Women's College Pound-For-Pound Rankings

Final Women's College Pound-For-Pound Rankings Are Here!

Final Women's College Pound-For-Pound Rankings Are Here!

Check out the final 2022-23 women's college pound-for-pound rankings.

Mar 23, 2023 by Kyle Klingman
Final Women's College Pound-For-Pound Rankings Are Here!

The final women’s college pound-for-pound rankings are here following the completion of every national championship (NJCAA, NCWWC, and NAIA). Every wrestler listed reached the finals of her respective national tournament. Historical national placings are listed underneath each wrestler. 

This is a collaboration between FloWrestling and American Women’s Wrestling.

Ranked by division
NAIA: 10

1. Yelena Makoyed (North Central), SR, NCAA, 170 pounds

Makoyed pinned her way through her bracket at the National Collegiate Women’s Wrestling Championships, including a fall over King’s Cheyenne Bowman. Bowman defeated Makoyed at the 2022 National Duals which was Makoyed’s last college loss. The North Central senior completed season 28-0 with 15 falls and 11 techs. 

NCWWC placings: 2-1-1-1

Previous: 1

2. Adaugo Nwachukwu (Iowa Wesleyan), SO, NAIA, 136 pounds

Nwachukwu blitzed her way through the NAIA Championships with three falls and a 15-2 tech in the finals. She finished the season with a 31-0 record, including 29 falls or techs. 

NAIA placings: 1-1

Previous: 2

3. Dymond Guilford (Cumberlands), SR, NAIA, 170 pounds

Guilford was 21-0 this season with three falls and 13 techs. She secured a fall in the finals over Southern Oregon’s Joye Levendusky, who is #22 in the P4P rankings. 

NAIA placings: 1-1-1
WCWA placings: 4-1

Previous: 3

4. Lexie Basham (Texas Wesleyan), SO, NAIA, 130 pounds

Basham completed the season 18-0 with six falls and four techs. She outscored her four opponents 28-5 at the NAIA Championships. 

NAIA placings: 1-1

Previous: 4

5. Emily Shilson (McKendree), SR, NCAA, 109 pounds

Shilson only competed at the regional and national championships this season and won both. She earned a fall over King’s Sage Mortimer in the finals, who is #19 on the list. 

NCWWC placings: 1-1-1-1
WCWA placings: 1

Previous: 5

6. Peyton Prussin (Life), SO, NAIA, 109 pounds

Prussin finished the season 20-0 with three falls and nine techs. Two of her three falls came in the semifinals and finals of the NAIA Championships. 

NAIA placings: 1-1-1

Previous: 6

7. Marissa Gallegos (Colorado Mesa), JR, NCAA, 123 pounds

Gallegos finished the season 28-0 with eight falls and 16 techs. She won four matches at the NCWWC tournament, including a fall in the quarterfinals. 

NCWWC placings: 3-2-3-1

Previous: 7

8. Jaslynn Gallegos (North Central), JR, NCAA, 116 pounds

Gallegos had two techs and two falls at the National Collegiate Women’s Wrestling Championships, including a come-from-behind pin in the finals. 

NCWWC placings: 4-4-1
WCWA placings: 1

Previous: 9

9. Cameron Guerin (McKendree), JR, NCAA, 130 pounds 

Guerin saved her best performance until the end of the season. She had two falls, a tech, and a 9-0 win over Lexi Janiak in the NCWWC finals — an opponent she lost two twice during the season and who is #18 on the P4P rankings. 

NCWWC placings: 1-1-1

Previous: 18

10. Ana Luciano (King), SR, NCAA, 136 pounds

Luciano started the season at 143 and moved down to 136 where she won the NCWWC title with a thrilling 8-8 win in the finals over North Central Yele Aycock (P4P #24). 

NCWWC placings: 4-2-3-1
WCWA placings: 6

Previous: 10

11. Victoria Baez-Dillone (Umpqua CC), FR, NJCAA, 130 pounds

The only junior college wrestler on the list made quick work of her bracket at the NJCAA Invitational. She won all four of her matches by tech and didn’t surrender a point. 

NJCAA placings: 1

Previous: 11 

12. Marlynne Deede (Augsburg), SR, NCAA, 155 pounds

Deede only had a 4-4 loss to North Central’s Tiera Jimerson during the season and avenged it with a tech in the regional finals. The Augsburg senior won a national championship with a first-round tech and three decisions. 

NCWWC placings: 6-3-3-1

Previous: 14

13. Sydnee Kimber (McKendree), SR, NCAA, 191 pounds

Kimber avenged her only loss of the season with a fall in the championship finals over North Central’s Traeh Haynes. 

NCWWC placings: 1-1-1-1

Previous: 15

14. Katie Lange (Augsburg), SO, NCAA, 143 pounds

Lange went from unranked to #14 thanks to an 8-6 win in the NCWWC finals over reigning champion Ashlynn Ortega of King. 

NCWWC placings: 1

Previous: unranked

15. Carolina Moreno (Southern Oregon), SO, NAIA, 123 pounds

Moreno catapulted herself into the rankings with three techs and a 6-2 decision in the NAIA national finals. 

NAIA placings: 1-1

Previous: unranked

16. Ashlynn Ortega (King), SR, NCAA, 143 pounds

Ortega fell in the NCWWC finals to Lange but her body of work over the course of the season keeps her in the final pound-for-pound rankings. 

NCWWC placings: 3-2-1-2
WCWA placings: 3

Previous: 8

17. Emily Se (Southern Oregon), SR, NAIA, 143 pounds

Se is the third wrestler on the list who was unranked but earned a spot with her performance at nationals. She didn’t surrender a point during her first four matches at the NAIA Championships before knocking off previous #12 Alexis Gomez of Grand View, 3-2, in the finals. 

NAIA placings: 3-1

Previous: unranked

18. Alexis Janiak (Aurora), FR, NCAA, 130 pounds

Janiak reached the NCWWC finals as a freshman and went 2-2 against P4P #9 Guerin. She had two techs and a fall before her loss in the national finals. 

NCWWC placings: 2

Previous: 17

19. Sage Mortimer (King), SO, NCAA, 109 pounds

Mortimer had Shilson on her back in the NCWWC finals but eventually gave up the fall. She had two techs and a fall entering the match. 

NCWWC placings: 3-2

Previous: 19

20. Alexis Gomez (Grand View), SR, NAIA, 143 pounds

Gomez dominated her first three matches before falling to Se in the NAIA Championship finals.

NAIA placings: 3-2

Previous: 12

21. Caitlyn Thorne (Central Methodist), SO, NAIA, 116 pounds

Thorne finished the season by dominating her bracket at the NAIA Championships.

NAIA national placings: 1

Previous: unranked 

22. Joye Levendusky (Southern Oregon), SR, NAIA, 170 pounds

Levendusky was ahead 1-1 on criteria with P4P #3 Guilford in the NAIA Championship finals before giving up a second-period fall. 

NAIA placings: 2
NCWWC placings: 4-2-2
WCWA placings: 7

Previous: 21

23. Cheyenne Bowman (King), SO, NCAA, 170 pounds

Bowman reached the NCWWC finals before getting pinned by P4P #1 Makoyed. 

NCWWC placings: 5-2

Previous: 22

24. Yele Aycock (North Central), SO, NCAA, 136 pounds

Aycock finished the season 3-3 against Augsburg’s Nina Makem, including a thrilling semifinal win. She fell in the finals to P4P #10 Ana Luciano, 8-8. 

NCWWC placings: 2

Previous: 23

25.  Ira Navarro (Providence), SR, NAIA, 101 pounds

Navarro saved the best for last. She enters the rankings for the first time after winning the NAIA Championships. 

NAIA placings: 5-6-1
WCWA placings: 5