2023 NCAA Watch Party: Iowa vs Penn State & Ohio State vs Michigan

Play The Weekly FRL Pick 'Em Contest

Play The Weekly FRL Pick 'Em Contest

Pick against the point spread in some of this weekend's best matches and see if you know more than the FRL team.

Jan 27, 2023 by JD Rader
888. Russia Is Basically Back In The Olympics

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While you can't wager actual money through this contest, there's nothing stopping you from using these betting lines and gambling with your friends! Every Thursday Ben Askren, Christian Pyles, and JD Rader will make their picks live on FRL and compete against the public with both a weekly and running total win percentage throughout the course of the college season. Watch the show and decide who you want to pick. Make sure to get your picks in by the time the first included match starts as the contest will close once it does. 

Once again, here's the link to play, and don't forget, the picks are against the point spread. Enjoy and good luck!

All times listed below are Eastern.

This week's matches and lines


Ohio State at Michigan, 6:00 PM

133 - #10 Dylan Ragusin, Michigan vs #13 Jesse Mendez, Ohio State, pick em

165 - #6 Cameron Amine, Michigan vs #8 Carson Kharchla, Ohio State, pick em

Pittsburgh at Virginia Tech, 7:00 PM

133 - #5 Sam Latona, Virginia Tech vs #7 Micky Phillippi, Pittsburgh, Latona -1.5

141 - #6 Cole Matthews, Pittsburgh vs #9 Tom Crook, Virginia Tech, Matthews -2.5

Wisconsin at Northwestern, 8:00 PM

125 - #6 Michael DeAugustino, Northwestern vs #9 Eric Barnett, Wisconsin, pick em

149 - #2 Austin Gomez, Wisconsin vs #4 Yahya Thomas, Northwestern, Gomez -2.5

Iowa at Penn State, 8:30 PM

125 - #1 Spencer Lee, Iowa vs Gary Steen, Penn State, Spencer pin

141 - #2 Real Woods, Iowa vs #3 Beau Bartlett, Penn State, Woods -1.5

149 - #10 Max Murin, Iowa vs #12 Shayne Van Ness, Penn State, Murin -1.5

165 - #5 Alex Facundo, Penn State vs #11 Patrick Kennedy, Iowa, Facundo -1.5

285 - #2 Greg Kerkvliet, Penn State vs #3 Tony Cassioppi, Iowa, Kerkvliet -1.5


Arizona State at Lehigh, 6:00 PM

133 - #4 Michael McGee, Arizona State vs #6 Connor McGonagle, Lehigh, McGee -2.5


Michigan State at Ohio State, 1:00 PM

133 - #13 Jesse Mendez, Ohio State vs #17 RayVon Foley, Michigan State, Mendez -3.5

Wisconsin at Nebraska, 3:00 PM

125 - #3 Liam Cronin, Nebraska vs #9 Eric Barnett, Wisconsin, Cronin -2.5

133 - Taylor LaMont, Wisconsin vs Kyle Burwick, Nebraska, pick em

Northwestern at Rutgers, 4:00 PM

125 - #6 Michael DeAugustino, Northwestern vs #12 Dean Peterson, Rutgers, DeAugustino -1.5