax trying to snag a takedown in short time but the period ends with Truax on Pinto's legs but no score. 

2nd period: Truax takes bottom and is out quickly to make it 6-3. Only 19 seconds of riding time for Pinto. Truax reaching for a leg but Pinto spins out of danger. Another shot from Truax and he advances with a body lock. Pinto fights through the bear hug and Truax comes up with nothing again. Great defense from Pinto, incredible strength. Period ends still 6-3 for Pinto.

3rd period: Pinto chooses down. Pinto sits, Truax thinks for a moment then cuts Pinto loose. 7-3, Truax will need to find his offense to get back in the match. First attack is defended but the next shot from Truax is successful. Truax gets his first takedown to make it 7-6, Pinto lead down to a point. Truax cuts Pinto and it's 8-6. Truax on the attack, and Pinto dinged for stalling, his first, just a warning. Short time. Truax in deep. Close to the out of bounds, Pinto still defending, and time runs out. Pinto avoids the takedown. Or does he? Official review, and call upheld, Pinto wins 8-6.

Pinto over Truax by decision, 8-6

Penn State 14, Nebraska 13

197: #1 Aaron Brooks, Penn State vs #13 Silas Allred, Nebraska

1st period: A pair of 2023 Big Ten champs, Brooks at 184 and Allred at 197. Brooks strikes first, collecting three off a single leg. Allread escapes and its 3-1. Brooks advancing and Allred will get dinged for stalling as the go out of bounds. Another single leg from Brooks and quick finish for three more. Brooks putting a ride on Allred now. Brooks keeps Allred down for the rest of the period and has almost 2 minutes of RT. 

2nd period: Allred chooses down and is out to make it 6-2. Underhook from Brooks and he's tough to stop in that position. Another takedown makes it 9-2. Brooks will ride out the period and it's still 9-2. 

3rd period: Brooks chooses neutral which means riding time is secured as Brooks has over three minutes. Snap down from Brooks, drops down on a leg, looking for a cradle but will settle for three more and a 12-2 lead. 12-3 as Brooks cuts Allred. Stall call on Allred and Brooks gets another point to make it 13-3. Brooks shoots a hi-c and finishes for three more. Release makes it 16-4. One more takedown will be enough for a tech. Under 20 seconds to go. Allred ties Brooks up and it'll be a major, 17-4. 

Brooks over Allred by major decision, 17-4

Penn State 18, Nebraska 13

285: #1 Greg Kerkvliet, Penn State vs Nash Hutmacher, Nebraska

1st period: Hutmacher started on the Husker football team's defensive line last fall. He'll have undefeated top ranked Greg Kerkvliet. Slow first minute but Kerkvliet with an explosive shot gets in deep and finishes cleanly to take a 3-0 lead. Kerkvliet rides out the period and it's 3-0 after 3 minutes. 

2nd period. Kerkvliet takes bottom, grabs a wrist and rolls Hutmacher over, covers and collects two on the reversal. Now the ride starts again. Over two minutes and climbing with a 5-0 lead for Kerkvliet. Hutmacher dinged for stalling. I missed the first warning but it happened as Kekvliet gets another point. It's 6-0 and Kerkvliet has over 3 minutes of riding time so that's locked up,.

3rd period: Hutmacher chooses down. Not sure why. Kerkvliet breaks him down and riding time on it's way to 4 minutes. And another stall call and Kerkvliet has a 7-0 lead. And I guess Kerkvliet was riding parallel for too long as he got hit for a stall warning. Riding time goes over five minutes. Another stall warning on Hutmacher and it's two points this time for Kerkvliet. 9-0 in short time. Make it 10-0 with the RT point. Major for Kerkvliet and you can put this one in the books. 

Kerkvliet over Hutmacher by major decision, 10-0

Penn State 22, Nebraksa 13

Nebraska fought hard but Penn State would not be denied as they stay undefeated and clinch the Big Ten regular season championship. The Nittany Lions are 10-0 on the season and 7-0 in the Big Ten.