2023 NCAA Watch Party: Iowa vs Penn State & Ohio State vs Michigan

Roman Bravo-Young Says He Wants To Wrestle Spencer Lee

Roman Bravo-Young Says He Wants To Wrestle Spencer Lee

RBY recently shared his thoughts on wrestling Spencer Lee.

Jan 25, 2023 by JD Rader
Roman Bravo-Young Says He Wants To Wrestle Spencer Lee

Spencer Lee bumping up to 133 to wrestle Roman Bravo-Young in Friday night's Iowa - Penn State dual has been the talk of the town for past several days. While it is unlikely to happen, it is a fun hypothetical to play out. The question even made its way to Bravo-Young Tuesday during Penn State's media day. 

RBY insisted he doesn't care who Iowa puts out there Friday night, but that is he is highly interested in wrestling Lee at some point.

"If he wants to wrestle, I'll wrestle. I could care less. I'm always down for a scrap. He bleeds just like I bleed, so I really don't care. I'll wrestle anyone. I think me and him should definitely get that match together in the future. That match would be exciting. Something that would wake me up every day." - RBY on wrestling Spencer Lee.

Bravo-Young shared an idea to do the match as a paper-per-view after the season. "It would probably do numbers. A lot of people would watch it," he noted. While that is a possibility, it seems like the most likely scenario is that if the two ever wrestle, it will be at the 2024 Olympic Trials when Bravo-Young is forced to go down to 57 kg.

The possibility of this NCAA champ vs NCAA champ is so exciting, it has gathered attention from people outside of the normal wrestling community. 

Jersey Jerry is a content personality at Barstool Sports. Last spring he actually wrestled RBY himself as you can see in the video below.

Do we all want to see Spencer Lee wrestle Roman Bravo-Young? Of course. Will it happen Friday night? No chance. Will it happen ever? Maybe. See you all Friday night during the watch party!