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Columbia vs Iowa Wrestling Dual 2023: Match Notes

Columbia vs Iowa Wrestling Dual 2023: Match Notes

Get a full breakdown of Iowa's 38-3 win over Columbia as it happened.

Dec 9, 2023 by Kyle Klingman
Columbia vs Iowa Wrestling Dual 2023: Match Notes

Get a full breakdown of Iowa's 38-3 win over Columbia as it happened.

125: Drake Ayala (Iowa) tech Nick Babin (Columbia), 18-3

First period: Ayala gets the opening takedown immediately but releases Babin for a 3-1 lead. Ayala adds another on the edge for a 6-1 lead with 1:12 remaining. Babin is given an escape but Ayala scores on another single but Ayala has a cradle locked and gets three swipes for three points and a 12-2 lead at the end of the period. 

Second period: Babin starts neutral and Ayala is back on the leg attacks with a sweep single and eventually scores a three-point takedown. Ayala wins by tech, 18-3.

Columbia 0, Iowa 5

133:  Cullan Schriever (Iowa) dec. Angelo Rini (Columbia), 9-6 SV

First period: Rini strikes first with a double-leg takedown for a 3-0 lead halfway through the period. Rini committed to a leg ride and inside wrist control. Stall warning against Rini with 30 seconds remaining. Rini rides out the period and takes a 3-0 lead.

Second period: Schriever chooses neutral to start. Schriever in a single, three-is called and waved off after a scramble ensues. No points from the exchange. Schriever drops in on a low double with 26 seconds left to tie the score but Rini escapes for a 4-3 lead. 

Third period: Rini chooses the down position. An Intentional release gives Rini a 5-3 lead. Rini hits a head to the inside single but a stalemate is called with 1:04 left. Schriever scores a takedown off of a double for a 6-5 lead but Rini has riding time. Schriever rides out the match, which pushes the match to 6-6 and overtime.

Sudden victory: Rini gets extended on a shot and Schriever counters for a 9-6 win.

Columbia 0, Iowa 8

141: Real Woods (Iowa) tech Kai Owen (Columbia), 17-2

First period: Woods strikes first with a three-point takedown but releases Owen immediately and scores another takedown for a 6-1 lead. An escape by Owen makes it 6-2 but Woods eventually scores a takedown for a 9-2 lead. Woods gets a four-point near fall on a tile for a 13-2 lead with 30 seconds remaining. Woods gets four swipes at the end of the period for a 17-2 tech.

Columbia 0, Iowa 13

149:  Caleb Rathjen (Iowa) major decision Richard Fedalen (Columbia), 15-3

First period: Rathjen hits a high crotch takedown with 1:45 remaining for a 3-0 lead. Fedalen escapes with 48 seconds remaining. Rathjen has 1:05 of riding time as the period ends. 

Second period: Rathjen starts down and escapes in 10 seconds for a 4-1 lead. Another high crotch and lift adds a second takedown for Rathjen for a 7-1 lead. Rathjen rides out the period to maintain his six-point lead.

Third period: Fedalen starts down and escapes in 10 seconds. Another high crotch adds a third takedown and a 10-3 lead for Rathjen after an escape by Fedalen. Stall call against Fedalen on the edge. Another takedown by Rathjen makes it 14-3 but a riding time point gives him a 15-3 major decision. 

Columbia 0, Iowa 17

157: Jared Franek (Iowa) dec. Jaden Le (Columbia), 9-5

First period: Franek scores first but Le escapes immediately. Le strikes back with a takedown but Franek scrambles out and gets the escape for a 4-4 match halfway through the first. Single leg by Franek but Le scrambled out and a stalemate is called. Caution against Le for a false start.

Second period: Franek starts down and escapes in 11 seconds for a 5-4 lead. Double by Franek extends his lead to 8-4. 

Third period: Le chooses bottom and Franek secures just over a minute of riding time seconds in the period. Stalling against Le with 1:10 remaining. Franek tries for a tilt but the exchange goes out of bounds. Le escapes with eight seconds left but Franek wins 9-5 with riding time.

Columbia 0, Iowa 20

165:  Michael Caliendo (Iowa) major decision Kyle Mosher (Columbia), 18-5

First period: Caliendo drives through on an ankle pick for a 3-0 lead. Escape by Mosher makes it 3-1 halfway through the period. Lefty single by Caliendo but Mosher broom sticks out. No takedown. Boot scoot by Caliendo adds another takedown for a 6-1 lead.

Second period: Mosher chooses down and escapes in 30 seconds. Boot scoot to a single for Caliendo to take a 9-2 lead. Caliendo rides out the period.

Third period: Caliendo starts down and gets a reversal in 25 seconds for an 11-2 lead. Escape by Mosher makes it 11-3 but a counter takedown adds another three-point takedown after an escape. Takedown and escape make it 18-5 with riding time. 

Columbia 0, Iowa 24

174: Patrick Kennedy (Iowa) tech fall Garrett Bilgrav (Columbia), 19-4

First period: Kennedy strikes first with a takedown but an escape and takedown make it 6-1 with 2:15 left. Kennedy keeps a high pace after another escape and takedown and escape. A classic game of take-em-down-let-em-up gives Kennedy a 12-3 lead.

Second period: Kennedy starts on the bottom and escapes in 12 seconds. A double-leg takedown makes it 16-3 then ends it after an escape and another takedown with 1:15 left. Kennedy won, 19-4.

Columbia 0, Iowa 29

184: Aaron Ayzerov (Columbia) dec. Aiden Riggins (Iowa), 4-2

First period: Riggins in on a shot halfway through the period but Ayzerov continues to scramble and Ayzerov eventually gets a three-point takedown for a 3--0 lead. Ayzerov rides out the period to maintain his 3-0 lead. 

Second period: Riggins chooses neutral. High crotch by Riggins after a stall call by Ayzerov but a stalemate is called. Riggins is in on another shot but can't score at the end of the period. 

Third period: Ayzerov starts on the bottom and escapes in 13 seconds for a 4-0 lead. A stall call against Ayzerov gives Riggins his first point. Single by Riggins with 42 seconds left but Ayzerov stalemates the position with 20 seconds remaining. Another stall call against Ayzerov adds another point but Ayzerov wins, 4-2.

Columbia 3, Iowa 29

197: Zach Glazier (Iowa) major decision Jack Wehmeyer (Columbia), 14-2

First period: No scoring halfway through the period. Glazier dumps a single for a three-point takedown with 40 seconds left. Glazier rides out the remainder of the period. 

Second period: Wehmeyer chooses bottom and Glazier is still riding with a minute remaining. 

Third period: Glazier chooses bottom and Wehmeyer releases him to start the period. A shot by Glazier leads to a clean takedown but an escape makes it 7-1. Glazier scores on a straight single and releases Wehmeyer for a 10-2 lead with 21 seconds left. A reattack by Glazier adds another takedown. Riding time makes it 14-2. 

Columbia 3, Iowa 33

285: Bradley Hill (Iowa) tech fall Billy McChesney (Columbia), 19-4

First period: Hill strikes first with a takedown. An escape an immediate takedown another escape and another takedown make it 9-3. Hall puts on a takedown clinic then gets a Turk for four nearfall as time runs out. Hill wins 19-4.

Columbia 3, Iowa 38