NC State Takes Out Cornell, 24-9 - Full Wrestling Dual Recap

NC State Takes Out Cornell, 24-9 - Full Wrestling Dual Recap

A full recap of the wrestling dual meet between NC State and Cornell on Friday, February 16, 2024.

Feb 16, 2024 by Jon Kozak
NC State Takes Out Cornell, 24-9 - Full Wrestling Dual Recap

NC State defeated Cornell, 24-9 on Friday night in an incredible dual filled with several ranked matchups. Check out the below article for a full recap of the dual.

The below results were provided as real-time updates.

125: #20 Jakob Camacho, NC State dec. #16 Brett Ungar, Cornell - 5-1

Starting at 125 tonight - with a top 20 matchup between Ungar and Camacho! Camacho gets in on a single leg at about 1 minute into the match and tries to finish through the middle. Ungar does a good job of scrambling through the position but Camacho finishes the takedown after 45 seconds of scrambling. Camacho stays committed to the ride and ends the first period on top with a 3-0 lead.

Camacho goes down in the second period and is met with a tough ride from Ungar. Camacho is working hard to get out but Ungar is really clingy on top. With about 20 seconds left in the period, Camacho is able to get some space and earns a reversal with just 5 seconds left in the period. Camacho leads 5-0 going into the third.

Ungar goes down in the third and earns an escape in less than 30 seconds. The score board isn't showing riding time but I don't think it's a factor. Ungar needs a takedown but he's struggling to get his offense going. Now Camacho's in on a leg, he's close to a finish but time runs out. Camacho wins a controlling decision - 5-1.

Team Score - NC State 3, Cornell 0

133: #5 Kai Orine, NC State TF Ethan Qureshi, Cornell - 15-0

Disappointing news - no Vito Arujau vs Kai Orine - Ethan Qureshi takes the mat for Cornell. Orine is going to be a big favorite in this matchup and it's going to be a tough dual for Cornell to win but there's still a lot of toss-ups - the Big Red will need to win the close ones from here on out.

Orine and Qureshi lock up in the over-under position and Orine goes big early and throws Qureshi right to his back! Orine gets a 3-count and is up 6-0 early. Orine stays tough on top and locks up a tilt for 4 more back points - 10-0 now. Orine gets another 3 back points to end the period with a 13-0 lead.

Qureshi goes down to start the second period and Orine gets 2 more back points in just 13 seconds and ends the match with a 15-0 tech fall win. And there's the signature tongue-ou celebration for Orine!

Team Score - NC State 8, Cornell 0

141: #4 Ryan Jack, NC State dec. Josh Saunders, Cornell - 7-4

Another surprise starter for the Big Red-this time it's Josh Saunders at 141 rather than Vince Cornella. Saunders gets in on an early takedown and takes the lead! Jack gets an escape and it's 3-1 to end the first period.

Jack goes down in the second and gets the early escape - 3-2 now with Saunders leading. Saunders gets back to his offense and runs through an underhook but runs out of room on the edge of the mat - still 3-2 but Saunders is looking good. 

Saunders goes down in the second and earns a quick escape to extend his lead to 4-2. Jack picking up his pace but Saunders is doing a good job defending. 30 seconds left and Jack gets a takedown straight to Saunders back! After 2 back points, Jack leads 7-4 and that's how the match ends! Wild match, good showing from Saunders, Jack really had to dig deep for the win.

Team Score - NC State 11, Cornell 0

149: #4 Jackson Arrington, NC State maj. dec. #28 Ethan Fernandez, Cornell - 12-2

Another ranked matchup and Arrington gets to his offense right away with a takedown. in about 5 seconds! Arrington's riding tough on top and almost gets to a turn right away but Fernandez is able to get to his belly and avoids giving up back points. Arrington continues to ride tough - no turns but ends the period on top with almost 3 minutes of riding time. 

Arrington goes down in the second period and escapes right away. He gets back to his offense with a single and finishes to extend his lead to 7-0. Arrington gets back to riding tough on top but Fernandez works his way to his feet and gets an escape - Arrington leads 7-1 at the end of the second period.

Fernandez goes down in the third and earns an escape in about 10 seconds. Fernandez showing signs of life and is firing off shots. Fernandez gets in deep on a single leg with about 20 seconds, and almost finishes, but Arrington counters for the takedown and wins 12-2.

Team Score - NC State 15, Cornell 0

157: #7 Meyer Shapiro, Cornell dec. #16 Ed Scott, NC State - 7-2

Oh baby - Shapiro and Scott! This should be the match of the night! A couple of nice flurries to start the match - Shaprio is staying very active on his feet and firing off a lot of shots. About a minute in and Shaprio hits a clean ankle pick for a takedown. Scott earns an escape and it's 3-1 with about a minute to go in the first. Both Scott and Shapiro are firing off attacks now - Scott hits a clean high-crotch with about 10 seconds left in the period but Shapiro defends and it's still 3-1 going into the second.

Shapiro starts the period down and earns a quick escape - it's 4-1 now. Scott continues to pressure forward but Shapiro hits a nice counter and almost finishes, but they go out of bounds. No points go on the board to end the period but man this is a really fun match so far - expecting some fun in the third!

Scott goes down and earns the escape to make it 4-2. Both Shapiro and Scott are taking some nice attacks - Shapiro almost converts on a duck but Scott turns and defends. Now Scott forces an underhook, he might look to go big here! Wow...Shapiro slips out of the underhook and hits another clean ankle pick for a takedown. That's gonna do it - Shapiro wins 7-2 and Cornell is on the board.

Team Score - NC State 15, Cornell 3

165: #4 Julian Ramirez, Cornell dec. AJ Kovacs, NC State - 9-4

A lot of hand fighting to start the match - not a ton of action. Now Ramirez gets to a single leg and has it up in the air for a long time. Kovacs does his best to defend but Ramirez finally finishes for a takedown with about a minute to go in the first period. Ramirez does a good job of riding out the period and takes a 3-0 lead into the second.

Ramirez goes down to start the second period and escapes with a granby right away. More hand fighting from both wrestlers. Now it's Kovacs in on a shot and he finishes for the takedown! A quick escape for Ramirez and it's 5-3 now - a much closer match than expected.

Kovacs goes down in the third period and he's up and out right away - it's 5-4 now, Ramirez leading. Ramirez gets in on a single leg, is close to finishing but Kovacs scrambles through and almost finishes a takedown of his own! Great scramble but Ramirez comes out on top with a cradle and gets the takedown. No back points but Ramirez rides out for the win - 9-4.

Team Score - NC State 15, Cornell 6

174: Benny Baker, Cornell dec. #33 Alex Faison, NC State - 8-4

This one's not the highest profile bout of the night but if Cornell wants to stay in this dual, they need Benny Baker to come through for them here. Neither wrestler looks to be in a hurry to get his offense to start this one. Both Baker and Faison exchange a few attacks but neither all that close to finishing. Right at the end of the period Baker gets to his underhook and throws it by for the takedown - Baker leads 3-0 at the end of the first.

Faison goes down in the second and escapes in about 20 seconds to make it 3-1. Now Faison fires off a double and is almost runs through it but Baker catches an underhook and defends, still 3-1. Now it's Baker's offense, he hits a nice swing single and brings it up to his feet - he may have had the finish but they go out of bounds and the ref says no takedown. They're going to take a look at it. After a short review they confirm the call - no takedown and it's still 3-1 with Baker leading. Both wrestlers very active off the restart and  this time it's Faison with a swing single and he finishes quickly to take a 4-3 lead. Baker works hard for the escape and gets it with just 2 seconds left - it's 4-4 going into the third period.

Baker goes down and earns the quick escape to take a 5-4 lead. They're not showing the riding time clock but I don't believe riding time is a factor here. Baker's doing a good job staying in the ties, he hasn't been warned for stalling yet. Faison gets double under and locks up a high body lock, now Baker backs out of bounds and there's the first stall warning against Baker. 30 seconds left now - Faison coming forward hard but Baker fires off a single leg and gets caught underneath - Faison tries to jump overtop but Baker catches a single leg and Faison jumps out of bounds and gets called for stalling with 10 seconds left. Faison coming forward hard but Baker hits a nice counter and finishes a takedown to win 8-4. Big win for Baker to keep Cornell in the dual.

Team Score - NC State 15, Cornell 9

184: #13 Dylan Fishback, NC State dec. #10 Chris Foca, Cornell - 6-4

Really looking forward to this match! Foca is a veteran, returning All-American and Fishback is having a great redshirt freshman year. Fishback gets in early on a single, after a short scramble he finishes and takes a 3-0 lead. Foca gets right up to his feet and escapes to make it 3-1. A much slower pace for the remainder of the period, neither wrestler close to scoring a takedown and the score remains 3-1 going into the second.

Foca goes down in the second and Fishback is staying committed to the ride. Fishback might have overcommitted slightly and Foca earns the reversal to tie the match up - 3-3 now. Foca staying on top and it looks like he wants to ride this period out and force Fishback to choose neutral in the third. Now it's Fishback with the reversal and he takes a 5-3 lead with about 45 seconds to go in the second period. Foca hits a granby off a restart and Fishback turns back in with a headlock! No back points were awarded but that was close as Foca roles through for an escape. It's 5-4 to the period but the refs are going to look at that sequence to see if Foca gave up back points. Call is confirmed - no back points and it's 5-4 going into the third period.

Fishback goes down in the third and we'll see how committed Foca is to the ride after surrendering a reversal last period. Turns out he's not that committed and Fishback gets an escape in about 20 seconds. Now Foca gets in deep on a double and almost finishes but Fishback rolls him through and defends to hold the lead. We're under 30 seconds now, Foca is firing off attacks but Fishback is defending well.  Foca gets to a clean single leg with 15 seconds left, he tries to slip a leg in but Fishback rolls through and holds on to win 6-4! Great match and really good win for Fishback.

Team Score - NC State 18, Cornell 9

197: #2 Trent Hidlay, NC State dec. #7 Jacob Cardenas, Cornell - 8-2

Trent Hidlay taking the mat - I believe this will be his second to last match in front of the home crowd. Hidlay has been wrestling incredibly this season and even majored Cardenas earlier in the year at the CKLV - 10-2.

A lot of forward pressure for Hidlay to start the match, and a surprise to no one - he forces his underhook and gets a takedown 90 seconds into the match. Hidlay rides for about 30 seconds until Cardenas gets to his feet and cuts away for an escape. Cardenas is doing the best he can to defend the underhook but Hidlay gets back to it and earns another takedown as time expires to take a 6-1 lead into the second period. 

Cardenas goes down in the second period and earns an escape 30 seconds in - it's 6-2 now. A little slower pace here with Cardenas doing a good job defending and Hidlay not forcing anything. No committed attacks from either wrestler and it's still 6-2 as we go into the third period.

Hidlay goes down to start the third and Cardenas gets tough with a few mat returns. Cardenas really trying to hold Hidlay down but it comes back to bite him as Cardenas is hit with a stall and that's his second of the match so Hidlay gets a point. Now Hidlay gets an escape and it's 8-2. Hidlay might have riding time but he'll need a takedown for the major. 30 seconds to go and he gets back to his underhook, almost gets the takedown but Cardenas defends and Hidlay wins it by regular decision 8-2.

Team Score - NC State 21, Cornell 9

285: #12 Owen Trephan, NC State dec. #17 Lewis Fernandes, Cornell - 1-0

The final match of the night is another ranked matchup. These two met at the 2022 CKLV where Trephan won by pin but it was a really close match up to the fall. In fact, Fernandes was riding Trephan and was close to a turn but came out on the wrong side of a scramble. Even though the dual's not on the line, I expect both of these guys to bring it and for this one to be very close.

It's heavyweight wrestling and that means a lot of handfighting and not a lot of leg attacks! I don't believe either wrestler hit their knee in that period. We're still knotted at zero at the end of the first.

Trephan goes down in the second and escapes right away! That's big for Trephan considering Fernandes is really good on top. Fernandes hits a nice single and almost finishes, but Trephan gets his hips back and defends to keep the 1-0 lead at the end of the second period.

Fernandes chooses neutral to start the third and that means he'll need a takedown to win this match. Fernandes is coming forward with a lot of shots but Trephan is doing a good job defending. 20 seconds to go and Trephan gets called for stalling but it's going to be too little, too late and Trephan holds on for the 1-0 victory.

That'll do it for the dual. A little disappointing we didn't get to see Vito Arujau or Vince Cornella for the Big Red but still a fun dual from start to finish. Appreciate you all following along and hope you have a great weekend!

Final Team Score - NC State 24, Cornell 9