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Match Notes: #11 Nebraska Wins 8, Flattens #4 Michigan

Match Notes: #11 Nebraska Wins 8, Flattens #4 Michigan

The Michigan Wolverines will be in Lincoln, Nebraska to take on the Huskers in a huge Big Ten dual, and we're here to live blog the action in real-time!

Feb 9, 2024 by Andrew Spey
Match Notes: #11 Nebraska Wins 8, Flattens #4 Michigan

Big Ten rivals Michigan and Nebraska will meet at 7:00PM ET in the Devaney Center in Lincoln, Nebraska for a massive college wrestling dual meet. 

#4 Michigan is fresh off a memorable win at home over Iowa, 24-11. That win made the Wolverines 6-3 on the season. They'll try to keep the momentum going on the road against #11 Nebraska who sport a 10-1 record. The Huskers are also coming off a win, having dispatched Illinois 28-9 last week. 

We'll bring you all the action in real-time as we live blog all ten matches of the dual. 

How to Watch

You can always travel to Lincoln and watch the dual live from a seat in the Devaney Center. If you want to watch at home or on the go you can tune into the BTN cable channel. You can watch on the Fox Sports app if you also subscribe to a cable package that has BTN. 

I don't see any referral bucks, but one month of YouTubeTV runs about $73 and will get you BTN until March nine. The Big Ten Championship finals will be on March 10th, so you'll need another month of YouTubeTV if you want to watch that, but you'll need a cable subscription if you want to watch NCAAs March 21-23, so you might as well get that second month. 

There are other virtual cable packages that include BTN, but none of them are paying me referral bucks either, so you'll have to do your own research! 

Projected Lineup

125: #9 Caleb Smith or Alan Koehler, Nebraska vs #10 Michael DeAugustino, Michigan

133: #29 Jacob Van Dee or Kyle Burwick, Nebraska vs #4 Dylan Ragusin, Michigan

141: #7 Brock Hardy, Nebraska vs #13 Sergio Lemley, Michigan

149: #1 Ridge Lovett or Blake Cushing, Nebraska vs #6 Austin Gomez, Michigan

157: #14 Peyton Robb or Ethan Stiles, Nebraska vs #12 Will Lewan, Michigan

165: #15 Antrell Taylor, Nebraska vs #8 Cameron Amine, Michigan

174: #20 Bubba Wilson or Christopher Minto, Nebraska vs #3 Shane Griffith, Michigan

184: #3 Lenny Pinto, Nebraska vs #16 Jaden Bullock, Michigan

197: #13 Silas Allred, Nebraska vs Bobby Striggow or Rylan Rogers, Michigan

285: Harley Andrews or Nash Hutmacher, Nebraska vs #6 Lucas Davison, Michigan

It's also senior senior night for the Huskers. Nebraska seniors Nash Hutmacher, Peyton Robb and Brandyn Van Tassell will be honored after the dual. 

125: #9 Caleb Smith, Nebraska vs #10 Michael DeAugustino, Michigan

1st period: And we're underway, starting at 125 with a top 10 matchup in the lead off spot. Half way through the first and no scores, minimal action. DeAugustino hits a slide by and he's got rear standing on Smith. Big lift and mat return and DeAugustino collects the three. Smith tried to granby roll but DeAugustino stayed with him so no doubt about having control beyond reaction time. Smith never stopped fighting and escaped quickly to make it 3-1. Smith working double unders but the period ends still 3-1 DeAugustino. 

2nd period: DeAugustino takes down. He stands, but a big mat return gets some applause from the fans in the Devaney Center. They go out of bounds and Smith still has control, with 40 seconds of riding time. DeAugustino stands, Smith can't get a return, picks an ankle and DeAugustino forward rolls out of Smith's grasp and he's out with exactly one minute of riding time for Smith. DeAugustino leads 4-1. In neutral DeAugustino goes in on a shot but comes up limping. He'll take injury time with 9 seconds left in the period. DeAugustino good to go and Smith now has choice. He takes down but gets riden out so no change, still 4-1 DeAugustino. 

3rd period: Smith takes bottom. Nifty reversal and he keeps a leg turk in. Now Smith has DeAugustino on his back and he's got nearfall. It'll be four for Smith and he's taken up a big chunk of time too. Smith leads 7-4. DeAugustino stands to make it 7-5. Takedown will do it but Smith's defenses hold. Add on a riding time point and it's an 8-5 victory for Caleb Smith. Nice come from behind victory. 

Nebraska 3, Michigan 0

133: #29 Jacob Van Dee, Nebraska vs #4 Dylan Ragusin, Michigan

1st period: Ragusin gets in on a shot about 45 seconds into the match but Van Dee scrambles and gets a stalemate so successful defense after a deep single leg. Ragusin digs double under and runs Van Dee out of bounds. No stall call but on the restart Ragusin shoots and no Van Dee hit for stalling, his first, just a warning. Ragusin kept a leg but Van Dee earned another stalemate so it's still 0-0. Less than a minute remaining in the period. Van Dee on his deepest shot yet, but Ragusin sprawls and Van Dee's double is stopped. Another shot in short time from Van Dee is stuffed and the period ends with bagels on the scoreboard. 

2nd period: Van Dee chooses down. He explodes up on the whistle, gets in a scramble, nearly has a reversal, now Ragusin has a single leg, Van Dee kicks free and the first point of the match. Or does he? Point is on the board but the referees are going to review... something. Locked hands on Ragusin maybe? Long review. And they're going to penalize Ragusin for locked hands at 2 seconds. The escape point comes off the board, replaced by the penalty point, and Van Dee goes back underneath. He escapes on the whistle so no leads 2-0. Now Van Dee goes looking for his offense, he's on a deep shot, but Ragusin scrambles and they go out of bounds before nay points can be awarded. Van Dee back on a single leg off the restart. Another lengthy scramble. 20 seconds left in the period. Stalemate with 11 seconds left. Time is up and Van Dee leads 2-0. 

3rd period: Ragusin gets a turn on bottom. Ragusin sits out, Van Dee riding high, Ragusin pops his head out of a power half and covers Van Dee for two to knot up the score at 2-2. One minute remaining. If Ragusin rides out the rest of the way he will just barely get the RT point. Restart with 57 seconds left in regulation. Ragusin breaks him down flat. Stand and a granby for Van Dee but Ragusin almost traps him for nearfall on the edge. Van Dee bellies out and is close to an escape but Ragusin takes him out of bounds. 14 seconds left in the regulation for the restart. An escape likely wins it. Van Dee stands, Ragusin runs him out of bounds and collects a stall call. Retsrat with 8 seconds left. Van Dee, stands, rolls, and he's out! 59 seconds on the riding time clock. The match clock expires. 3-2 upset win by Van Dee over #4 Ragusin!

Nebraska 6, Michigan 0

141: #7 Brock Hardy, Nebraska vs #13 Sergio Lemley, Michigan

1st period: Can Lemley get another big win after taking out Real Woods last week? Hardy pressuring in, and he drops down on a double leg and has the first takedown and leads 3-0. Hardy puts on a tough ride but Lemley frees himself with 59 seconds on the riding time clock. Lemley with heavy pressure on the head in the final minute of the period. Period ends still 3-1. 

2nd period: Lemley chooses down for the second period. Stands off the whistle, standing switch and he's behind Hardy and gets a reversal. 3-3 all tied up. Hardy stands, has a leg but settles for the escape to make it 4-3. Lemley immediately in on a shot. Long scramble ensues, and Lemley has a cradle! That's 6-4 Lemley, though Hardy very quickly reverses him and it's 6-6, tie score again. And on the restart Lemley gets another reversal and it's 8-6. He gets the ride out and a wild second period ends 8-6 in Lemley's favor, 35 of RT for Hardy. 

3rd period: Hardy chooses down. Optional start for Lemley, who is hunting for a cradle but Hardy escapes and it's 8-7 still in Lemley's favor. Single leg for Lemley, Hardy scrambling, and Hardy comes up with the points and the lead change. 10-8 Hardy and riding time ticking back up. One minute left in regulation and Lemley escapes to make it 10-9, still in Hardy's favor. Riding time at 57 seconds for Hardy. Stalemate with 28 seconds in regulation. Hardy doesn't have any stall calls. Hardy holding his ground. Out of bounds again with 10 on the clock. Now Hardy gets hit. 3 seconds and Hardy drops down and gets a takedown just before time runs out. 13-9 for Hardy and Nebraska has won 3 in a row!

Nebraska 9, Michigan 0

149: #1 Ridge Lovett, Nebraska vs #6 Austin Gomez, Michigan

1st period: Here it is, the marquee match! Gomez upper body ties, looking for a throw, as he does, but Lovett counters and collects a quick three. Mat return for Lovett who then locks in a two-on-one and tilts Gomez for four nearfall and just like that Lovett has a 7-0 lead early in the match. Now Lovett is putting a tough ride on Gomez. Legs are in and Gomez is fighting to get to his base. Stalemate called, appropriately, as nether wrestler was improving their position. More of the same after the restart and Lovett gets the rideout. 2:26 of RT and a 7-0 lead for Lovett. 

2nd period: Gomez, undaunted, chooses down. He sits out and tries to hip heist out of Lovett's clutches but Lovett was ready and pounced. Two quick nearfall counts and Lovett has a 9-0 lead and maintains control after Gomez bellied out. Smothering ride on top. And riding time is locked up with about 40 seconds remaining in the second period. And another ride out and Lovett will take a 9-0 (really 10-0) lead into the third. 

3rd period: Lovett chooses neutral. Probably couldn't gotten a free point if he chose down but that's moot now. Gomez on the attack, and Lovett gets dinged for stalling right before Gomez gets a single leg that he converts on the edge for three. And that stalemate in the first must have been a stall call as Gomez gets fourth point. Gomez cuts Lovett on the restart to make it 10-4 (really 11-4) and that's all the scores. 11-4 victory for Ridge Lovett, dominant victory. 

Nebraska 12, Michigan 0

157: #14 Peyton Robb, Nebraska vs #12 Will Lewan, Michigan

1st period: There's a good chance this match has fewer points in it than some of the previous matches but you never know! Lots of handfighting, not much in the way of shots. And it's goose eggs after three minutes. 

2nd period: Lewan takes down, and he's out in just 11 seconds. With a minute left in the period Robb shoots a swing single, gets a hold of Lewan's leg but can't climb up and action is stalemated. Robb attacking, Lewan dinged for stalling, looks like it's his second as Robb gets a point and it's tied 1-1. Period ends still 1-1. And yes, Lewan has two stall calls, Robb has one on him. 

3rd period: Robb chooses down, and he stands and is free after a few seconds to take the lead 2-1. Shot from Robb but Lewan's defense holds up and action is stalemated. 2-1 still, one minute to go. 36 seconds left. Shot from Lewan, he's in deep. Lewan is close to putting Robb in neutral danger, but the count's not there and Robb holds on! Or does he? Michigan throws the challenge brick. A takedown would nearly guarantee victory for Lewan, although they'll go back and wrestle from wherever the takedown might have happened. And the no-takedown is confirmed, Robb wins 2-1! And it was the lowest scoring bout of the match so far, as predicted. 

Nebraska 15, Michigan 0

165: #15 Antrell Taylor, Nebraska vs #8 Cameron Amine, Michigan

1st period: We're back from the break as Cam Amine will try to staunch the bleeding for the Wolverines. Low single leg shot for Amine and he's got Taylor's leg in the air, but Taylor escapes after a trip attempt and they're back in neutral, still no scores. Amine taking ground but Taylor circles back in as they both go out of bounds so no stall call. Period ends and it's still donuts on the board. 

2nd period: Taylor takes bottom. Amine corrals him for 24 seconds but Taylor is free after that and he scores the first point of the bout. No more scores in the period. 

3rd period: Amine gets a turn on bottom. He's out in just a few seconds and riding time won't be a factor. 1-1. Amine in on a shot, double leg, but Taylor's hips stops the attacks. A couple more decent attacks from Amine and Taylor gets dinged for stalling, just his first warning, but no more scores so we go to overtime!

Sudden victory: A slow first period, now Amine in on a single leg, trying to trip Taylor and he slips free and keeps things knotted up 1-1. Nice scramble at the end but neither wrestler can press the advantage. Going to tiebreakers!

Tiebreaker 1: Amine on bottom. Taylor with one mat return, then Amine stands and esacpes with 18 seconds of riding time. 

Tiebreaker 2: Taylor stands, is run out of bounds and Amine gets hit with a stall call. 10 seconds of RT for Taylor. Taylor stands, switch, and he's out in 5 seconds. Amine attacking, and Taylor will win 2-2 with 5 seconds of riding time as the tiebreaking criteria! Nice criteria win for Taylor. 

Nebraska 18, Michigan 0

174: #20 Bubba Wilson, Nebraska vs #3 Shane Griffith, Michigan

1st period: And now it's on Griffith's shoulders to stop the Wolverine schneid. 90 seconds in and no scores. A couple of nice flurries but no takedowns or points and it's 0-0 after the first. 

2nd period: Griffith takes down, and he's out in five seconds. Lots more handfighting. Griffith with a nice level change but Wilson keeps him at bay. And we go to the third still 1-0 Griffith in the lead. 

3rd period: Wilson wisely chose neutral, not wanting to go underneath Griffith. No stall calls. Griffith keeping the pressure on. Wilson with an inside trip attempt in short time but Griffith parries the attack and that's as close as Wilson will get. 1-0 win for Griffith and Michigan is on the board!

Nebraska 18, Michigan 3

184: #3 Lenny Pinto, Nebraska vs #16 Jaden Bullock, Michigan

1st period: Pinto, from the Lehigh Valley in Eastern Pennsylvania, taking on Bullock, from Hampton Roads in Southeast Virginia. Pinto scores first with a takedown and a 3-0 lead. Bullock gets the escape after 17 seconds and it's 3-1 with over half of the period still to go. Pinto from short offense muscles Bullock over and it's 6-1. Stand and escape for Bullock and it's 6-2, riding time at 38 seconds. Nice duck attempt from Bullock in short time but we'll go to the 2nd period still 6-2. 

2nd period: Pinto's choice and he takes bottom. Pinto forward roll and he's out in a few seconds to add a point. An attack by Bullock and Pinto hits a throw-by counter and then threads an arm through the legs to drop Bullock down to the mat to secure the takedown. It's 10-2, now 10-3 with the escape, RT at 46 seconds. Pinto now has to be thinking bonus points. Still 10-3 going into the third. 

3rd period: Bullock on bottom. He'll of course be trying to win the bout but a secondary goal would be win the period and keep things to a regular decision. Bullock is out in a hurry, his fourth escape and point. Riding time stopped at 54 seconds. Bullock induces a stall call on Pinto, then Pinto nearly hits another throw-by but Bullock defends. Pinto in on a shot in short time but a nice scramble from Bullock and Pinto will settle for a regular decision. 10-4 win and the seventh win for the Huskers. 

Nebraska 21, Michigan 3

197: #13 Silas Allred, Nebraska vs Bobby Striggow, Michigan

1st period: Allred will be favored to add to the lopsided margin of victory in a dual that is well out of reach for the Wolverines. Allred on the attack, had Striggow's legs a couple of times but Striggow is keeping the scores as zero. Allred drops down on a single, his best shot at a takedown so far, and he skies the leg and trips for two with 21 seconds left in the period. Allread leads 3-0. He'll get the rideout and take the 3-0 lead into the second. 

2nd period: Striggow chooses bottom. Allred on his toes but Striggow escapes with riding time just under a minute. Allred back in on another single leg. Cracks down and they scramble on the mat. Striggow over the top, locks around the crotch. Allred fights through and collects the three, now leads 6-1. Riding time climbed over a minute. And Allred will get the rideout in this period as well. 

3rd period: Allred takes a turn underneath, and he's out, preserving riding time and add a 7th point to his total. Striggow in on a shot, Allred attempting to go-behind, action stalemated. One minute to go. Allread trying to get the first bonus win of the dual. Good level change and Allred finishes cleanly for three more. Striggow escapes, riding time secured for Allred. Allred in on another low shot and he gets another takedown to make it 13-2. Make it 14-2 with the riding time point and it's Allred by major decision. 

Nebraska 25, Michigan 3

285: Nash Hutmacher, Nebraska vs #6 Lucas Davison, Michigan

1st period: Mercifully just one more match for Michigan, and they are favored here. Hutmacher is coming off the football field where he started on the defensive line for the Husker gridders. Davison is a two-time All-American but Hutmacher is keeping him at bay. Scoreless first period. 

2nd period: Davison takes bottom and and is out in 10 seconds. Davison drops down to a single and he brings the big guy down for three. Davison keeping the Polar Bear on the mat. And Davison gets the ride out and takes a 4-0 lead into the second with 1:06 of RT. 

2rd period: Hutmacher chooses neutral. The Iowa Penn State bout has already started and BTN has gone split screen so no one has to miss anything. Davison gets another takedown and leads 7-0. He can get the major with a rideout. 30 seconds to go. And Davison gets the major with an 8-0 win! Michigan gets four more points to add to their regular decision at 174 but otherwise it was all Nebraska.

Nebraska 25, Michigan 7