2023 Final X - Newark

2023 Final X Match Notes Presented By Tezos

2023 Final X Match Notes Presented By Tezos

FINALLY a live blog X-Treme enough to handle Final X presented by Tezos. All the action from USA Wrestling's most intense day of competition!

Jun 10, 2023 by Andrew Spey
2023 Final X Match Notes Presented By Tezos

FINALLY a live blog X-Treme enough to handle Final X presented by Tezos! A live blog that will describe ALL the action from USA Wrestling's most intense day of competition!!

The only way to watch live is on FloWrestling. A click on the link above will take you to the live stream. And make sure you do that before the following times (Eastern) so you don't miss any of the action. 

12:30 pm - True Third National Team Wrestle-offs

2:00 pm - Round 1 all styles

6:00 pm- Round 2 & 3 all styles

But if, for whatever traffic reason, you are unable to watch live (family emergency, work emergency, attacked by killer bees, etc), fret not, as every match will be described for posterity and historical record in the live blog below. Also, you can just watch the archives. 

Craving more Final X content? Well good news, we've heaps of it, all available here!

AND if it's before 2:00 pm, you can still play the Final X Pick 'Em Contest, and win the greatest prize of them all, respect and admiration from your peers in the wrestling community. 

Oh baby, now we're cooking. 

Here's a picture from our friends at the Prudential Center of the mats about 2 hours from show time. 

Not bad. 

Here is your regularly scheduled reminder that all results can also be found inside FloArena


We're going in strict chronological order, as the matches are going in weight class order. You can check out the matchups here if you haven't memorized them yet. 

57 kg: Thomas Gilman vs Zane Richards

World champ and Olympic medalist Thomas Gilman gets the first point via step out over the US Open champ Zane Richards. Another step out for Gilman to make it 2-0. Richards in on a shot but time expires in the period. 2nd period, go behind for Richards off a Gilman shot and that gives Richards the lead via criteria, score at 2-2. Single leg by Gilman he regains the lead, 3-2. Shot by Richards, defended by Gilman. 30 seconds to go. Nasty throw by for Richards and he covers to take the lead 4-3. Up to their feet with 18 seconds to go. Gilman can't get through Richards ties. And Richards takes match one 4-3!

57 Zane Richards (Illinois IRTC)/Titan Mercury WC) VPO1 Thomas Gilman (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC), 4-3

50 kg: Sarah Hildebrandt vs Audrey Jimenez

World and Olympic medalist Sarah Hildebrandt fends off a leg attack by the teenage phenom from Arizona, Audrey Jimenez, and action is stalemated. Hildebrandt ankle pick to answer and collect two. Very slick. Two more make its 4-0 Hildebrandt at the break. Hildebrandt starting to pull away. Scores two more takedowns to make it 8-0, 90 seconds left in the match. That's how the match ends, Hildebrandt dominates to take match 1. 

50 Sarah Hildebrandt (USOPTC / New York Athletic Club (NYAC)) VPO Audrey Jimenez (Sunkist Kids WC), 8-0

55 kg: Brady Koontz vs Dalton Duffield

Duffield gets the first point on passivity, then a huge lift, back arch and throw for five. Then another turn and it's 8-0. Duffield will get the tech unless Koontz' challenge wins. Challenge lost, and Duffield wins the first bout with authority!

55 Dalton Duffield (Army WCAP) VSU Brady Koontz (Dubuque WC/Titan Mercury WC), 8-0 2:02

61 kg: Vito Arujau vs Nahshon Garrett

Big round of applause for Long Island native Vito Arujau. Two Cornell national champs facing off here. Single leg for Garrett and he converts as they go out of bounds to lead 2-0 early. Attacks from both wrestlers, Vito reshot, in on Garrett's legs, and a cartwheel finish gives Arujau the lead 4-0 right before the period ends. Lots of oohs and ahhs from the crowd on that one. Second period, single leg from Arujau, clean finish for a 6-2 lead. We pause for blood time, looks like Garrett's nose sprung a leak. And on the bridge of the nose too. Ouch. Back to neutral, action is stalemated, one minute to go. Garrett on the attack. Garrett gets one on the step out. Short time. Takedown Garrett. Under ten seconds. No turn for Garrett. Got dicey at the end for him but Vito's big moves were enough and he takes round 1 6-5!

61 Vitali Arujau (Spartan Combat RTC/TItan Mercury WC) VPO1 Nahshon Garrett (Lehigh Valley WC/ Titan Mercury WC), 6-5

53 kg: Dominique Parrish vs Katie Gomez

2022 world champ Parrish counters a shot from 19-year-old Gomez to score the first takedown and leads 2-0. Parrish counters another shot from Gomez and Dom pancakes her opponent flat on the mat. And there's the fall! Win via pin for Parrish in round one!

53 Dominique Parrish (Sunkist Kids WC) VFA Katie Gomez (Sunkist Kids WC), 6-0 1:54

60 kg: Dalton Roberts vs Ildar Hafizov

Ildar Hfizov, originally from Uzbekistan, having represented both his home country and the USA in the Olympics, taking on familiar foe and teammate Dalton Roberts. Step out for Roberts give him an early 1-0 lead. Passivity point for Roberts makes it 2-0 at the break. Second period, Roberts level change Hafizov catches him and drop chin drops him to the mat. Has Roberts in trouble. And its a infall for Ildar! Hafizov wins round one. 

60 Ildar Hafizov (Army WCAP) VFA Dalton Roberts (Army WCAP), 4-2 4:01

65 kg: Yianni Diakomihalis vs Nick Lee

Big cheer for Yianni, just as there was for his teammate Vito. Naturally, there are a lot of PSU fans here as well, and Lee gets a warm welcome from Newark as well. Lee on a single leg, Yianni sits the corner and lifts Lee through with a crotch lock and the 2-0 leads. But the refs want a conference. And they agree Lee scored first, tipped Yianni back just enough for the first score, then the counter from Yianni so it's 2-2, Yianni leads by criteria. Passivity warning for Yianni. Lee on a single leg, he's deep, whizzer for Yianni, and the period ends in the midst of the scramble. We go to the break. 

Second period under way. Arm drag for Yianni, chasing a leg, gets a step out for a 3-2 lead. Yianni tries a slide by, Lee drops to a leg, and he finishes to regain the lead 4-3. Almost two minutes remaining. Shot by Yianni stopped by a sprawl from Lee. Both wrestlers shooting, Yianni grounds the action as he goes out of bounds and Yianni is hit with fleeing. They restart in par terre and a 5-3 lead for Lee. Trap arm, and Yianni goes over to make it 7-3, but Yianni reverses to make it 7-4. Takedown for Yianni makes it 7-6 as he goes for a gut wrench. Almost gets stepped over but Yianni regains control. Back to neutral, just 11 seconds to go, 1 point lead for Lee. And that's how it ends! Big win for Nick Lee over the reigning 65kg world silver medalist! 

65 Nick Lee (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC) VPO1 Yianni Diakomihalis (Spartan Combat RTC/TItan Mercury WC), 7-6

55 kg: Alisha Howk vs Jacarra Winchester

2019 World champ Winchester starts off strong with a throw by for two plus two more on the mat to leads 4-0 over Howk. Another two and two makes it 8-0. And Winchester ends it early with a 10-0 tech fall! 

55 Jacarra Winchester (USOPTC/Titan Mercury WC) VSU Alisha Howk (Sunkist Kids WC), 10-0 1:53

63 kg: Hayden Tuma vs Xavier Johnson

Johnson with a body lock and he goes big in the first, nice throw for four to take the early lead. Tuma battles back to get one but Johnson answers with two more and its 6-1 at the break. Johnson with a go behind and gut wrench in the second and that's all she wrote! Johnson ends match 1 early with a 10-1 tech fall!

63 Xavier Johnson (Army WCAP) VSU1 Hayden Tuma (Suples Wrestling Club/New York AC), 10-1 3:48

70 kg: Zain Retherford vs Tyler Berger

Berger shoots immediately on the whistle, finishes the double leg and goes up 2-0 on the two-time Hodge Trophy winner Zain Retherford. Retherford answers with a single leg that he finishes at the edge for two of his own. Down block go behind makes it 4-2 for Retherford and that's the score as we go to the break. In the second, Retherford pressures, Berger tries a whizzer kick, Retherford drops down to a leg and converts for a 6-2 lead. Berger attacking but Retherford's counters are too much and he collects another takedown and step out to lead 9-2 with just 30 seconds remaining. Double leg from Retherford. Berger chest wraps, tries to take Retherford over. They go to the mat. 2 offered but 4 is confirmed for Zain. Berger challenges, as if its not 2 than he'll lose. And its a good challenge as Zain broke his grip so just 2 for Retherford, not a complete action to take Berger feet to back. So just 11-2 and action resumes. Berger shoots off the whistle again and foreheads collide. Big wound opens up on Retherford's forehead. Didn't look intentional on the replay but Zain is still naturally not pleased with it. Final 16 seconds is a little chippy but we get to the finish line, Retherford wins big, 11-2. 

70 Zain Retherford (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC) VPO1 Tyler Berger (Pennsylvania RTC/Sunkist Kids WC), 11-2

59 kg: Michaela Beck vs Jennifer Page

Page strikes first, stepping in deep for a back trip as she scoops a leg to finish for two. Page drives Beck out of bounds in the next sequence for a 3-0 lead. A go behind followed by several tough gut wrenches will finish the match for Page. 11-0 dominant win in round 1!

59 Jennifer Page (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC) VSU Michaela Beck (Sunkist Kids WC), 11-0 2:22

67 kg: Robert Perez III vs Alejandro Sancho

First point of the match is a passivity point for Perez but he can't score on Sancho in par terre so they go back. In the second period its Sanco that gets a chance to wrestle on top in par terre, and he makes the most of it with a high chest lock that he uses to take Perez over and secure a 3-1 lead late in the match. Perez gets one more but Sancho will take it 3-2. 

67 Alejandro Sancho (Army WCAP) VPO1 Robert Perez iii (Sunkist Kids WC), 3-2

74 kg: Kyle Dake vs Jason Nolf

Four-time NCAA champ Kyle Dake taking on three-time NCAA champ Jason Nolf. Tactical start to the first, Nolf goes on the clock. Gives up the point. Dake level changes, has a double, goes out of bounds, 2 offered, 1 confirmed by the judges. 2-0 at the break. Second period, shots from Nolf. Passivity for Dake but just a warning and not much more than a minute remaining. Nolf in deep, but Dake gets tough, stops him in his tracks and then crunches down for a lead hips go behind, then adds a trap arm gut wrench turn for a 6-0 lead. That'll be more than enough points for Dake, the reigning world champ takes round 1 in a shut out. 

74 Kyle Dake (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WCb) VPO Jason Nolf (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC), 6-0

62 kg: Kayla Miracle vs Adaugo Nwachukwu

Nwachukwu gets the first step out thanks to a strong under hook on the two-time world silver medalist Miracle. Now Miracle on the attack, hets rear standing on Nwachkwu, drives her out of bounds, one plus one for fleeing. Second period, go behind takedown then trap arm gut for two more and a 6-1 lead for Miracle. That's how the match ends and its a first round win for Miracle!

62 Kayla Miracle (Sunkist Kids WC) VPO1 Adaugo Nwachukwu (Titan Mercury WC), 6-1

72 kg: Justus Scott vs Patrick Smith

A pair of step outs gives Sith a 2-0 lead in the first. Another step out and Smith leads 3-0. Second period. Scott answers with an arm spin. 4 offered but 2 confirmed. Now another point for Scott and he'll hold criteria. And he'll also hold the win as time expires and Scott takes round 1!

72 Justus Scott (Army WCAP) VPO1 Patrick Smith (Minnesota Storm), 3-3

79 kg: Jordan Burroughs vs Chance Marsteller

Massive applause for Burroughs, unsurprising as this is his first match in New Jersey in 15 years (since his college days). Marsteller gets the first points, through, grabbing holds of a single and finishing on JB for two. Passivity warning for Marsteller with 27 on the clock, still 2-0 in Chance's favor as he needs blood time. Burroughs attacking but Marsteller defences hold and we go to the break, still 2-0 for Chance. 

Second period, starting to get a little chippy. Now JB needs blood time. Back to action, most of the period remains. More blood time. Chance's nose is plugged, the bridge of JB's is bandaged. We're back to action. Marsteller refusing to budge on Burroughs attacks. But now Jordan fins and opening and is in deep with a double. He finishes clean for two and the lead via criteria. Marsteller scrambles while in par terre, looking for a chest wrap. Stalemated. Marsteller on a single leg, he picks it off the ground and drives Burroughs out of bounds. One offered, and confirmed, although one judge wanted two. Under a minute, Marsteller with the 3-2 lead. 30 seconds. 10 seconds. Marsteller's defense holds and he'll take round 1! Or does he? Challenge brick from Burroughs' corner. Not sure what for but at the end of close matches you often see these challenges. And its for a singlet pull. I saw nothing but on the replay they may have evidence for it. And the challenge is won, Marsteller has a handful of singlet as Burroughs was attacking. Time does not go on the clock and Burroughs gets the dub. A call not without controversy, even in Burroughs' home state. A tough call to swallow for Marsteller and his coaches from the NYC RTC. Hard to deny the singlet pull happened, also tough to make the call. Glad I'm not the one who has to make the call. 

79 Jordan Burroughs (Pennslyvania RTC/Sunkist Kids WC) VPO1 Chance Marsteller (New York City RTC/Titan Mercury WC), 3-3

65 kg: Mallory Velte vs Macey Kilty

Kilty goes on the clock first and concedes the first point to Velte. Second period, Velte attacking, runs Kilty out of bounds to make it 2-0. Now Kilty on the attack, double, splits the legs, and Velte is on her back. Kilty tightening up her hold. Close to a fall, and there it is! Kilty with the come from behind pinfall to take round 1!

65 Macey Kilty (Sunkist Kids WC) VFA Mallory Velte (Beaver Dam RTC/Titan Mercury WC), 2-2 5:50

77 kg: Kamal Bey vs Aliaksandr Kikiniou

Multiple time world teamer Kamal Bey takes Kikinou down first, a 43 year old transfer from Belarus. Another takedown for Bey in the second makes it 4-0. Kikiniou goes for a double overs suplex but Bey counters and it's ruled four for him. And Bey will win 8-0, though Kikiniou challenges. Challenge lost and Bey takes it 9-0! 

77 Kamal Bey (Army WCAP) VSU Aliaksandr Kikiniou (New York AC), 9-0 3:46

86 kg: David Taylor vs Aaron Brooks

Collar ties and not much else for the first minute of the battle between two Nittany Lions. Brooks goes on the clock and concedes the first point to Taylor. Still 1-0 going into the second. Smooth shot from Taylor but hellacious scramble from Brooks and we're back to neutral. Very fun scramble despite the lack of scoring. Taylor holding center so Brooks goes on the clock again. Taylor on a shot, Brooks steps over, Taylor stays on the leg, drives forward and collects the two.cDT has Brooks' legs split an flips Brooks for a quick turn and two more. Brooks can't get thru Taylor's defenses and he'll take round 1 convincingly 6-0!

86 David Taylor (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC) VPO Aaron Brooks (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC), 6-0

68 kg: Forrest Molinari vs Emma Bruntil

Bruntil hit with passivity and goes on the clock in the first. No scores so Molinari takes the first point. 1-0 lead for Forrest going into the second. Step out for Molinari makes it 2-0. Into the second, Bruntil answer with a takedown and a couple of turns and now she leads 6-2 with just 30 seconds left in the period. One more for Molinari but it's not enough, Bruntil with the big first round victory!

68 Emma Bruntil (USOPTC / Titan Mercury WC) VPO1 Forrest Molinari (Sunkist Kids WC), 6-3

82 kg: Spencer Woods vs Ryan Epps

Epps gets put down in par terre first. Woods lifts but Epps counters and it's 2-1 Epps. But it's challenged and instead a leg foul is called on Epps, so Woods leads 3-0. Woods goes down in the second so point for Epps but still a 3-1 lead for Woods. Epps battles back to tie the score but the leg foul proved very costly as that gives criteria to Woods and he'll take round 1!

82 Spencer Woods (Army WCAP) VPO1 Ryan Epps (Army WCAP), 3-3

92 kg: Michael Macchiavello vs Zahid Valencia

Zahid wasting no time, scoring a takedown and a turn, followed up by a go behind to make it 5-0 early in the first. Zahid in on another leg and head wheels Macchiavello over for another two points. 7-0 lead for Valencia going into the second. Valencia continues to attack in the second period. Has Macchiavello's legs, goes out the back door, Macchiavello head scissors and it costs him a point. 8-0 for Valencia. Down in par terre for the restart. No scores, to neutral. Macch trying for the go behind but he runs out of time and Zahid Valencia wins round 1 by the score of 8-0. 

92 Zahid Valencia (Sunkist Kids WC) VPO Michael Macchiavello (Wolfpack WC)/Titan Mercury WC), 8-0

72 kg: Amit Elor vs Joye Levendusky

Amit Elor showing why she's the defending world champ with two takedowns and an early 4-0 lead. More takedowns and turns and then one final takedown makes it 10-0 and Amit Elor wins with a clean sheet in round 1. 

72 Amit Elor (New York City RTC/Titan Mercury WC) VSU Joye Levendusky (Southern Oregon RTC), 10-0 2:46

87 kg: Alan Vera vs Zachary Braunagel

Vera makes its a quick one over Braunagel thanks to a pair of leg fouls by Braunagel and some crazy good par terre offense by Vera to win 11-0 (although I think they could have stopped it before it got to 11? If there weren't 3 matches going on I might've had time to rewind and tell you). 

87 Alan Vera (New York AC) VSU Zachary Braunagel (Illinois RTC/Illinois WC), 11-0 2:01

97 kg: Kyle Snyder vs J’den Cox

Cox weighed in this morning but needed crutches to move around so looks like Snyder gets the win by forfeit, unfortunately. 

97 Kyle Snyder (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC) NC J'den Cox  (Cliff Keen WC/Titan Mercury WC), 0-0

76 kg: Kennedy Blades vs Adeline Gray

Blades with the low single leg that she converts for the quick takedown to go up 2-0 over the six-time world champ and Olympic medalist Adeline Gray (also a recent mom of twin babies). Blades drives Gray into the judge's table and gets another point to make it 3-0. That's the score at the break. Second period. Gray penalized for grabbing fingers so another point for Blades. One more step out and its 5-0 Blades. Gray pressuring in, changes levels, peaks out to go behind for two, her first points of the match. Gray attacks again, looking for a go behind, she'll get it and trails by a point. Gray had an arm bar but whistled dead and they go to their feet. Blades takes injury time. Back in action, snap from Blades. Stalemate. Short time. Less than ten, Gray attacks, needs to spin behind, and does it just as time expires! Blades challenges. And video confirms it by the narrowest of margins. Wow what a finish@ Adeline Gray with the come from behind victory in round 1!

76 Adeline Gray (New York AC) / Beaver Dam RTC) VPO1 Kennedy Blades IL (Sunkist Kids WC), 7-5

97 kg: Josef Rau vs Christian Dulaney

Passivity point for Rau, who then gets a gut wrench to turn Dulaney for a 3-0 lead, but Dulaney reverses Rau after that exchange to make it 3-1. Same score at the break. Rau gives up a passivity point but Dulaney can't score in par terre. 3-2 in short time. And that's how it ends. Rau wins round 1. 

97 Josef Rau (Wildcat WC/Titan Mercury WC) VPO1 Christian Dulaney (Minnesota Storm), 3-2

125 kg: Gable Steveson vs Mason Parris

Steveson and Parris go back and forth on the boundary but eventually the Tokyo Olympic gold medalist gets the step out. A takedown give Steveson a 3-0 lead over the 2023 Hodge Trophy winner. We go to the break, same score. Gable gets aggressive in the second, working off a front head lock and Parris counters but lowering his level and getting a takedown on Steveson. Parris looking for an opening in neutral but Steveson is too quick, grabs a single and trips Parris down for two to make it 5-2. Under 90 seconds to go on the restart. Steveson too quick on another counter and he'll add one more point with a step out just before time runs out. Make it official, ,6-2 victory for Gable Steveson over the most dominant college wrestling of the 2022-23 season. 

125 Gable Steveson (Gopher WC) VPO1 Mason Parris (Cliff Keen WC/Titan Mercury WC), 6-2

130 kg: Cohlton Schultz vs Adam Coon

Step out for Schultz gives him the first point of the match. Adam Coon then gives up a passivity point to make it 2-0. Another point in the second period for Schultz and its 3-0. And that's how it'll end, Schultz takes round one to close out the session here at the Prudential Center!

130 Cohlton Schultz (Sunkist Kids WC) VPO Adam Coon (Cliff Keen WC), 3-0


Who's making the world team after winning two straight? A bunch of wrestlers I bet. Let's find out who together!

57 kg: Thomas Gilman vs Zane Richards

Arm spin for Richards, hits the mat with no points but second effort gets him the takedown. Gilman answers with a single leg that he methodically converts for two. We go to the break. Gilman leads on criteria, now out-right 3-2 with a step out. Richards answers with an elbow post single that he finishes extra clean. 4-3 Richards leads. Gilman gets another step out but trails via criteria. Gilman again drives Richards out of bounds and this time Richards hit with a caution and one as well. So Gilman leads 6-4. Gilman in on a shot but Richards counters with by dumping Gilman to his back and that's a four pointer. Huge move. Richards locks up a leg lace but can't Gilman to turn, though he chews up a lot of clock. 20 seconds left, Gilman can't make anything happen and it's an 8-6 victory for Zane Richards. On to Serbia for Richards and the Illini RTC! Big upset over a returning world medalist!

Richards dances the Lezginka to celebrate. Our Caucasus Mountain friends will have to rate his moves for us but that looked pretty nice to me. 

57 Zane Richards (Illinois RTC) / Titan Mercury WC) VPO1 Thomas Gilman (Nittany Lion WC / Titan Mercury WC), 8-6

50 kg: Sarah Hildebrandt vs Audrey Jimenez

Hildebrandt takes the lead with a activity clock point and a takedown. Another takedown before the break and Jimenez is in a 5 point hole. Second period, Hildebrandt is smothering, Jimenez unable to hold her ground or stop Sarah from hitting go behinds. 7-0, then 9-0. Make it 11-0 and Sarah Hildebrandt is back on another world team! 

50 Sarah Hildebrandt (USOPTC/New York AC) VSU Audrey Jimenez (Sunkist Kids WC), 11-0 5:01

55 kg: Brady Koontz vs Dalton Duffield

Koontz with a point for passivity on Duffield followed by a turn in par terre and Duffield goes down 3 early. One point for Duffield for passivity. A lift but no points for Duffield. Leg foul challenge is lost. And Koontz holds on to win 4-1! We'll get a round 3!

55 Brady Koontz (Dubuque WC/Titan Mercury WC) VPO1 Dalton Duffield (Army WCAP), 4-1

61 kg: Vito Arujau vs Nahshon Garrett

Vito goes off on Garrett right off the whsitle, picks Garrett up and goes suplex city for a massive four. The Crowd goes wild. Garrett regains his composure immediately and drives Garrett out of bounds and it's 4-1. Now Garrett needs blood time. Garrett answers right back with a takedown and two quick guts to go up 7-4. Or does he? Arujau's corner said it was just one turn. Call on the mat stands, Garrett gets another point and its 8-4. Second period, and it starts just as fast and furious as the first period. I don't know how many Fast and Furious sequels they are up to (ten?) but another sequel to this series may be in the works if Garrett can hold on to this lead. Caution and 1 for fleeing on Garrett is white paddled so still 8-4 but Garrett has officially been warned. Garrett has been keeping his legs away from Vito but not this time. Takedown, then a lift and a flying gut wrench for four. Arujau leads 10-8 now, though Garrett's corner challenges saying it was just two. Pivotal moment here. Challenge lost, 11-8 lead for Vito. one minute to go. More blood time. I think I saw a bandage go flying last exchange. Back to action, 30 seconds to go. Garrett has a front headlock, he's looking for a mixer. Does he get it? 2 and 2 offered. And that's how it finishes. Oh my. 13-10 Vito Arujau defeats his fellow Cornell alum. Incredible series. We only get two but sign me up for the next meeting between these two. 

Standing ovation for Arujau. Actually its for both of them. Tremendous energy in the Prudential Center right now. Maybe it's just the Monster Energy drink talking right now but that ruled. 

61 Vitali Arujau (Spartan Combat RTC/TItan Mercury WC) VPO1 Nahshon Garrett (Lehigh Valley WC/Titan Mercury WC), 13-10

53 kg: Dominique Parrish vs Katie Gomez

Parrish cutting through Gomez's defenses and she leads 4-0 after two clean takedowns. Second period under way, a step out for Dom makes it 5-0. Gomez on the counter attack but Parrish's defense too strong. Short time. And Parrish will get to defend her world gold medal in Serbia! Dom Parrish wins another dominant match, 5-0 in round 2!

53 Dominique Parrish (Sunkist Kids WC) VPO Katie Gomez (Sunkist Kids WC), 5-0

60 kg: Dalton Roberts vs Ildar Hafizov

Roberts goes ham in the first minute, bundles up Hafizov and takes him backwards over his head for four. Another turn makes it 6-0. Now Hafizov wants a challenge. Challenge lost so it's 7-0 Roberts. Two more for Roberts and these familiar foes will go at it a third time today! Roberts wins 9-0. 

60 Dalton Roberts (Army WCAP) VSU Ildar Hafizov (Army WCAP), 9-0 2:32

65 kg: Yianni Diakomihalis vs Nick Lee

Yianni shoots in, Lee defends, Lee hooks a leg, Yianni tries to counter throw, Yianno to his back, they rule just a two, as Yianni brought himself to par terre so Lee's move only started in par terre. Yianni answers with a takedown to make it 2-2. He leads by criteria but there's a lot of wrestling left. Second period. Yianni shoots, head pinch roll through counter for Lee, Yianni bounces back and exposes Lee briefly for two of his own and it's 4-4 in this see-saw bout. Shot by Yianni and after a long scramble it's 6-4 Yianni. Lee on a shot, Yianni sits the corner and comes out behind but Lee still has a leg. Leg is freed and Yianni leads 8-4. Less than a minute left. Yianni on a leg and Lee with a quick chest wrap tilt counter to pull within 2. It's 8-6, all two point moves. Lee can take the lead with another 2 pointer. Less than 20 seconds. Yianni on a leg, Lee through the crotch, he takes them over. No exposure called. Still 8-6, still in a scrmable. Clock runs out. Challenge brick comes out. They'll review. If it's two Lee wins. And the challenge is won. And that's it, Nick Lee takes two from the reigning world silver medalist! Now he'll go to Serbia with at least two other NLWC team members. 

65 Nick Lee (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC) VPO1 Yianni Diakomihalis (Spartan Combat RTC/TItan Mercury WC), 8-8

55 kg: Alisha Howk vs Jacarra Winchester

Winchester races out to a two point takedown. More takedowns and then a gut and just like that it's a 8-0 lead for Winchester. A step out and then a take down and Winchester completes the tech fall. 11-0 and Jacarra Winchester makes another world team!

55 Jacarra Winchester (USOPTC/Titan Mercury WC) VSU Alisha Howk (Sunkist Kids WC), 11-0 3:00

63 kg: Hayden Tuma vs Xavier Johnson

Tuma gets hit for passivity in the first. Johnson with a big left and throw for four. And another for the 9-0 tech fall! Tuma challenges but loses and it's a 10-0 official win for Johnson, who makes the world team!

63 Xavier Johnson (Army WCAP) VSU Hayden Tuma (Suples WC/New York AC), 10-0 2:10

70 kg: Zain Retherford vs Tyler Berger

Rethford changes levels, gets a leg, drives Berger out of bounds for one. Berger wants the challenge brick though. It's reviewed and Retherford goes out first on the review so flip the scores, Berger leads by 1. He scored first the first match as well. Berger scores the next two points though, as he gets a single leg and finishes for a takedown. He leads 3-0. We pause with 1:14 on the clock as the gash over Retherford's right eye starts leaking again. Berger on the attack on the restart but a punishing three quarter nelson keeps him at bay. Retherford manages a step out on the next exchange and its 3-1 as time expires in the first period. 

Second period, Berger in on another shot, Zain grabs far ankles, the hit the mat on their hips. No exposures, stalemate. 90 seconds left, still 3-1 Berger. Berger hit with passivity and will go on the clock. Berger needs injury time for an eye poke and a restless crowd does not like it. Back to action. Retherford shoots, grabs legs and fights through to finish for two, plus the activity clock keeps ticking. 4-3 now Zain leads with 49 seconds to go. Down to the final 20. Berger trying to force action, Retherford holding center. And Berger runs out of time. Retherford with a very hard fought 4-3 victory. Two matches to none and Rethford is going to Serbia looking for world medal number two!

70 Zain Retherford (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC) VPO1 Tyler Berger (Pennsylvania RTC / Sunkist Kids WC), 4-3

59 kg: Michaela Beck vs Jennifer Page

Page rampaged in round 1, she's off to a similar start in round 2, up 6-0 after a takedown and at least one turn. Two more for Page and she's close to another tech. Second period underway and it's 8-0. A step out and a takedown and Jen Page makes her first world team by way of an 11-0 tech fall!

59 Jennifer Page (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC) VSU Michaela Beck (Sunkist Kids WC), 11-0 4:08

67 kg: Robert Perez III vs Alejandro Sancho

Two and two for Sancho as he takes a 4-0 leads over Perez to the break. In the second period Perez gives up the passivity point and Sancho gets another point and a chance to work on top in par terre. No score on the mat so back to neutral. 90 seconds to go, still 5-0 Sancho. Perez picks up a point but it's Sancho all the way as he wins 5-1 and makes the world team!

67 Alejandro Sancho (Army WCAP) VPO1 Robert Perez iii (Sunkist Kids WC), 5-1

74 kg: Kyle Dake vs Jason Nolf

First point for Dake, then another two and he leads 3-0. Activity clock and an ankle pick. Not a lot of scrambles and we go to the break with Dake leading 3-0. Dake warned for passivity but just a warning. 90 seconds left in the match. Nolf can't get anything going. Dake's defense is rock solid. And it's a 3-0 shut out, we've seen a lot of those from Dake over the years. Kyle Dake will defend is world championship gold medal in Serbia!

74 Kyle Dake (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC) VPO Jason Nolf (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC), 3-0

62 kg: Kayla Miracle vs Adaugo Nwachukwu

Nwachukwu gets the first point on a step out but Miracle scores the first takeown and gets a leg lace secured. Nwacukwu rolls over two more and leads 6-1. Miracle opens things up and runs the score up to 10-1 but Nwachukwu doesn't quit. She gets a late takedown but that's all she'll get. 10-3 and Kayla Miracle is going back to the world championships!

62 Kayla Miracle (Sunkist Kids WC) VPO1 Adaugo Nwachukwu (Titan Mercury WC), 10-3

72 kg: Justus Scott vs Patrick Smith

Smith strikes first, down blocking Scott and jumping around for two. The lead is 5-0 late in the third, though could be more If Scott hadn't won a challenge while Smith was gutting him to both sides. Now Smith goes down in par terre as Scott picks up a point. Scott gets a turn to make it 5-3. One minute to go, Smith leads by 2, we're in neutral. 

72 Patrick Smith (Minnesota Storm) VPO1 Justus Scott (Army WCAP), 5-4

79 kg: Jordan Burroughs vs Chance Marsteller

Marsteller pressuring in, Burroughs drops to a single, limp arms though a whizzer and scores two near the boundary. Marsteller down on a single and he lifts and runs Burroughs out of bounds, covering at the edge and getting the two for continuation. Marsteller will take the lead via criteria as we hit the halfway mark, 2-2. Second period underway, Marsteller drops down on a single, horseshoe finish and that's a clean two for Matsteller, he leads 4-2 now. Burroughs answers with a single leg and he drives Marsteller out of bounds to narrow the lead to one for Chance. Burroughs on the attack but Marsteller needs injury time. It's still 4-3 with over a minute to go. Action resumes but not for long and Chance singles for more time. Hope he is okay to continue, he is and its a 1 point lead with 50 seconds to go now. Burroughs furious with his offense but Chance equally stout in his defense. Marsteller warned for fleeing and gets the caution and one. 4-4 but favors Marsteller by criteria. 20 on the restart. Burroughs as a leg, very close to a takedown but Marsteller houdini's out of danger. They end the mat in par terre and Marsteller takes it 4-4! There's a YOLO brick but it fails. Chance wins round two and for the second straight year we'll get a round 3 between Chance and Jordan at Final X!

79 Chance Marsteller (New York City RTC/Titan Mercury WC) VPO1 Jordan Burroughs (Pennslyvania RTC/Sunkist Kids WC), 5-4

65 kg: Mallory Velte vs Macey Kilty

Single leg for Velte and she scores first by driving Kilty out of bounds for one. Make that two for Velte know. Kilty answers back with a takedown of her own. And it's 2-2 with Kilty in the lead at the break. In the second Velte regains the lead 4-2. Kilty comes storming back, with under a minute to go she gets a takedown to lead on criteria. It's now 4-4, plus a turn and it's 6-4 with 20 seconds to go. Kilty warned for fleeing and gives up a point but Velte can't make up the difference. Kilty takes it to win 6-5! She makes her first senior level world team!

65 Macey Kilty (Sunkist Kids WC) VPO1 Mallory Velte (Beaver Dam RTC/Titan Mercury WC), 6-5

77 kg: Kamal Bey vs Aliaksandr Kikiniou

Passivity point and a turn for Bey to take a 3-0 lead for Bey. Kikiniou gets a passivity point but can't score with it. Bey back on top (but no more passivity points) though he does get a turn and it's 5-1 with less than a minute to go. Kamal Bey holds off the ageless Kikiniou and makes another world team. Kamal Bey will look for his first (but long overdue imo) senior world medal in Serbia!

77 Kamal Bey (Army WCAP) VPO1 Aliaksandr Kikiniou (New York AC), 5-1

86 kg: David Taylor vs Aaron Brooks

Taylor in on a shot early, defended by Brooks. Brooks picks up two passivity calls so he'll go on the clock, but Brooks shoots in and converts in under 10 seconds so erase the timer and put 2 on the board for Aaron. Taylor returns fire with another low leg attack but this time he finishes and it's 2-2. Taylor takes his slim lead via criteria to the break. 

Second period, shot by Taylor but Brooks sprawls and action is grounded out of bounds. Shot by Brooks, DT sits the corner, locks around he crotch and tries to take Brooks over. First attempt white paddled, second time it was close but Taylor gets two more. Brooks' corner challenges. Challenge lost and Taylor leads 5-2. 30 seconds left, still 3 point lead for DT. Brooks lowers his level, head in the belt buckle he takes Taylor down. Taylor had to belly out to keep it at two. It's 5-4, short time. Brooks attacking. Sprawl by Taylor and that's all she wrote. David Taylor wins bout number two and sweeps the series. The Magic Man will seek another world championship!

86 David Taylor (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC) VPO1 Aaron Brooks (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC), 5-4

68 kg: Forrest Molinari vs Emma Bruntil

Bruntil gets her second passivity after a scoreless 90 so she'll go on the clock. Passivity clock point for Molinari but Bruntil answers with a takedown on the edge for a 2-1 lead. Second period and Molinari regains the lead with two more points to make it 3-2. This is a bruising back and forth match. Bruntil tries to muscle through a whizzer from Molinari but its stalemated. 40 seconds left. Bruntil battling but Molinari holds her off and we'll take round 2. We'll get round 3 in this punishing series!

68 Forrest Molinari (Sunkist Kids WC) VPO1 Emma Bruntil WA (USOPTC/Titan Mercury WC), 3-2

82 kg: Spencer Woods vs Ryan Epps

Two on the takedown for Epps but it'll be challenged, Woods wanted a slip.Woods loses the challenge so it's a 3-0 lead for Epps. Make that 5-0 as Epps gets another takedown off a Woods attack. A couple turns later and Epps is forcing round 3! 9-0 victory and Epps has the momentum going into the rubber match. 

82 Ryan Epps MN (Army WCAP) VFA Spencer Woods CO (Army WCAP), 9-0 2:58

92 kg: Michael Macchiavello vs Zahid Valencia

Double leg for Valenia and he takes Macchivavello to his back for a four-pointer in the first. Go behind for Zahid and he runs Macch out of bounds. Macch falls to the mat and they call it a takedown plus a caution and one for fleeing. When your opponent has rear standing and you go out of bounds that's usually the call. 7-0 for Zahid. Lightening reattck by Velencia and he gets two more for a 9-0 leads deep int he second period. Macchiavello gets a takedown late in the third but its too little too late and Zahid makes his first senior world team at 92 kilos!

92 Zahid Valencia (Sunkist Kids WC) VPO1 Michael Macchiavello (Wolfpack WC/Titan Mercury WC), 9-2

72 kg: Amit Elor vs Joye Levendusky

Snap down go-behind (Elor is good at this) and it's 2-0 for Amit. A step out and another takedown makes it 5-0 for Elor at the break. Second period and more of the same, a step out then a takedown and Elor has an 8-0 lead. Levendusky never baks down, taking shots, but Elor sprawls and stops any offense Levendusky tries to create. Makes it a clean 10-0 tech for Amit Elor and the world champ is going back to Serbia to defend her medal!

72 Amit Elor (New York City RTC/Titan Mercury WC) VSU Joye Levendusky (Southern Oregon RTC), 10-0 4:55

87 kg: Alan Vera vs Zachary Braunagel

Double unders for Vera and he walks Braunagel out of bounds. One plus caution and one and its 2-0 for Vera. Passivity point and then a gut wrench in par terre gives Vera a commanding 5-0 lead at the halfway mark. Braungel fires back in the second period, walking Vera out of bounds with an underhook to get a step out plus caution and one. 5-2, Vera leads with 2 minutes to go. Braunagel keeps pushing the pace and he's tied it up 5-5, though Vera leads by criteria. And Vera needs injury time. Vera has two cautions though. And Braunagel marches him out of bounds to win via disqualification. 6-5 but its the cautions that did it, as Vera collapses to the mat. 

87 Zachary Braunagel (Illinois RTC/Illiniois WC) VCA Alan Vera (New York AC), 6-5

97kg: Kyle Snyder vs J’den Cox

The second forfeit makes it official. Very much bummed for J'den and hope he bounces back but psyched that Captain America will make another world team and have an opportunity to add to his already legendary medal collection. 

97 Kyle Snyder (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC) NC J'den Cox (Cliff Keen WC/Titan Mercury WC), 0-0

76 kg: Kennedy Blades vs Adeline Gray

Early low level shot by Blades and she sends Gray to the mat for a takedown. A couple more shots from Blades but they're stuffed by Gray and it's still 2-0 after 90 seconds of wrestling. Another low level shot is stalemated by Gray. Reattack by Gray drives Blades to the edge. She'll give up a caution and one and go down in par terre. No more scores so back to neutral. Another low shot by Blades, who runs Gray out of bounds for one. Blades needs injury time though, as she hit the ground hard on that sequence. We go to the break, Blades leading 3-1. 

Second period underway, more shots from Blades. First attempt grounded, second attempt is a takedown and a 5-1 lead. Gray went down early in round 1 before rallying, let's see what plays out after a similar four minutes in round 2. A craft counter from Gray and just like that she makes it 5-3. Gray slips in arm bar, get's another turn, readjusts, and now Blades is on her back and in trouble. Gray tightens up her hold, and that's a fall for Adeline! Gray will go for her seventh gold in Serbia!

76 Adeline Gray (New York AC)/Beaver Dam RTC) VFA Kennedy Blades (Sunkist Kids WC), 5-5 4:38

97 kg: Josef Rau vs Christian Dulaney

Snap down for Rau followed by some righty guts gives Rau a 6-0 leads after less than 20 seconds. Back to neutral. Headlock attempt by Dulaney but Rau stops it and collects two more and a quick 8-0 tech fall for Joe Rau, who makes another world team!

97 Josef Rau (Wildcat WC/Titan Mercury WC) VFA Christian Dulaney (Minnesota Storm), 8-0 0:53

125 kg: Gable Steveson vs Mason Parris

Two immovable objects attempt to become irresistible forces and it is a sight to behold. No scores after 90 seconds and it's Parris who goes on the activity clock. Activity clock runs down and Steveson gets a step out point right afterwards. Second period. Another step out point for Steveson to make it 3-0. Down to the final minute. In the final seconds Steveson gets a go behind to make it official at 5-0. And the Tokyo heavyweight gold medalist is on the world team! 

Steveson delights the crowd with a backflip before being mobbed my kids at the tunnel. Fun sight to see for sure. 

125 Gable Steveson (Gopher Wrestling Club) VPO Mason Parris (Cliff Keen WC/Titan Mercury WC), 5-0

130 kg: Cohlton Schultz vs Adam Coon

Coon gets dinged for passivity and Schultz goes on top. Schult can't get a turn with a front head lock and back to neutral. Second period and now its Coon with a point and a chance to work on top in par terre. No scores, back to neutral 1-1. Coon gets put own for passivity but no points. Front headlock and this time Schults picks Coon up and spins him around for four. Huge move and Schultz now leads 5-1. That's all the points he needs, as Schultz makes the world team in search of his first senior level world medal.

130 Cohlton Schultz (Sunkist Kids WC) VPO1 Adam Coon (Cliff Keen WC), 5-1

Final X Round 3

55 kg: Brady Koontz vs Dalton Duffield

Normally there'd be a women's wrestling match here but the only round 3 match is 68kg and those women need a break, so we go to a GR round 3 match. Koontz gets the first point off a passivity call and then takes Duffied over on a gut to make it 3-0. Second period, Duffield gets a point and Koontz goes down. No points in par terre but Duffield manages a takedown once they fight back to their feet to take a lead via criteria. Score is 3-3. Trailing by criteria Koontz takes a front head lock and send Duffield to the mat to take a 7-3 lead. That'll hold up and Brady Koontz wins the rubber match to make the world team at 55kg!

55 Brady Koontz (Dubuque WC/Titan Mercury WC) VPO1 Dalton Duffield CO (Army WCAP), 7-3

60 kg: Dalton Roberts vs Ildar Hafizov

Yet another match between these two. So evenly matched, its nothing but passivity points after 4 minutes of wrestling. 1-1 but Hafizov has criteria by dint of last score. Hafizov gets put in par terre but no points after the first two times that happens. Roberts can't make something happen and make something happen and we go to neutral. Short time, Hafizov leading by criteria still. Roberts taking ground. Whistle wants a fleeing call, as does Roberts, naturally, but its white paddled. Just one second left on the restart as Roberts' corner challenges. They won't get the call on review so add a point to Hafizov's total. Final second ticks away and it's 2-1, Ildar Hafizov makes the world team yet again!

60 Ildar Hafizov (Army WCAP) VPO1 Dalton Roberts (Army WCAP), 2-1

72 kg: Justus Scott vs Patrick Smith

Smith takes command of the match early, with a step out and a takedown. Then a passivity point and a gut wrench gives him a 6-0- lead in the first. Scott makes it to the break but he's down by 6. Passivity point for Scott makes it 6-1 and Scott has an opportunity on top. Two turns for scott and just like that its 6-5 an we go back to neutral with one minute left. We pause with just 27 seconds on the clock as Smith's ear gets attended to for blood. Also to look at a review as Scott says Smith grabbed his head gear. The reefs actually agree, yet its just a warning as Smith was the offensive wrestler, so challenge is lost, and Smith gets a point (at least I think that's what happened, might need to go over that again). And there's not enough time for Scott to mount a comeback and Smith will take it 7-5 and make the world team!

72 Patrick Smith (Minnesota Storm) VPO1 Justus Scott (Army WCAP), 7-5

82 kg: Spencer Woods vs Ryan Epps

Our penultimate Greco match, as we still have round 3 of 87kg scheduled. Woods gets a passivity point but can't turn Epps in par terre. Start the second with Woods in the lead 1-0. 3-0 led now for Woods. A 5-0 final as Spener Woods makes the world team!

68 kg: Forrest Molinari vs Emma Bruntil

The one and only round 3 in the women's freestyle matches. Bruntil goes on the clock first and conceded a point to Molinari. 1-0 at the halfway mark. Molinari makes it 2-0 before Bruntil scores on a go behind to make it 2-2. Bruntil secures the out-right lead now 3-2. And Bruntil holds off Molinari to win and make her first senior level world team!

68 Emma Bruntil (USOPTC/Titan Mercury WC) VPO1 Forrest Molinari (Sunkist Kids WC), 3-2

79 kg: Jordan Burroughs vs Chance Marsteller

The only round 3 for the men's freestyles. Burroughs fittingly closes things out (at least in freestyle) in his homestate of New Jersey. Burroughs shoots in and converts for two early. Looking for a lace but Marsteller won't let him have the lock. Marsteller working a two-on-one tie. Burroughs wrestling out of it. Shot by Burroughs, gets a leg, Marsteller breaks free. And Chance gets hit with passivity, his second, and goes on the activity clock. Marsteller concedes the clock point to Burroughs and it's 3-0. That's how the period ends.

Second period underway. Double from Burroughs. Stuffed. Reattack by Burroughs and that's also stuffed. Marsteller shoots and has a single. He drives Burroughs out of bounds to make it 3-1. Now JB hit with passivity. Just his first warning. Burroughs down blocks, looking for the go-behind. He runs Marsteller out of bounds bu its grounded. Blood time for Marsteller. It's short, back in action. Sweep single, he's got Burroughs leg, and its another step out. Now. passivity call with 1:03 on the clock and Burroughs is on the timer. Burroughs shoots but Marsteller squats and stops him. Burroughs with under hooks, Marsteller tip toeing the line. Burroughs takes him down to his back but Marsteller rolls him through. What do they call? It's four for Burroughs. Blue brick for Marsteller. On the review it looks like all Burroughs motion but, Burroughs breaks his grip so they rule that counter is all Marsteller and challenge is won. Marsteller gets four and the activity clock point so its 7-3 with 36 seconds remaining. Now Burroughs corner throws a brick. Not sure what for. Wild finish in any event. So the brick is to get 3 seconds back on the activity clock, and it's won. So it's 6-3 with 3 seconds on the timer and 36 on the match clock. Now the activity clock gives Chance another point, and then Burroughs steps out while attacking to make it 8-3. Burroughs can't get through for another score and Chance Marsteller makes the world team, his first! What an amazing journey for Chance, and it's not over yet!

Back flip for Marsteller for the exclamation point on a crazy evening. 

87 kg: Alan Vera vs Zachary Braunagel

And in the most anticlimatic finish (and I'd like to stress that's it's through no fault of the athletes) Zac Braunagel will get a forfeit from Alan Vera, who had a very tough time on the mat last round. Braunagel makes the Greco world team!

Final attendance 8,031. Pretty decent in my opinion. Not a lot of wrestling events draw more. 

A very long day with some incredible results. Many unexpected. Tough to put in perspective at the moment but there will be plenty of time to discuss these USA teams before they take on the world in Belgrade in September. 

Thanks for reading, sorry about the typos, will do better next time. See you in Fargo!

True Third Matchups

We'll put the actual Final X bouts above this but know that chronologically these matches, which decide who makes the national team as the third wrestler on the starting ladder, took place earlier. And I know there are come chronological sticklers out there. 

Women's Freestyle

53 kg: Samara Chavez, Team Tornado WC vs Felicity Taylor, Iowa Women’s WC/Titan Mercury WC

A tight 2-1 bout in the second gets a jolt from Chavez who takes Taylor over her hip with a massive headlock and that's do it! Chavez with the pin to make the national team. 

57 kg: Alexandra Hedrick, USOPTC/Titan Mercury WC vs Amanda Martinez, Cardinal WC/Titan Mercury WC

1-0 lead for Hedrick after on period. 1-1, Hedrick takes the lead again with a takedown. Martinez answers with a double, taking Hedrick into the air and slamming her down for four. Martinez holds on to win 5-3.

59 kg: Maya Nelson, Sunkist Kids vs Brenda Reyna, Army WCAP

Nelson too explosive for Reyna, counters a shot and gets a turn for a 4-0 early lead. Step out for Reyna, but Nelson lat dropped after the whistle called it, then the table judge and chairperson both singled four for Nelson. Reyna's corner challenges. Review says Nelson never stepped out so Renya loses the challenge and that lost challenges point (plus another one I missed) means Nelson wins 10-0. 

72 kg: Rose Cassioppi, New York AC/USOPTC vs Brooklyn Hays, Minnesota Gold WC

Cassioppi leads early with a takedown. Cass keeps the pressure on with a feet to back. She leads Hays 7-2 at the break. And just when it looked like it was all over for Hays, she gets a huge lat drop and takes the lead 9-8. Comeback is secured and Hays!

76 kg: Dymond Guilford, USOPTC/Titan Mercury WC vs Kylie Welker Iowa Women's WC/ Titan Mercury WC

Welker claims the first takedown, then gets a gut wrench to go up 4-0. It's 4-1 later in the first. Then Guilford drives Welker to the mat to go up 5-4. Guilford leads by 1 at the break. Welker picks a knee with an opposite side under hook and takes Guilford to the mat. Guilford in danger. Welker close to the pinfall but settles for four points and the 8-5 lead. And that's how the match ends, great match to close out the women's true-thirds. 


60 kg: Randon Miranda, Rise RTC vs Dylan Koontz, Dubuque RTC/Titan Mercury WC

Big throw from Miranda puts him in the drivers seat early. He's up 7-0, just one point away from a tech fall. And Miranda won't need it, winning by shut out instead, 7-0 victory. 

63 kg: Sammy Jones, Sunkist Kids WC vs Dylan Gregerson, Brunson UVRTC

Om par terre Jones gets a head pinch, stands and whips Gregerson over for 4 to lead 5-0. Now 7-2 still in the first. Jones pours it on to win 11-2. Or does he? Challenge brick. Challenge lost, Jones wins by 10!

72 kg: Noah Wachsmuth, New York AC vs Michael Hooker, Army WCAP

Wachsmuth jumps out to an early lead lead. Hooker loses a challenge and its 6-0 still with over a minute left to wrestle. Hooker comes storming back with a pair of turns, though Wachsmuth stole another exposure of his own in a busy sequence. 8-4 Wachsmuth leads after 3 minutes. Two more for Hooker in the second. Hooker kept at it but Wachsmuth wouldn't be denied, eventually countering a late lat drop attempt by Hooker to win by tech fall. 

77 kg: Payton Jacobson, Sunkist Kids WC vs RaVaughn Perkins, New York AC

Perkins gets an early leads and holds a 2-1 advantage at the half way mark. Perkins holds on to win 3-1. 

82 kg: Ben Provisor, New York AC vs Barrett Stanghill, Minnesota Storm

Stanghill leads 1-0 at the half way mark. Privisor answers to make it 3-1 now late in the second period. And that's how it ends, with a win for Provisor. 

130 kg: Donny Longendyke, Minnesota Storm vs Brandon Metz, North Dakota

Final true third match of the year. Longendyke with a passivity point and two turns to take a 5-0 lead. Metz comes storming back with a takedown and turn to make it 5-4. Longendyke gets one more to make it 6-4 and that's how it ends. Longendyke wins the last match of the true thirds!

Men’s freestyle

61 kg: Daton Fix, Cowboy RTC/Titan Mercury WC vs Austin DeSanto, Hawkeye WC/Titan Mercury WC

Fix scores the first step out, then first takedown. He's not letting his foot off the gas. Leads 9-0 now late in the second. And that's how it ends. Fix makes the national team. 

65 kg: Joseph McKenna. Pennsylvania RTC/Titan Mercury WC vs Matthew Kolodzik, New York AC/NJRTC

Single leg from McKenna takes Kolo down. Into an ankle lace, McKenna stands up with it and collects a turn, now a few more, and that's all she wrote. Quick 10-0 tech fall for Joey McKenna in his home state. 

70 kg: Sam Sasso, Ohio RTC/Titan Mercury WC vs Alec Pantaleo, Cliff Keen WC/Titan Mercury WC

Shot by Pantaleo, Sasso counters with a cut back for four. Back to neutral, another shot by Pantaleo, Sasso counters with a pancake, plus a turn and that's enough for a 10-0 tech fall! Pantaleo's corner challenges. Challenge wins, it wasn't feet to back, but the refs missed an extra turn so Sasso wins 10-0 anyway.

79 kg: Alex Dieringer, Cliff Keen WC/Titan Mercury WC vs David McFadden, Pennsylvania RTC/Titan Mercury WC

Shot from McFadden, Ringer whips him over for a quick two in the first. Still 2-0 nearly a minute into the second period. Dieringer getting aggressive, McFadden lets him slip by at the edge and gets a step out, plus a shot clock point a few seconds later to make it 2-2. Ringer leads by criteria, goes in on a shot, McFadden successfully defends. 45 seconds left. Dieringer fends off a furious comeback attempt by McFadden and holds on to win 2-2 via criteria. 

92 kg: Kollin Moore, Ohio RTC/Titan Mercury WC vs Nathan Jackson, New York AC/New Jersey RTC

Much fierce hand fighting in the first couple minutes, no scores after 90 seconds and Jackson goes on the clock. A few hard shots but Moore fends them off and gets the one point lead. Short duck to go behind and collect two for Moore. Quick gut makes it 5-0 Moore at the break. Low single and a lace for Moore makes it 9-0 with 2 minutes to go. Jackson counters a Moore shot with a feet to make to make it 9-4 though. Jackson fights through Moore's defenses and collects another takedown, then a lace for two more and it's 9-8! Jackson would have criteria if he scores another point. Jackson shooting, but Moore counters with a go behind with 8 seconds left and he'll win 11-8. Great bout!

Three true third matches have already been decided by forfeit. 

True Third Results

Men's Freestyle

57 Jakob Camacho NC (Wolfpack Wrestling Club / Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) NC Nick Suriano NJ (New Jersey)

61 Daton Fix OK (Cowboy RTC / Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VPO Austin Desanto PA (HWC/TMWC), 9-0

65 Joseph Mckenna NJ (Pennslyvania RTC / Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VSU Matthew Kolodzik NJ (NJ RTC), 10-0 0:36

70 Sam Sasso PA (Ohio RTC / Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VSU Alec Pantaleo MI (Cliff Keen WC), 10-0 2:24

74 Keegan O'toole MO (Missouri) VFO Vincenzo Joseph AZ (Sunkist Kids WC), 0-0

79 Alex Dieringer OK (Cliff Keen WC / Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VPO1 David Mcfadden VA (Virginia), 2-2

92 Kollin Moore OH (Ohio RTC / Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VPO1 Nathan Jackson NJ (NJ RTC), 11-8

Women's Freestyle

50 Erin Golston IL (New York Athletic Club (NYAC)) VFO Alyssa Lampe OR (Sunkist Kids WC / Beaver Dam RTC), 0-0

53 Samara Chavez TX (Team Tornado Wrestling Club) VFA Felicity Taylor IA (HWC/TMWC), 6-1 4:09

57 Amanda Martinez IL (North Central/TMWC) VPO1 Alexandra Hedrick CA (USOPTC / Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), 5-3

59 Maya Nelson CO (Sunkist Kids WC) VSU Brenda Reyna WA (Washington), 10-0 3:38

72 Brooklyn Hays UT (Utah Valley RTC) VPO1 Rose Cassioppi IL (New York Athletic Club (NYAC)), 9-8

76 Kylie Welker WI (Wisconsin) VPO1 Dymond Guilford CA (USOPTC / Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), 8-5


60 Randon Miranda CA (California RTC) VPO Dylan Koontz IA (Dubuque WC / Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), 7-0

63 Sammy Jones MI (Sunkist Kids WC) VSU1 Dylan Gregerson UT (Utah Valley RTC), 12-2 2:32

72 Noah Wachsmuth CO (New York Athletic Club (NYAC)) VSU1 Michael Hooker CO (Army WCAP), 16-8 6:00

77 Ravaughn Perkins CO (Colorado) VPO1 Payton Jacobson WI (Sunkist Kids WC), 3-1

82 Ben Provisor PA (New York Athletic Club (NYAC)) VPO1 Barrett Stanghill MN (Gopher Wrestling Club), 3-1

130 Donny Longendyke MN (Minnesota Storm) VPO1 Brandon Metz ND (North Dakota), 6-4