Brazel Marquez Accepts Coaching Position At Lehigh

Brazel Marquez Accepts Coaching Position At Lehigh

Brazel Marquez has been hired by the Lehigh Valley Wrestling Club as its new women's wrestling coach.

Nov 7, 2023 by Kyle Klingman

Brazel Marquez is on the move and she says it’s her last and final coaching stop. Marquez accepted the head women’s coaching position at the Lehigh Valley Wrestling Club following a stint with Vanguard University in California.

The Dunbar, California, native was a 2012 WCWA All-American for Menlo and was on the coaching staff for the U17 World Championship team. She also served on the Titan Mercury Wrestling Club youth coaching staff. 

“I'm excited for the opportunity to officially make Pennsylvania my home, lay down some roots, and build a program,” Marquez said in a social media post. “I couldn’t be happier that Division I Lehigh University and Lehigh Valley Wrestling Club RTC will be the place that I will be doing just that. To be able to help push the D1 movement of transitioning this program from club to varsity this coming year is an honor. I look forward to all of the challenges and victories that come along with it.” 

Marquez’s comments indicate that Lehigh is considering adding a women’s wrestling program, which would increase the number of D1 women’s wrestling programs from four to five. Iowa, Lindenwood, Presbyterian, and Sacred Heart are the only programs with that designation.

Division I Tarleton State in Stephensville, Texas, is also considering a women’s program.