2023 NCAA Watch Party: Penn State vs Ohio State & Iowa vs Minnesota

Penn State vs Ohio State Wrestling Match Notes

Penn State vs Ohio State Wrestling Match Notes

Penn State travels to Ohio State for a dual meet between two traditional rivals. If you can't watch live, we've got you covered with live updates all night!

Feb 3, 2023 by David Bray
Penn State vs Ohio State Wrestling Match Notes

#1 Penn State travels to #5 Ohio State for a dual meet between two traditional Big Ten wrestling powers. While the Nittany Lions are heavy favorites tonight, several key matchups make this a must-watch dual meet.

If you're watching the dual live and looking for a fun second-screen experience, tune into our watch party where we'll be following this dual plus a whole bunch more D1 action throughout the night.

Probable Lineups

125 - #10 Malik Heinselman, Ohio State fall Gary Steen, Penn State

Heinselman gets a quick early takedown and gets right to work on top. He earns four near-fall points about a minute in. He keeps the leg in, reaches back for the bent-leg Turk, and turns Steen again. Now he gets the fall in the first period and fires up the crowd!

Ohio State 6 - Penn State 0

133 - #1 Roman Bravo-Young, Penn State dec #10 Jesse Mendez, Ohio State 8-2

RBY comes to the mat first, then Jesse Mendez enters the Covelli Center to "God's Gonna Cut You Down." This freshman really believes he can beat the two-time NCAA champ. Mendez attempts to work from a two-on-one, but Roman clears the tie with two minutes to go in the first. Action has been limited in the first period, but Roman gets to a leg with 40 seconds to go and finishes quickly. Mendez gets to his feet immediately, but RBY takes the action off the mat with 13 seconds to go. He rides out the first period and has a 2-0 lead.

Mendez chooses bottom in the second. He's to his feet right away and uses a whizzer to get out. It's 2-1 RBY. Mendez attempts to use a left-handed underhook, but Roman clears. RBY shucks Mendez by for a quick takedown with under 10 seconds to go and finishes on top. He ends the second period up 4-1.

Roman chooses bottom and gets out right away to lead 5-1. Mendez hand-fought hard, but Roman re-attacked for another quick takedown. He leads 7-1, and now riding time is over a minute. Mendez escapes to make it 7-2, but riding time puts RBY a takedown away from bonus points. Mendez was in on a double with 30 seconds to go, but RBY fought it off. Roman looked for a trip with time running out. He couldn't get it, but RBY wins 8-2.

Ohio State 6 - Penn State 3

141 - #3 Beau Bartlett, Penn State dec HM Dylan D'Emilio, Ohio State 4-2

Here goes D'Emilio vs Bartlett IX, and so far, D'Emilio is 8-0. Bartlett's the favorite tonight though. Halfway through the first, Bartlett hits an outside step to the right and earns the takedown. That's a huge advantage for Beau. He rides out the period but gives up a stall call. It's worth it for Beau, though. He leads 2-0.

D'Emilio chooses bottom and escapes right away. It's 2-1. Beau has 1:30 of riding time. After a mostly quiet second period, Bartlett darts to a left-sided single. He can't finish, and it's 2-1 headed to the 3rd.

Bartlett chooses bottom.  He's out right away, so he leads 3-1 and maintains riding time. D'Emilio gets to a double, but Bartlett defends. D'Emilio was hit for stalling in there somewhere as well, so both guys have a warning. Bartlett drops to a single with 45 seconds to go, but it's stalemated with 35 left. Bartlett is hit for stalling, but it's too little too late. Bartlett earns his first victory over D'Emilio 4-2 with riding time.

Ohio State 6 - Penn State 6

149 - #3 Sammy Sasso, Ohio State dec #12 Shayne Van Ness, Penn State 6-3

Van Ness looks for a single off the whistle, but Sasso defends and clears. Sasso looked to use an overhook, but Van Ness worked his way to Sasso's leg and scored a single half-way through the first period. Sasso escaped right away, so it's 2-1. Van Ness gets to another single. Sasso looks to roll, but Van Ness anticipated it an almost stuffed him. Now Sasso counters and may score with short time left in the first. He gets the takedown with 18 seconds left and rides out the period. He leads 3-2.

Sasso starts on bottom in the second. He's almost out in 13 seconds but drops to a leg to work for the reversal. He gets it at the 1:30 mark and leads 5-2. Van Ness gets out to make it 5-3. Sasso's left shoe is completely untied. I wonder if they'll do anything about this. His laces are taped, so it's pretty strange. The period ends.

Van Ness takes bottom in the third. Sasso works a leg in on the right side. He was close to a cradle but couldn't get it. Van Ness is flat on his belly. Riding time goes over a minute, and Van Ness is searching for an answer underneath with 30 seconds to go. Sasso rides out for the 6-3 victory.

Ohio State 9 - Penn State 6

157 - #10 Levi Haines, Penn State maj dec #24 Paddy Gallagher, Ohio State 14-2

Haines won this match at the Edinboro Open a year ago. Here comes the rematch. Haines drops to a beautiful sweep-single a minute into the period. He brings the action up and finishes with a trip to make it 2-0. Gallagher fights underdeath and finally gets out with a minute to go. Riding time is at 53 seconds. Haines drops to another single and finishes! He leads 4-1. Haines nearly gets a tilt to go but can't. He leads 4-1 with riding time at the break.

Gallagher starts the second on bottom. Haines stops his initial attempt, but Gallagher escapes with 1:35 to go in the period to make it 4-2. Haines quickly finishes another single, and it's 6-2! Haines rides out the period and now has nearly 3 minutes of riding time.

Haines starts the third on bottom. He's out quickly. Gallager hits a single, but Haines stalemates it. Now Haines scores another quick takedown and looks for a turn with a leg in. He gets a four count and has blown this match wide open. It's 13-2. Haines looked for another turn at the end but couldn't get it. Riding time makes it a 14-2 major.

Ohio State 9 - Penn State 10

165 - #9 Alex Facundo, Penn State dec #10 Carson Kharchla, Ohio State 4-1

After an intermission, we have a quiet first minute without points or committed attacks. A minute in, Kharchla drops in on a single, but Facundo earns a stalemate. Kharchla hits another single with 1:14 to go, but Facundo defends. Facundo hits a deep single with under 30 to go, but Kharcha defends with a chest wrap and neutralizes the attack. It's scoreless after a period.

Facundo starts the second on bottom. He's out in 13 seconds to take a 1-0 lead. Kharchla is hit for hands to the face with around 30 seconds left, so Facundo leads 2-0. The Ohio State coaches don't agree, but the call stands.

Kharchla starts on bottom in the third. He works to his feet but can't escape in the first 30 seconds. He finally gets out with 1:18 to go, and it's 2-1. Kharchla goes for a body lock late in the match, but Facundo steps over and gets the takedown for the 4-1 win.

Ohio State 9 - Penn State 13

174 - #1 Carter Starocci, Penn State dec #6 Ethan Smith, Ohio State 11-6

Ethan Smith takes an attack a little under a minute into the match, but Starocci counters to score the takedown and take the 2-0 lead. On the restart, Smith looks for the reversal but settles for the escape. It's 2-1, and riding time is at 38 seconds for Starocci. With 40 to go, Starocci hits a single and scores it. Smith escapes to make it 4-2 and keep riding time barely under a minute at 57 seconds.

Smith starts the second on bottom. He's out quickly, and riding time is at 1:10. It's 4-3. With under a minute to go, Starocci drops in on a fast high crotch and finishes it quickly to make it 6-3. He rides out.

Starocci starts the third on bottom. He's out quickly to make the match 7-3. Penn State challenges a mat return from Smith claiming he left his feet. Let's see if they get a penalty point. No penalty point after the review. Ethan Smith drops in on a single off the restart to make it 7-5. After a couple of mat returns, riding time is at 1:14 for Starocci. He's out on the restart and gets deep on an attack. The action is stalemated. Smith shoots, but Starocci scores the go-behind. He finishes on top, and it's 11-6 in the end

Ohio State 9 - Penn State 16

184 - #1 Aaron Brooks, Penn State dec #5 Kaleb Romero, Ohio State 3-2

A minute in, Romero gets to a deep high crotch and works to a crack-down position. The action goes out of bounds. No score. Romero dislocated his finger with 7 seconds left in the period. They're taping him up. It's injury time, so Brooks chooses bottom. Romero rides him out. No score.

Brooks starts the second on bottom. He's out in 10 seconds to make it 1-0. Action moves to the edge, and Romero drops to a single. It's stalemated with a little over a minute to go. No more action in the second.

Romero starts the third on bottom.  He's out in under 10 seconds, and it's 1-1. Brooks drops to a single. The action goes to the edge, but Brooks keeps Romero in bounds and finishes. Savvy work there from Brooks! He leads 3-1. Romero escapes with 25 seconds left, and riding time is not a factor. Ohio State challenged something with around 20 seconds to go, but the officials let the match play out. As it stands, it's a 3-2 victory for Brooks, but they're reviewing a singlet grab. The challenge fails, and Brooks gets the dub.

Ohio State 9 - Penn State 19

197 - #2 Max Dean, Penn State fall #15 Gavin Hoffman, Ohio State

Dean hits a single and works to finish on the edge. He finally earns it although it's unclear what changed from before the call to after it. The officials review their call and take it away. It's 0-0. Hoffman drops to a low single with 30 seconds left. Dean scrambles and gets around behind. Hoffman attempts to scramble for a stalemate, but Dean is awarded a takedown with a second remaining to lead 2-0.

Hoffman starts the second on bottom. Dean rides hard for over a minute and finally gets the bow and arrow turn. He works for the fall!

Ohio State 9 - Penn State 25

285 - #2 Greg Kerkvliet, Penn State maj dec #15 Tate Orndorff, Ohio State 8-0

Kerkvliet dumps Orndorff early in the period to make it 2-0. After riding for half a minute, Kerkvliet attempts to tilt Orndorff but only earns a one count. He rides out the period and has 2:44.

Kerkvliet starts the second on bottom and gets to his feet right away. He goes out of bounds and gets a fresh start. He's up again and now is away with 1:30 left in the period. Kerkvliet hits a single leg and finishes for a 5-0 lead. He rides out the period.

Orndorff chooses neutral in the third. Kerkvliet hits a single, Orndorff defends, but Kerkvliet hits a re-attack on the other side and finishes to make it 7-0 on the board. He has riding time secured. Kerkvliet rides out the remainder of the match for the major.

Ohio State 9 - Penn State 29