2024 Penn State vs Iowa Wrestling

Penn State Wrestling Takes Down Iowa 29-6

Penn State Wrestling Takes Down Iowa 29-6

Penn State won eight bouts Friday night in Iowa City on its way to a 29-6 win over #3 Iowa.

Feb 9, 2024 by Kyle Klingman
Penn State Wrestling Takes Down Iowa 29-6

What: #1 Penn State (8-0) vs #3 Iowa (10-1)
When: Friday, February 9, 2024 at 8 p.m. CT (9 p.m. ET)
Where: Iowa City, Iowa (Carver-Hawkeye Arena)
How to watch: Big Ten Network/Fox Sports App

Penn State takes on Iowa in the most anticipated dual of the season. Click here for previews, news, and videos surrounding the event, then follow along here for live updates.

Probable Lineups

125: #6 Drake Ayala, Iowa dec. #2 Braeden Davis, Penn State, 4-2

First period: Both wrestlers start from a knee as action is underway. Three-point takedown off of a shrug by Ayala for a 3-1 lead following an immediate escape by Davis. Another shrug attempt was stymied by Davis with 30 seconds remaining. 

Second period: Ayala starts on bottom and escapes in 18 seconds following a tough ride by Davis. Ayala leads, 4-1 with 1:32 to go. Blood time. Ayala has an underhook with 30 seconds left but Davis clears the tie. Time expires and Ayala still leads, 4-1.

Third period: Davis starts on bottom and sits out as Ayala puts pressure on his back. Davis eventually escapes, but Ayala still leads, 4-2. Davis attempts a shot with 45 seconds left but it's stopped quickly by Ayala. Stall warning on Ayala with 26 seconds left. The crowd rises to its feet as Ayala closes out the match for a 4-2 win.

Iowa 3, Penn State 0

133: #5 Aaron Nagao, Penn State major decision #25 Cullan Schriever, 11-0

First period: Three-point takedown for Nagao. Nagao riding tough on top with both legs in and crossed one minute of riding time with a minute to go. Time expires with Nagao on top with a 3-0 lead. 

Second period: Nagao starts on bottom, stands up, and escapes in eight seconds for a 4-0 lead. Action at a standstill with 45 seconds left. Nagao reaches for a single but Schriever sprawls out and a stalemate is called. No scoring the remainder of the period.

Third period: Schriever starts neutral but Nagao hits a low-level shot, comes out the back door, and scores three with 1:35 left for a 7-0 lead. Double boots for Nagao as he seems intent on riding. Nagao secures a half and earns three near-fall points. Time expires and Nagao wins 11-0 after riding time.

Penn State 4, Iowa 3

141: #1 Beau Bartlett, Penn State dec. #2 Real Woods, Iowa, 7-2

First period: The top two wrestlers in the country at 141 are underway. Bartlett hits a straight single and scores a three-point takedown with two minutes left. Woods gets to his feet and escapes with 1:18 left. Woods attempts a misdirection with 30 second left but Bartlett stopped it immediately. Bartlett leads, 3-1.

Second period: Woods starts on bottom but he goes to the corner to clean blood from his face. Action resumes and Woods works hard to get to his feet but Bartlett brings him down before an escape in 17 seconds. Bartlett leads, 3-2. Stall waring against Bartlett with 20 seconds left. 

Third period: Bartlett starts on bottom and works to his base as Woods continues to bring him to the mat. Bartlett eventually escapes in 40 seconds for a 4-2 lead. The crowd wants stalling but Bartlett shoots. Bartlett powers through on a double and finally transitions to a single and gets the takedown for a 7-2 win. 

Penn State 7, Iowa 3

149: #15 Caleb Rathjen, Iowa dec. #12 Tyler Kasak, Penn State, 11-8 SV

First period: No scoring halfway through the period as neither wrestler is initiating action. Ankle pick by Rathjen that he eventually finishes for a 3-0 as time expires. 

Second period: Kasak starts on bottom, gets to his feet, and escapes in 20 seconds. Rathjen hits a high-crotch for another takedown with 30 seconds left as action spills out of bouts. An escape is awarded but Rathjen still leads, 6-2 as time expires. 

Third period: Rathjen starts on bottom and Kasak puts a half in on the right side. Rathjen gets to his feet and escapes but Kasak eventually gets a takedown off of a scramble then Rathjen escapes. Rathjen leads, 8-5. Stalling on Rathjen as Kasak scores to tie the score, 8-8. The Carver noise is deafening as they want an escape by Rathjen. 

Sudden victory: Kasak nearly picks off the leg twice but Rathjen finally scores a takedown as the Carver fans erupt.

Penn State 7, Iowa 6

157: #1 Levi Haines, Penn State major decision #5 Jared Franek, Iowa, 12-0

First period: Franek attempts a double with 2:20 left but it's stopped immediately by Haines. Haines hits a straight single, stays patient, and eventually scores with 1:40 left. Stall warning on Franek as Haines continues to ride. Haines leads, 3-0 as time expires. 

Second period: Haines starts on bottom and escapes in seven seconds for a 4-0 lead but Franek immediately on a leg, Haines counters and eventually scores for a 7-0 lead. Haines has inside wrist control as Franek is flat. Stalling on Franek for an additional point and an 8-0 lead as time expires. 

Third period: Franek chooses neutral, and powers through on a double but Haines counters, and potentially dangerous is called as Haines was trying to score on a go-behind. Haines scores a third takedown, this time with a single to the left side. Haines rides out the period and wins 12-0 with riding time. 

Penn State 11, Iowa 6

165: #7 Mitchell Mesenbrink, Penn State dec. #8 Michael Caliendo, Iowa, 12-6

First period: Shot by Mesenbrink off the whistle but Caliendo sprawls out. Mesenbrink tries for a low shot but Caliendo counters. A fast start to the match with both wrestlers engaging. Single the right side scores for Mesenbrink to take a 3-0 lead halfway through the period. An uncontested release gives Caliendo a point. Another takedown for Mesenbrink extends his lead to, 6-1 as Caliendo is warned for stalling. 

Second period: Caliendo starts on bottom and escapes immediately, but Mesenbrink leads, 6-2. Stalling on Caliendo for an additional point to Mesenbrink with one minute to go. Mesenbrink scores on another single for a 10-2 lead. Caliendo escapes at the end of the period to cut it to 10-3.

Third period: Mesenbrink starts on bottom, gets to his feet, and escapes in 15 seconds for an 11-3 lead. Shot by Caliendo called potentially dangerous immediately. Mesenbrink hits a single to the left side but a stalemate is called. Back to the center with a minute to go. Caliendo hits a low shot that results in a head-to-toe scramble that is stalemated. Caliendo has the angle and scores a takedown as time expires. Mesenbrink wins, 12-6.

Penn State 14, Iowa 6

174: #1 Carter Starocci, Penn State major decision #5 Patrick Kennedy, Iowa, 13-5

First period: Starocci hits a single to the right side, gets the leg in the air, and gets the takedown with 1:45 to go. Kennedy escapes with 1:09 left. Starocci hits a single to the left side, picks up the leg and scores as the buzzer sounds. Starocci leads, 6-1.

Second period: Starocci starts on bottom and escapes in 17 seconds. Shot by Kennedy countered out bounds for a takedown and a 10-1 lead. Kennedy escapes with a minute to go. Kennedy hits single to the right side but Starocci counters out of bounds and scores as the buzzer sounds. Starocci leads, 13-2.

Third period: Kennedy starts on bottom and a technical violation for locked hands is called on Starocci. Penn State challenges the call. The call is confirmed. Starocci leads, 13-3. Escape by Kennedy makes it 13-4. Sweep single by Kennedy is called potentially dangerous with a minute to go. Stalling on Starocci after a shot by Kennedy. Another shot by Kennedy is called a stalemate. Stalling on Starocci but he wins 13-5.

Penn State 18, Iowa 6

184: #7 Bernie Truax, Penn State major decision Aiden Riggins, Iowa, 8-0

First period: Truax hits a shot within 15 seconds and transitions for a takedown. Truax accumulates over a minute of riding time halfway through the period. Stalling on Truax with 12 seconds left but he rides out the period and accumulates 2:33 of riding time.

Second period: Truax starts on bottom and escapes in 10 seconds for a 4-0 lead. A low shot by Riggins leads to a counter by Truax that is called a stalemate by the referee. No scoring or shots the remainder of the period. 

Third period: Riggins starts neutral and hits another low shot and tries to cut the corner as Truax is draped over the top. Stalemate called with 57 seconds left. Truax scores a second takedown for a 7-0 lead with 40 seconds left. Truax rides out the match for an 8-0 win with riding time. 

Penn State 22, Iowa 6

197: #1 Aaron Brooks, Penn State dec. #12 Zach Glazier, Iowa, 5-1

First period: Brooks works an underhook as he continually controls the center. No scoring halfway through the period. No scoring. 

Second period: Brooks starts on bottom and escapes in six seconds for a 1-0 lead. Glazier is in on a shot but Brooks sprawls out and scores on a go-behind for a 4-0 lead. Glazier gets to his feet but Brooks brings him back to the mat with 22 seconds left. Brooks rides out the period to maintain his 4-0 lead. 

Third period: Glazier starts on bottom. A stall warning against Brooks with 1:24 left followed by an escape by Glazier for his first point. The action ends on the feet as Glazier attempts to score. Brooks wins 5-1 with riding time. 

Penn State 25, Iowa 6

285: #1 Greg Kerkvliet, Penn State major decsion #28 Ben Kueter, Iowa, 9-1

First period: Low finish by Kerkvliet for a takedown with 2:15 left. Escape by Kueter with 1:39 left. Kervliet leads, 3-1, as time expires.

Second period: Kueters starts on bottom. Stall warning on Kueter. Kerkvliet rides out the period for a 3-1 lead. 

Third period: Kerkvliet starts on bottom and escapes immediately for a 4-1 lead. Kerkvliets scores on another low shot for a 7-1 lead with one minute remaining. Stalling on Kueter for a point. Kerkvliet wins, 9-1, with riding time.

Penn State 29, Iowa 6