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Penn State Wrestling Shuts Down Rutgers, 35-3

Penn State Wrestling Shuts Down Rutgers, 35-3

Penn State won nine of 10 matches over Rutgers, including falls from Levi Haines and Aaron Brooks.

Feb 12, 2024 by Kyle Klingman
Penn State Wrestling Shuts Down Rutgers, 35-3

Top-ranked Penn State won nine of 10 matches over Rutgers, including two falls and a tech. The Nittany Lions won 35-3 at home in the Bryce Jordan Center on Monday, February 12.

125: #2 Braeden Davis, Penn State dec. #18 Dean Peterson, Rutgers, 4-1 SV

First period: No scoring halfway through the period. Double unders from Peterson but Davis counters out of the position. Peterson keeps the double unders but can't score as Davis blocks the position with his head. No score.

Second period: Peterson starts on bottom and gets to his feet but Davis drops him back down. Davis kicks out in 52 seconds for an escape and the first point. Shot by Peterson but Davis sprawls out and the action is back to neutral. Peterson leads, 1-0, as time expires.

Third period: Davis starts on bottom and escapes in three seconds to tie the score, 1-1. Davis hits a straight single and splits the middle but Peterson counters over the top. Shin whizzer by Peterson and then he rolls through near the edge and gets two counts on neutral danger as time expires. 

Sudden victory: Slide by from Davis 18 seconds in and he scores immediately after he switches to a double.

Penn State 3, Rutgers 0

133: #9 Dylan Shawver, Rutgers dec. #5 Aaron Nagao, Penn State, 9-6 SV

First period: High crotch to a double by Shawver with 1:53 left and an escape at 1:44 left. Misdirection low single by Nagao then wins the scramble with 1:08 left. Nagao leads 4-3. Shawver gets to his feet and rolls through but potentially dangerous is called. Nagao finished the period on top and leads 4-3.

Second period: Shawver picked neutral. Stall warning on Shawver with 36 seconds left at Nagao take a low shot that is eventually called potentially dangerous. Nagao takes a late shot but time expires. 

Third period: Nagao starts on bottom and escapes in six seconds. Shawver goes across the body for a high crotch to a double then Nagao escapes. Scored tied, 6-6. Nagao fires off a shot with a lengthy head-to-toe scramble that is eventually called potentially dangerous. Nagao takes a misdirection shot with 20 seconds left but time runs out.

Sudden victory: Diving shot and Shawver jumps out of the way and gets the takedown in 21 seconds.

Penn State 3, Rutgers 3

141: #1 Beau Bartlett, Penn State dec. Max Hermes Rutgers, 4-1 

First period: No scoring halfway through the period. Bartlett worked a front headlock but stalemate was called with 17 seconds left. No scoring. Bartlett escapes in 26 seconds for the first point of the match. 

Second period: Bartlett starts on botttom and Hermes called for stalling with a head and arm position. Bartlett escapes for the first, and only, point of the period. 

Third period: Hermes starts on bottom, gets to his feet, and escapes with 1:22 left. Bartlett tries a knee pick but stays out. Bartlett gets a front headlock and gets a go-behind from the right side for a last-second takedown.

149: #12 Tyler Kasak, Penn State dec. Michael Cetta, Rutgers, 7-5 

First period: Kasak hits a slide-by from the right side 20 seconds into the period for a 3-0 lead. Cetta gets to his feet and escapes with 2:04 left. Kasak comes out the back door and scores another takedown with 1:26 left for a 6-1 lead. Kasak goes to work on top with a wing but Cetta eventually gets the escape. 

Second period: Cetta starts on bottom but Kasak working hard on top with a bar arm. Stalemate called with 1:21 to go. Cetta gets a reversal off a standing switch with 1:12 left. Kasak leads, 6-4. Cetta working hard on top and returns Kasak twice to close out the period on top. 

Third period: Kasak starts on bottom and Cetta offers intentional release to start the period. Kasak leads, 7-4. Stall warning against Kasak as Cetta shoots in and action goes out of bounds with 22 seconds left. Stall call against Kasak makes the score 7-5 as time expires.

Penn State 9, Rutgers 3

157: #1 Levi Haines, Penn State FALL Dylan Weaver, Rutgers, 1:29 

First period: Haines hits a high crotch and scores with 2:33 left. Haines got high on a bar arm and a wrist, Weaver almost scrambles out but Haines remains on top. Haines locks up a cradle and gets the fall with 1:31 left.

Penn State 15, Rutgers 3

165: #7 Mitchell Mesenbrink, Penn State tech fall Anthony White, Rutgers, 18-3

First period: Mesenbrink scores a takedown with 2:10 left after a scramble then works from top. Mesenbrink gives the escape and scores three more with 1:18 left. Stalling on White with 20 seconds left. Mesenbrink works hard on top and finishes with a 6-1 lead. 

Second period: White starts on bottom. Stalling on Mesenbrink then gives up an escape with 1:23 left. Mesenbrink hits an arm drag for a 9-2 lead. Stall warning against White gives Mesenbrink a 10-2 lead. 

Third period: Mesenbrink starts on bottom and escapes for an 11-2 lead. Mesenbrink scores on a reattack for a 14-2 lead with 1:20 followed by an escape. Straight double and transitions to the right side for a 17-3 lead. Stall warning against White gives Mesenbrink an 18-3 win. 

Penn State 20, Rutgers 3

174: Terrell Barraclough, Penn State dec.#16 Jackson Turley, Rutgers, 4-3 

First period: Turley strikes first with a takedown for a 3-0 lead. Barraclough escapes with 1:25 left. 

Second period: Barraclough starts on bottom. Turley gets a one count off of the whistle and Barraclough gets a reversal with 1:36 left to tie the match, 3-3. Barraclough rides out the period and accumulates 49 seconds of riding time. 

Third period: Turley starts on bottom and takes riding time over a minute in the first 11 seconds. Riding time secured for Barraclough with 53 seconds left. Barraclough puts the leg in as Turley tries to roll through. Barraclough keeps Turley flat on the mat and wins 4-3 with riding time. 

Penn State 23, Rutgers 3

184: #7 Bernie Truax, Penn State dec. Shane Cartagena-Walsh, Rutgers, 7-0 

First period: Truax hits a sweep single, leg in the air, and finishes the takedown for three. Stalling on SCW with 1:15 left. Second stall call on SCW with 25 seconds left, which makes it 4-0. 

Second period: Truax starts on bottom and escapes in four seconds for a 5-0 lead. A stall call on SCW makes the score 6-0. 

Third period: SCW starts neutral. Stall warning against Truax with 53 seconds left. Truax wins 7-0 with riding time.

Penn State 26, Rutgers 3

197: #1 Aaron Brooks, Penn State FALL Michael Toranzo, 1:45

First period: Brooks scores on a low-level shot with 2:20 left for a 3-0 lead. Brooks secures a fall with a bar arm in 1:45.

285: Lucas Cochran, Penn State dec. #10 Yara Slavikouski, Rutgers, 8-3

First period: No scoring halfway through the period. Cochran hits a single and scores on the edge with 1:05 left. Slavikouski gets the escape with 25 left. 

Second period: Cochran starts on bottom and escapes for a 4-1 lead. Cochran hits a straight single, shelfs it, drags him back to the center, and potentially dangerous is called. 

Third period: Slavikouski starts on bottom and escapes to cut the lead in half. Cochran collects the far leg and secures another takedown for a 7-2 lead. Slavikouski escapes but Cochran has exactly one minute of riding time. Cochran wins, 8-3

Penn State 35, Rutgers 3