2023 NWCA All-Star Classic

College Wrestling Rankings Before The 2023 NWCA All-Star Classic

College Wrestling Rankings Before The 2023 NWCA All-Star Classic

Here's a list of every 2023 NWCA All-Star Classic wrestler and their FloWrestling ranking before the Nov. 21.

Nov 17, 2023 by Joe Harrington

The 2023 NWCA All-Star Classic is Nov. 21 and features some of the best college wrestlers in the nation competing on the campus of Penn State in Happy Valley. 

The event has been around for decades but had a brief hiatus before FloWrestling helped revive the classic in 2022. Now back and as strong as ever, the 2023 event features some of the biggest matches fans will see outside the 2024 NCAA Wrestling Tournament and the 2023 Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational. 

The list of wrestlers includes the current No. 1 pound-for-pound ranked wrestler on FloWrestling’s rankings, Carter Starocci of Penn State Wrestling, as well as four more top-10-ranked wrestlers. 

Here’s what you need to know about the field. 

Here’s Every NCAA Wrestler Competing at the 2023 NWCA All-Star Classic


  • Matt Ramos, Purdue, 125 pounds
  • Anthony Noto, Lock Haven, 125 pounds
  • Sam Latona, Virginia Tech, 133 pounds
  • Connor McGonagle, Lehigh, 133 pounds
  • Lachlan McNeil, North Carolina, 141 pounds 
  • Josh Koderhandt, Navy, 141 pounds
  • Shayne Van Ness, Penn State, 149 pounds
  • Kyle Parco, Arizona State, 149 pounds
  • Nick Novak, St. Cloud State, 157 pounds
  • Nolan Hertel, UW-LaCrosse, 157 pounds
  • Dean Hamiti, Wisconsin, 165 pounds
  •  Izzak Olejnik, Oklahoma State, 165 pounds
  • Carter Starocci, Penn State, 174 pounds
  • Mekhi Lewis, Virginia Tech, 174 pounds
  • Parker Keckeisen, Northern Iowa, 184 pounds
  • Bernie Truax, Penn State, 184 pounds
  • Aaron Brooks, Penn State, 197 pounds
  • Tanner Sloan, South Dakota State, 197 pounds
  • Greg Kerkvliet, Penn State, 285 pounds
  • Wyatt Hendrickson, Air Force, 285 pounds


  • Sydney Petzinger, North Central (NCAA), 116 lbs
  • Samara Chavez, King (NCAA), 116 pounds
  • Sarah Savidge, Life (NAIA), 130 pounds
  • Alexis Janiak, Aurora (NCAA), 130 pounds
  • Adaugo Nwachukwu, William Penn (NAIA), 136 pounds
  • Yele Aycock, North Central (NCAA), 136 pounds
  • Marlynne Deede, Iowa (NCAA), 155 pounds 
  • Latifah McBryde, Life (NAIA), 155 pounds

Here’s Are The College Wrestling Rankings Before The 2023 NWCA All-Star Classic

Here are the Pound-For-Pound FloWrestling rankings: 

1SRCarter StarocciPenn State1741
2JRKeegan O'TooleMissouri1652
3SRDavid CarrIowa State1653
4SRAaron BrooksPenn State1974
5SRVito ArujauCornell1335
6JRParker KeckeisenUNI1846
7SRDaton FixOK State1337
8SRGreg KerkvlietPenn State2858
9SRReal WoodsIowa1419
10SRTrent HidlayNC State19710
11SRMekhi LewisVirginia Tech17411
12SRWyatt HendricksonAir Force28512
13SRChris FocaCornell17413
14JRRidge LovettNebraska14915
15SOLevi HainesPenn State15716
16SRTanner SloanSD State19717
17SRStephen BuchananOklahoma19718
18SRRocky ElamMissouri19719
19SRBernie TruaxPenn State18420
20SRJared FranekIowa157NR

Here Are College Wrestling Rankings By Weight Class For the 2023 NWCA All-Star Classic Wrestlers

Rank    Grade    Name    School    Previous


  1. JR    Anthony Noto    Lock Haven    1
  2. SO    Richard Figueroa    Arizona State    2
  3. SR    Jakob Camacho    NC State    8
  4. JR    Matt Ramos    Purdue    3
  5. SR    Eric Barnett    Wisconsin    5


  1. FR    Ryan Crookham    Lehigh    NR
  2. SR    Vito Arujau    Cornell    1
  3. SR    Daton Fix    OK State    2
  4. SO    Aaron Nagao    Penn State    3
  5. SR    Sam Latona    Virginia Tech    4


  1. SR    Real Woods    Iowa    1
  2. SR    Beau Bartlett    Penn State    2
  3. SO    Lachlan McNeil    North Carolina    3
  4. JR    Brock Hardy    Nebraska    4
  5. SO    Jesse Mendez    Ohio State 


  1. JR    Ridge Lovett    Nebraska    1
  2. SO    Shayne Van Ness    Penn State    2
  3. JR    Kyle Parco    Arizona State    3
  4. SO    Caleb Henson    Virginia Tech    4
  5. SO    Chance Lamer    Cal Poly    7


  1.  JR    Keegan O'Toole    Missouri    1
  2. SR    David Carr    Iowa State    2
  3. SR    Cameron Amine    Michigan    3
  4. JR    Dean Hamiti    Wisconsin    4
  5. SO    Michael Caliendo    Iowa    5
  6. SR    Izzak Olejnik    OK State    6


  1. SR    Carter Starocci    Penn State    1
  2. SR    Chris Foca    Cornell    2
  3. SR    Mekhi Lewis    Virginia Tech    3
  4. SR    Shane Griffith    Michigan    4
  5.  SR    Carson Kharchla    Ohio State    7


  1. JR    Parker Keckeisen    UNI    1
  2. SR    Bernie Truax    Penn State    2
  3. JR    Trey Munoz    Oregon State    3
  4. SR    Dustin Plott    OK State    4
  5. JR    Will Feldkamp    Iowa State    5


  1. SR    Aaron Brooks    Penn State    1
  2. SR    Tanner Sloan    SD State    2
  3. JR    Stephen Buchanan    Oklahoma    3
  4. JR    Rocky Elam    Missouri    4
  5. SR    Trent Hidlay    NC State    5


  1. SR    Greg Kerkvliet    Penn State    1
  2. SR    Wyatt Hendrickson    Air Force    2
  3. SR    Lucas Davison    Michigan    4
  4. JR    Cohlton Schultz    Arizona State    5
  5. SR    Zach Elam    Missouri    6

Women's College Wrestling Rankings


  1. Jaslynn Gallegos    SR    North Central
  2. Samara Chavez    JR    King
  3. Sydney Petzinger    JR    North Central
  4. Caitlyn Thorne    JR    Lindenwood
  5. Victoria Seal    SO    Simon Fraser


  1. Cameron Guerin    SR    McKendree
  2. Alexis Janiak    SO    Aurora
  3. Victoria Baez-Dillone    JR    King
  4. Marquesis Haintz    JR    Simon Fraser
  5. Niya Teresita Gaines    JR    North Central


  1. Yele Aycock    JR    North Central
  2. Nanea Estrella    SR    Iowa
  3. Paige Wehrmeister    SO    Presbyterian
  4. Viktorya Torres    SR    McKendree
  5. Claire DiCugno    SO    Colorado Mesa


  1. Marlynne Deede    SR    Iowa
  2. London Houston    JR    North Central
  3. Dalia Garibay    JR    Colorado Mesa
  4. Tiffani Baublitz    JR    King
  5. Blanche "Nina" Makem    JR    Augsburg

Men's College Wrestling Rankings Per Team

1Penn State140.51
5Arizona State587
7NC State52.59
9Virginia Tech48.54
10Iowa State3811
11OK State37.510
12Ohio State31.513
13SD State30.512
19Lock Haven2018
19North Carolina2015
21Oregon State1919
22Air Force1820
24Cal Poly1732
27N. Colorado10.528
29Michigan State9.530
34Little Rock5.555
38Central Michigan4.544
41West Virginia3.537
43ND State2.541
45Utah Valley244
49App State1.541
49Cleveland State1.552
56Franklin & Marshall155
57George Mason0.555

FloWrestling College Wrestling Rankings Are Updated All Season 

FloWrestling updates its wrestling rankings every Monday during the season. See all the rankings, college, high school, recruiting and international on FloWrestling. 

When Is The 2023 NWCA All-Star Classic?

The 2023 NWCA All-Star Classic is 7 p.m. Tuesday, November 21. 

Where Is The 2023 NWCA All-Star Classic?

The event is on the campus of Penn State, the current No. 1-ranked men’s team in college wrestling, according to the FloWrestling rankings. The event will be at the Rec Hall. 

How To Watch The 2023 NWCA All-Star Classic

The 2023 NWCA All-Star Classic will stream live on FloWrestling and the FloSports app.

Match replays, highlights and all breaking news and analysis will be available on both platforms. 

Need Tickets To The 2023 NWCA All-Star Classic?

Tickets are available to purchase for the NWCA All-Star Classic, which returned in 2022 after a four-year hiatus. The event first began in 1967.  

2023 NWCA All-Star Classic Matchups

  • 125: #1 Matt Ramos, Purdue vs #2 Anthony Noto, Lock Haven
  • 133: #4 Sam Latona, Virginia Tech vs #6 Connor McGonagle, Lehigh
  • 141: #3 Lachlan McNeil, North Carolina vs #6 Clay Carlson, South Dakota State
  • 149: #2 Shayne Van Ness, Penn State vs #3 Kyle Parco, Arizona State
  • 157: #1 Levi Haines, Penn State vs #4 Jacori Teemer, Arizona State
  • 165: #4 Dean Hamiti, Wisconsin vs #6 Izzak Olejnik, Oklahoma State
  • 174: #1 Carter Starocci, Penn State vs #3 Mekhi Lewis, Virginia Tech
  • 184: #1 Parker Keckeisen, Northern Iowa vs #2 Bernie Truax, Penn State
  • 197: #1 Aaron Brooks, Penn State vs #2 Tanner Sloan, South Dakota State
  • 285: #1 Greg Kerkvliet, Penn State vs #2 Wyatt Hendrickson, Air Force

When is the 2024 NCAA Wrestling Tournament?

The NCAA Wrestling Championships are March 21- 23 at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Mo.

FloWrestling Archived Footage

Video footage from all events will be archived and stored in a video library for FloWrestling subscribers to watch for the duration of their subscription.

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