2023 FloWrestling DI Duals Series: Oregon State vs Princeton

Match Notes: Oregon State Rumbles Past Princeton

Match Notes: Oregon State Rumbles Past Princeton

Princeton and Oregon State traveled to the live music capital of the world for some live wrestling between NCAA D1 programs and we're here to live blog it!

Jan 13, 2023 by Andrew Spey
Match Notes: Oregon State Rumbles Past Princeton

Princeton and Oregon State traveled to the live music capital of the world for some live wrestling between NCAA D1 programs and we're here to live blog it for you!

Oregon State vs Princeton Expected Lineups:

125: #14 Brandon Kaylor, Oregon State vs #2 Pat Glory, Princeton

133: #17 Jason Shaner, Oregon State vs Sean Pierson, Princeton

141: #21 Cleveland Belton, Oregon State vs Danny Coles, Princeton

149: Noah Tolentino, Oregon State vs Rocco Camillaci, Princeton

157: Isaiah Crosby/Graham Gambrall, Oregon State vs Ty Whalen, Princeton

165: #18 Matthew Olguin, Oregon State vs #4 Quincy Monday, Princeton

174: #22 Mateo Olmos, Oregon State vs Kole Mulhauser, Princeton

184: #7  Trey Munoz, Oregon State vs Nate Dugan, Princeton

197: #19 Tanner Harvey, Oregon State vs #24 Luke Stout, Princeton

285: JJ Dixon/Ryan Reyes, Oregon State vs Matt Cover/Travis Stefanik, Princeton

East coast and West coach meet in the middle for an all-orange & black tangle. You said it, man. 

Both teams have been in Austin preparing for the bout. 

We should all expect a lot of orange and black, and a lot of head coaches named Chris. Well, two anyway. Which, to me, is a lot when that is 100% of the head coaches. 

125: #14 Brandon Kaylor, Oregon State vs #2 Pat Glory, Princeton

1st period: We start our event with a marquee bout! Two All-Americans square off in Austin! Glory nearly scores first on the boundary but they're ruled out of bounds, a call that is confirmed after a review. In another scramble less than a minute later and Kaylor uses tricep control to get a takedown, nearly picking up nearfall in the process. Glory escapes after 15 seconds to make it 2-1. Glory gets his hands on an ankle and eventually converts with about 30 seconds left in the period. Coach Pendleton thought he saw a head gear pull though so he throws the challenge brick and we'll get another video review. It's 3-2 on the board now. Call on the mat stands, no head gear pull, still 3-2, Glory on top at the restart. Kaylor with some good scrambling but Glory holds on and there is no change in position or score. 

2nd period: Kaylor defers, Glory goes underneath. The Princetonian is out quickly to make it 4-2 in his favor, riding time not a factor. Glory drops down on a single leg, tries to climb up but Kaylor gets a hold of one of his arms and defends into a potentially dangerous situation. 30 seconds to go in the period. Straight on double from Glory and he fights through a furious cross face to collect two more. It's 6-2, Glory looking for the ride out. He'll get it, and take a 6-2 lead into the third. 

3rd period: Kaylor chooses down. Glory on his toes, peeling the near arm back and keeping Kaylor's head down on the mat. Glory sucks Kaylor into his pocket and tilts him over but Kaylor fights off and Glory can only get a one count. Kaylor is slow to get off his belly afterward and gets dinged for stalling, his first warning. We'll spend the rest of the match in that position and with the riding time point its a 7-2 victory over the Tigers!

Glory 7, Kaylor 2

Princeton 3, Oregon State 0

133: #17 Jason Shaner, Oregon State vs Sean Pierson, Princeton

1st period: Oregon State will look to answer with a ranked wrestler in Jason Shaner, who strikes first with a low double leg to make its 2-0. Quick escape to make it 2-1, Shaner in the lead. A drop step later and Shaner has another two. He's got about 45 seconds to go before the period ends for the ride out. Pierson escapes with RT at 54 seconds and about 20 seconds left in the period. Time is up with the score 4-2 for Shaner. Pierson defers, Shaner takes bottom.

2nd period: Shaner escapes to make it 5-2, then powers through Pierson's defenses to make it 7-2. Another escape and another takedown makes it 9-3. Shaner slaps in a side cradle but doesn't get more than one swipe. Pierson gets one last escape before time runs out in the period. 9-4 Shaner. 

3rd period: Shaner thors in a leg and tries to take Pierson over with a splade but Pierson fights free. As soon as Pierson is out though Shaner is back in on the attack and make it 11-5. Another escape and takedown and its 13-6. 13-7 as Shaner cuts him while looking for bonus. Riding time is locked up so Shaner needs just one more takedown. Peirson isn't done fighting though and is in on a shot, nearly getting the last takedown. Final score of the bout is 14-7, so a regular decision and the team scores are knotted up at three apiece. 

Shaner 14, Pierson 7

Princeton 3, Oregon State 3

141: #21 Cleveland Belton, Oregon State vs Danny Coles, Princeton

1st period: The Beavers will look to press their advantage in another match where they are favored. Tap and go blast double for Belton and he shoots in deep. He converts quickly and leads 2-0. They go out of bounds with 1:39 on the clock, same position.

2nd period: Belton gets a reversal and back points. He keeps piling it on and riding. Coles manages another escape. 

3rd period: Coles elects to go back underneath, they go tumbling through the air but Belton gets a takedown out of it, though Coles was close. And it ends with a major decision for Belton. Apologies for the terse updates in this match, a gremlin deleted some paragraphs when I wasn't looking. 

Belton 11, Coles 2

Oregon State 7, Princeton 3

149: Riley Gurr, Oregon State vs Rocco Camillaci, Princeton

1st period: Wasting noo time we get an excellent scramble. Camillaci comes out on top with the first points, he leads 2-0 when action is halted for potentially dangerous. Escape from Gurr makes it 2-1 with 90 seconds still to go. Level change and a double from Gurr and he takes the lead. Gurr turks the bottom leg and starts looking for a turn. Gurr gets the rideout for a 3-2 lead and 1:07 of riding time in the period.

2nd period: Camillaci defers and Gurr chooses down. Gurr escapes ten seconds. Camillaci is in on a shot and a scamble ensues, but action is stalemated before any scores. Now Gurr goes in on a shot and another scamble ensues. This time Gurr comes out on top with a takedown and rides out the period to lead 6-2 before the final period. 

3rd period: Camillaci takes his chances underneath to try and earn an escape. Camillaci has trouble chaining his moves together and riding time gets locked up for Gurr at the 1:05 mark. A restart after a potentially dangerous call and Camillaci needed a fresh start. He explodes off the whistle and is out to cut the lead to 6-3, though its 7-3 with the RT point. Gurr says the best defense is a good offense and he shoots on Camillaci to get him warned for stalling. No more scores the rest of the way and Oregon State takes would may have been a pivotal bout. 

Gurr 7, Camillaci 3

Oregon State 10, Princeton 3

157: Isaiah Crosby, Oregon State vs Ty Whalen, Princeton

1st period: Both wrestlers come out swinging with nice flurries before Whalen times a slick slide-by to score first blood. Whalen had Crosby fighting off his back with a two-on-one tilt but Crosby wriggled free and then up to his feet for the escape. 2-1 half way through the period. Grosby counter attacks with a double leg that he finishes in one of the corners of the mat to take the lead 3-2. Crosby looks for nearfall points in a tilt of his own design but neither he can secure enough danger time. Crosby does get the rideout though and it's 3-2 going into the 2nd, riding time not yet a factor. 

2nd period: An escape within ten seconds ties it up, 3-3. Crosby drops down on a single though and converts to regain the lead, 5-3. Crosby working on with mat returns to keep Whalen on bottom, though to his credit Whalen continues to work for the escape. 20 seconds to go in the period, riding time at 1:30 for Crosby. No change as time runs out. 

3rd period: Crosby elects to start the period in neutral. Riding time will be locked up in 65 seconds if they stay in neutral that long. Crosby double legs Whalen into the Princeton bench but no score as they are out of bounds by a healthy margin. Next level change is much closer to the center of the mat and Crosby collects two more to make it 7-3. An escape and a takedown on the boundary, actually no takedown, but coach Pendleton wanted a stall call. Crosby gets the stall call on his next shot, and the takedown. 9-5 now. Another takedown makes it 11-5. Escape 11-6. Second stall and its 12-6. Time runs out and the RT point makes it 13-6, one shy of a major decision once again. Oregon State has now won four bouts in a row. 

Crosby 13, Whalen 6

Oregon State 13, Princeton 3

165: #18 Matthew Olguin, Oregon State vs #4 Quincy Monday, Princeton

1st period: The second marquee match of the event. Monday is a returning NCAA finalist taking on Olguin, a returning NCAA qualifier and fellow nationally ranked 165-pounder. Through the first 90 seconds, just about all the attacks have come from Monday, including a sequence that was stalemated that the Princeton bench wanted to see play out. Under a minute, still no scores. Monday knee slides into a single, cracks Olguin down to the mat but Olguin chest wraps and keeps his back perpendicular to keep the score 0-0 as the period expires. 

2nd period: Monday on bottom, sits, turns in, grabs a leg but eventually wrestles to neutral, now leading 1-0. Another shot by Monday. A scramble ensues. Monday gets the time he needs to finish this time, and he also gets the ride out to take a 3-0 lead into the final period.

3rd period: Olguin chooses bottom. He stands nearly instantly and is free. Monday in on a shot that's stalemated. One minute left in regulation. Olguin knee slides looking for a single but Monday scoots out of the way and Olguin gets air. Olguin pressures in, and with barely a second to spare, Olguin inside trips at the boundary and collects two. We're going to overtime!

Sudden Victory: Monday fires off the first shot. Olguin down blocks but Monday knee slides and wraps around the waist, then back down on the legs. He drops Olguin to his hip, circles around and takes the match in sudden victory! Monday calm and collected through it all. 

Monday 5, Olguin 3

Oregon State 13, Princeton 6

174: #22 Mateo Olmos, Oregon State vs Kole Mulhauser, Princeton

1st period: Pretty much every bout from here on is a must win for the Tigers. Can they get an upset to keep their hopes alive at 174? Right around the one minute mark we get a superb scramble. No scores but Olmos was close to a takedown, then Mulhauser was close to sitting the corner and suicide cradling Olmos, and then they were both back up their feet. No scores but we all enjoyed that flurry, didn't we folks? Olmos fires off a shot that gets Mulhauser dinged for stalling, his first warning. Mulhauser than shoots in, only for Olmost to leep frog over him and grab a hole of his legs. Make that a leg, as Mulhauser does the splits and avoids the takedown. The action-packed period ends paradoxically with goose eggs on the scoreboard. 

2nd period: Olmos chooses down and stands. He's out quickly to make it 1-0. About 40 seconds later he's in on a single leg which he finishes for the first offensive points of the bout and a 3-0 lead. Mulhauser fights all the way through but Olmos keeps him on the mat to keep the score 3-0 going into the third. 

3rd period: Mulhauser returns to the bottom position to try and escape in 9 seconds before riding time hits triple digies. He just barely doesn't make it, as the clock now reads 1:00. However, Mulhauser needs a takedown anyway, or a whole lot of stall calls, so it's mostly moot. It's even more mooted after Olmost gets another takedown off a single leg to extend his lead to four and run the riding time clock again in his favor. Mulhauser escapes with 20 seconds to go but RT is locked so it's essentially 6-2. That's how the bout ends, and Oregon State has all but wrapped this one up. 

Olmos 6, Mulhauser 2

Oregon State 15, Princeton 6

184: #7 Trey Munoz, Oregon State vs Nate Dugan, Princeton

1st period: Don't want to count anyone out until it's officially over but a decision here by Oregon State where they are heavy favorites would put the Beavers up by 12 with two bouts to go. Dugan gets the first takedown though so maybe I should stop trying to write the conclusion of this dual meet before it happens! Escape from Munoz makes it 2-1. Both wrestlers trade shots for the next couple of minutes, but it wasn't until the final 10 seconds that Munoz was able to convert a shot to a takedown. He rides out of the finals ticks of the clock to take a 3-2 lead into the second. 

2nd period: Dugan chooses down. Duggan stands with with riding time at 0:43 to make it 3-3. Munoz shoots him to the boundary, then slaps in double unders and walks him out of bounds to induce a stall call on Dugan. A solid shot by Dugan is stopped by Munoz who counters, grabs a leg and won't let go until he's got two more. That's how the period ends, 5-3 Munoz. 

3rd period: Munoz gets another turn underneath, and he's out quickly, making it 6-3 in his favor, RT not a factor. Dugan gets an accidental eye poke with 1:11 on the clock. Unfortunately for Princeton that means Munoz gets choice after injury time. Munoz chooses down and Dugan goes option start so he can try and catch up from neutral. We get some quality scrambles out of the final minute but no more scores and it ends in a regular decision for Munoz. 

Munoz 7, Dugan 3

Oregon State 18, Princeton 6

197: #19 Tanner Harvey, Oregon State vs #24 Luke Stout, Princeton

1st period: Our penultimate bout is between two ranked wrestlers. No scores late in the first, but we've had some stunning big-man scrambles so far, especially at about the two minute mark. Period ends 0-0 but it did not seem like a scoreless first. 

2nd period: Harvey will take bottom. Stout hustles to bring Harvey down a couple times with some well-timed mat returns but eventually Harvey escapes after 36 seconds of riding time. A couple more flurries but still no takedowns and a 1-0 lead for Harvey going into the third, though Stout will have choice. 

3rd period: Stout makes the expected choice and takes a turn on bottom. He stands, peels hands and is out in about 15 to tie it up 1-1. No criteria in folkstyle so we'll go to overtime if there are no changes to the score after another 90 seconds. Sout in on a shot but Harvey counters and they wrestle back to neutral after a dramatic flurry. Short time, Harvey shoots, Stout dives for an ankle, he's got a leg, tries to pass it, Harvey adjusts and he'll get the two in the literal final second! Doesn't get much closer than that. No challenge from the Princeton corner but that was about as close as it gets. 

Harvey 3, Stout 1

Oregon State 21, Princeton 6

285: J.J. Dixon, Oregon State vs Travis Stefanik, Princeton

1st period: Our final bout of the evening is underway! Stefanik with a throw-by double early and he takes down in the first 15 seconds. Dixon is up and out in 12 seconds and it's 2-1 in the first. Working from double unders Stefanik then reached in with a foot to trip Dixon down to the mat for another takedown.Stefanik sucks Dixon back into a crab ride, then pulls him back even further for two swipes just before time runs out. Stefanik takes a 6-1 lead into the second. 

2nd period: Stefanik chooses down. Stefanik is close to getting out a couple of times but Dixon found a way to knock him off balance and chewed up about a minute of clock. Riding time now ticking in Dixon's favor. Stefanik driven down to his stomach and Dixon is goign to get the rideout, a full two minutes, which gives him over a minute of riding time. 

3rd period: Dixon puts himself underneath with a chance to preserve the RT he built up, although he'll need more than an escape in any event. Dixon is out quickly, with 1:17 of RT. Stefanik leads 6-2 though. Under a minute, riding time won't be locked until nearly the end of the bout. No stalls on either wrestler. Stefanik shoots Dixon out of bounds with 33 seconds left. 10 seconds later Stefanik picks up his first stall call. Shot by Dixon with 12 seconds on the clock and Stefanik down blocks and spins behind for two more points. 8-3 will be the final as Princeton gets one more win. The dual will belong to Oregon State though, as they took 7 of 10 bouts and most of the swing bouts. 

Stefanik 8, Dixon 3

FINAL SCORE: Oregon State 21, Princeton 9

That's all from Austin. Thanks for watching. We know that you have many dual meet viewing options to choose from on a Friday night and we appreciate you tuning it to FloWrestling! Reading this live blog is very cool too and basically makes you smarter than all the other non-blog reading wrestling fans out there. Apologies for the typos, see you next time!