Kendric Maple | The Bader Show (Ep. 302)

Kendric Maple | The Bader Show (Ep. 302)

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Kendric Maple made a bet with Keegan O'Toole that if O'Toole won the 2021 Junior World Championships that Maple would wrestle at the 2022 US Open. Maple lost the best but entered the US Open at 65 kg...and won. 

0:00: Kendric Maple is the best storyline at US Open

2:00: Out of retirement. 

3:00: Why retire?

4:30: The bet.

6:00: Training regimen.

9:00: Tiger Style training.

11:00: Fear factor.

15:00: Peaking at the brackets.

17:30: Breaking down quarterfinals against Luke Pletcher.

21:30: Breaking down semifinal match against Pat Lugo.

23:00: Making weight.

24:30: Breaking down finals match against Matthew Kolodzik.

27:00: ‘I couldn’t see it going any other way.’

28:30: Kendric wants more.

30:00: Sweat it out.

34:30: I’m living day by day.

36:30: The final word.