Breaking Down The Transfer Portal By NCAA Team Points

Breaking Down The Transfer Portal By NCAA Team Points

A breakdown of the amount of NCAA team points scored by Division 1 wrestlers that entered the transfer portal in the 2023 offseason.

May 8, 2023 by Jon Kozak
Breaking Down The Transfer Portal By NCAA Team Points

The transfer portal this off-season has changed the landscape in Division 1 college wrestling. Numerous national qualifiers, All-Americans, and even a past NCAA champ entered the portal to find new homes for the 2023-24 season. With so much movement, we decided to break down all aspects surrounding the amount of NCAA team points that have hit the transfer portal. 

Team Points from the 2023 NCAA Tournament

The below table shows the 14 different 2023 NCAA qualifiers that entered the transfer portal this off-season. In total, 8 of the 10 weights saw an NCAA qualifier enter the portal with only 141 and 157 without an NCAA qualifying wrestler represented. Of those 14 wrestlers, 6 were All-Americans in 2023 - Aaron Nagao, Izzak Olejnik, Shane Griffith, Will Feldkamp, Bernie Truax, and Lucas Davison.

WTNAMETransferring FromTransferring ToNCAA PointsNCAA PLACEYears Left
125Michael DeAugustinoNorthwesternMichigan0.5241
133Wyatt HensonOklahomaUnknown0.5243
133Aaron NagaoMinnesotaPenn State1453
133Chris CannonNorthwesternMichigan1.5242
149Victor VoinovichOklahoma StateIowa1163
149Chance LamerMichiganCal Poly4123
165Izzak OlejnikNorthern IllinoisOklahoma State7.581
165Shane GriffithStanfordMichigan1151
174Tyler EischensStanfordUnknown0.5241
184Will FeldkampClarionUnknown6.571
184Giuseppe HooseBuffaloND State0.5241
197Bernie TruaxCal PolyPenn State13.541
285Yaraslau SlavikouskiHarvardRutgers2121
285Lucas DavisonNorthwesternMichigan1051

Total Points73

Penn State secured the two biggest point scorers from the 2023 NCAA season in the transfer portal with Aaron Nagao (14 points) and Bernie Truax (13.5 points). After that, Michigan picked up 4 big transfers and got the majority of their points from Shane Griffith (11 points) and Lucas Davison (10 points). After that, no other team has secured more than 1 point-scoring individual from the 2023 NCAA Tournament. However, it’s worth noting that there are 3 wrestlers currently in the portal who have yet to commit to where they will transfer for the 2023-24 season. Check out the full point scoring breakdown below:

Points gained by teams in the transfer portal:

  1. Penn State (2) - 27.5 
  2. Michigan (4) - 23 
  3. Uncommitted (4) - 8.5
  4. Oklahoma State (1) - 7.5
  5. Cal Poly (1) - 4
  6. Rutgers (1) - 2
  7. Iowa (1) - 1
  8. ND State (1) - 0.5

On the other side of the transfer portal - teams “hurt” by these transfers. The below teams all had wrestlers transfer out of their programs after earning points at the 2023 NCAA Tournament. Check out how those numbers are sorted out below

Points lost by teams from the transfer portal:

  1. Minnesota (1) - 14
  2. Cal Poly (1) - 13.5
  3. Northwestern (3) - 12
  4. Stanford (2) - 11.5
  5. Northern Illinois (1) - 7.5
  6. Clarion (1) - 6.5
  7. Michigan (1) - 4
  8. Harvard (1) - 2
  9. Oklahoma (1) - 0.5
  10. Oklahoma State (1) - 1
  11. Buffalo (1)  - 0.5

*Number of transfers in parenthesis

Total Points (14) - 73

It's also worth noting that the wrestlers who are returning next season scored a total of 972.5 points at the 2023 NCAA Tournament. That means the above wrestlers who are in the transfer portal scored about 7.5% of the total points at the 2023 NCAA Tournament. 

Potential Points

Another aspect to consider in the transfer portal is the potential each brings to his respective team. There are numerous wrestlers transferring or still in the transfer portal who scored more points at the 2021 or 2022 NCAA Tournament than they did in 2023. With that in mind, the below table shows the most team points wrestlers in the transfer portal have EVER scored at an NCAA Tournament.

NCAA YearWTNAMETransferring FromTransferring ToNCAA PointsNCAA PLACE
2022125Caleb SmithAppalachian StateNebraska124
2022125Michael DeAugustinoNorthwesternMichigan12.54
2023133Wyatt HensonOklahomaUnknown0.524
2023133Aaron NagaoMinnesotaPenn State145
2021133Chris CannonNorthwesternMichigan10.57
2023149Victor VoinovichOklahoma StateIowa116
2023149Chance LamerMichiganCal Poly412
2022157Jacob ButlerOklahomaRutgers1.532
2023165Izzak OlejnikNorthern IllinoisOklahoma State7.58
2021165Shane GriffithStanfordMichigan161
2022174Tyler EischensStanfordUnknown124
2023184Will FeldkampClarionUnknown6.57
2021184Bernie TruaxCal PolyPenn State144
2023184Giuseppe HooseBuffaloND State0.524
2023285Yaraslau SlavikouskiHarvardRutgers212
2023285Lucas DavisonNorthwesternMichigan105

Total Points102.5

The above numbers show a large degree of variance for three of Michigan’s transfers. Michael DeAugustino, Chris Cannon, and Shane Griffith have all had performances at past NCAA Tournaments that exceeded what they did in 2023. This could either be considered great news or an area of caution for Wolverine fans. Those wrestlers have shown the potential to put up big points however they “underperformed” by 26 points at last year’s tournament. 

Beyond the Wolverines, Bernie Truax, Tyler Eischens, Jacob Butler, and Caleb Smith have all had performances at past NCAA Tournaments that exceeded the points they scored in 2023. However, those degrees of variance were far less than Michigan's wrestlers.

Check out how the above numbers sort out by teams:

  1. Michigan (4) - 49
  2. Penn State (2) - 28
  3. Uncommitted (4) - 9
  4. Oklahoma State (1) - 7.5 
  5. Cal Poly (1) - 4
  6. Rutgers (2) - 3.5
  7. Nebraska (1) - 1
  8. ND State (1) - 0.5

Total Points (16) - 102.5

*Number of transfers in parenthesis

The All-Portal Team 

How would a team of ALL transfer portal wrestlers fare at the NCAA Tournament? Obviously, that is highly unlikely ever to happen (Michigan’s 4 might be the closest we get), but it’s still an interesting question to consider. With that in mind, the below chart shows the best team we could come up with from the transfer portal taking the top wrestler at every weight. We had to take a few liberties at 141 and 174 bumping up Chris Cannon and Shane Griffith, but this team is incredibly tough, check it out:

WTNAME2023 NCAA PointsBest NCAA Points
125Michael DeAugustino0.512.5
133Aaron Nagao1414
141Chris Cannon1.510.5
149Chance Lamer44
157Jacob Butler01.5
165Izzak Olejnik7.57.5
174Shane Griffith1116
184Will Feldkamp6.56.5
197Bernie Truax13.514
285Lucas Davison1010


The 68.5 points scored by the “All-Portal” team would have been enough to finish in 5th place at the 2023 NCAA Tournament, 4th in 2022, and 6th in 2021 - not bad! This team's combined best-ever NCAA points scored, 96.5, would finish 2nd in 2023 and 2022 and 4th in 2021. Simply put, there is some incredible talent that has entered and is still in the transfer portal that will dramatically influence college wrestling next year.