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Nick Feldman Clutch In Ohio State's 20-19 Win Over Michigan - Full Recap

Nick Feldman Clutch In Ohio State's 20-19 Win Over Michigan - Full Recap

Live updates for the wrestling dual between Ohio State and Michigan on January 26 at 7:00 pm (ET).

Jan 26, 2024 by JD Rader
Nick Feldman Clutch In Ohio State's 20-19 Win Over Michigan - Full Recap

Michigan traveled to Columbus and got off to a hot start, but Nick Feldman saved the day for the Buckeyes. Take a look at the match-by-match detailed breakdown below.

125: #17 Michael DeAugustino vs #21 Brendan McCrone

1st period: The two spend almost the first two minutes of the match engaged in a leg pass scramble off of a shot from DeAugustino. Not kidding, that scramble was about 90 seconds. DeAugustino scores off of an underhook throwby and throwing in the far leg. The rideout gives him a 2-0 lead.

2nd period: DeAugustino stands up and the tow lock up upper body. McCrone tries to throw on the edge, but DeAugustino keeps his toes in and gets the reversal and 4 sets of back points. 10-0. McCrone escapes quickly on the restart, but DeAugustino scores with short time almost the exact same way he scored his first takedown.

3rd period: McCrone takes neutral. DeAugustino again scores with an underhook throwby and then throwing far leg in to complete the tech.

Match Final: DeAugustino 16-1

Team Score: Mich 5 - Ohio State 0

133: #4 Dylan Ragusinvs #10 Nic Bouzakis

1st period: Ragusin scores a high crotch. Bouzakis quickly reversals Ragusin with a switch and puts him on his back, but Ragusin is able to avoid giving up back points and gets an escape. Ragusin gets another takedown. Ragusin throws in leg and Bouzakis gets a reversal from the sitout position. 7-4 Ragusin.

2nd period: Bouzakis gramby for an escape. Arm drag Ragusin for the takedown. 10-1 Ragusin with 1:58 of riding time.

3rd period: Quick escape for Ragusin. Go behind for Ragusin. Escape Bouakis.

Match Final: Ragusin 15-6

Team Score: Mich 9 - Ohio State -0

141: #19 Sergio Lemley vs #3 Jesse Mendez

Mendez wins by forfiet. No Michigan wrestler.

Team Score: Mich 9 - Ohio State 6

149: #6 Austin Gomez vs #7 Dylan D’Emilio

1st period: Underhook far knee pick takedown for Gomez. Sprawl go behind Gomez. Knee pull high crotch takedown for Gomez. 9-3 Gomez.

2nd period: Escape D'Emilio. 10-3 Gomez

3rd period: Escape Gomez. Perfectly timed reattack double for Gomez. One direction then the other high crotch for Gomez.

Match Final: Gomez 17-6

Team Score: Mich 13 - Ohio State 6

157: #13 Will Lewan vs #23 Isaac Wilcox

1st period: As expected, nothing happens.

2nd period: 3 second escape Lewan and then nothing for the rest of the period.

3rd period: 3 second escape for Wilcox and then nothing for the rest of the period.

SV: Each guy able to get to a leg once, but neither able to finish.

TB1: Wilcox escapes in 4 seconds. Lewan scores with double underhooks outside trip.

TB2: Wilcox puts the two on their feet to begin the period, but is unable to score. 

Match Final: Lewan 5 - Wilcox 2

Team Score: Mich 16 - Ohio State 6

165: Beau Mantanona vs #12 Bryce Hepner

1st period: Mantanona gets a neutral danger takedown off of a leg pass attempt from Hepner. Cradle for Mantanona gets him 4 nearfall. High crotch Hepner who finishes from crackdown. Hepner escapes and quickly gets a takedown. 7-4 Mantanona.

2nd period: Mantanona stands up and locks up a body lock for a big reversal. 9-5 Mantanona.

3rd period: Standing gramby for a Hepner reversal. Reattack high crotch for Mantanona, Hepner sits corner and locks up a cradle for a takedown and 2 nearfall.

Match Final: 12-10 Hepner

Team Score: Mich 16 - Ohio State 9

174: #3 Shane Griffith vs #14 Rocco Welsh

1st period: Best shot was a low single from Griffith, but no points. Stall warning on Griffith for backing out. 0-0.

2nd period: Griffith escapes and Welsh sticks to him with a couple of half shots earning him a stall. 1-1.

3rd period: Complete ridout for Griffith. Welsh spent most of the period on his stomach. 

Match final: 2-1 Griffith

Team Score: Mich 19 - Ohio State 9

184: #14 Jaden Bullock vs Ryder Rogotzke

1st period: The two get in a scramble and Rogotzke scores as Bullock goes down with injury. Bullock gets to his feet and Rogotzke locks up an over under body lock and takes Bullock to his back for 6 points. 13-0 Rogotzke. Stalling on Bullock.

2nd period: Escape Rogotzke. Bullock goes for a latdrop and gives up the final takedown.

Match Final: 17-0 Rogotzke

Team Score: Mich 19 - Ohio State 14

197: Rylan Rogers vs #23 Luke Geog

1st period: Double from space from Geog, switches off to a single and scores in the first 15 seconds. Call is challenged and locked hands on Geog is called. Rogers quickly escapes. 3-2 Geog.

2nd period: Escape Rogers. Geog high crotch and finishes from crackdown. Good rideout for Geog. 6-3 Geog.

3rd period: Reversal Geog. Rogers Escapes.

Match Final: 8-4 Geog

Team Score: Mich 19 - Ohio State 17

285: #4 Lucas Davison vs #16 Nick Feldman

1st period: Davison got deep on a counter, but Feldman scrambled out and then Feldman is saved by the buzzer on a single leg from Davison. 0-0.

2nd period: Davison riding Feldman tough but gets called for stalling. Off the restart Feldman stands up and the two run out of bound. Stalling on Davison. Davison completes the rideout. 1-0 Feldman.

3rd. Feldman puts the two on their feet. 1-1, but Davison has riding time. Counter go behind for Feldman and he takes a 4-1 lead. Quick escape Davison. Davison comes close to a takedown at the end but can't get it. 

Match Final: 5-4 Feldman

Team Score: Ohio State 20 - Michigan 19