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2017 Who's #1 Hype Video

For the fifth year, the nation's premier high school dual, Who's #1, will return to Grace Hall on the campus of Lehigh University. Smack dab in the middle of the Lehigh Valley, Grace Hall is the perfect combination of the greatest technologies and rich wrestling tradition. 2,000 + fans seated just feet away from the wrestlers, provides one of the most intense and electric atmospheres in all of wrestling.

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113: No. 1 Malik Heinselman (CO) vs. No. 2 Kurt McHenry (MD)
120: No. 1 Robert Howard (NJ) vs. No. 4 Pat McKee (MN)
125: No. 1 Gracie Figueroa (CA) vs. No. 1 Macey Kilty (WI)
126: No. 1 Jordan Decatur (OH) vs. No. 2 Gavin Teasdale (PA)
132: No. 1 Roman Bravo-Young (AZ) vs. No. 2 Joey Silva (FL)
138: No. 1 Jacori Teemer (NY) vs No. 2 Mitch Moore (Ohio)
145: No.1 Anthony Artalona (FL) vs. No. 2 Sammy Sasso (PA)
152: No. 1 Will Lewan (IL) vs. No. 2 Brayton Lee (IN)
160: No. 1 David Carr (OH) vs. No. 2 Joe Lee (IN)
195: No. 1 Micheal Beard (PA) vs. No. 2 Gavin Hoffman (PA)

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