Bader Show | Amit Elor

Bader Show | Amit Elor

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Watch "The Bader Show" replay with Amit Elor from August 25, 2021.

00:00 Intro

03:50 Family background

4:55 Introduction to wrestling

07:03 Family support

08:15 Deciding wrestling was the main focus

10:37 Deciding to focus only on freestyle

11:53 Training in New Jersey while being a California resident

15:58 Transitioning to make this run

18:33 Having the opportunity to be the best

19:07 A mix of different styles

20:24 Would Amit Elor try out for beach wrestling if it was an Olympic sport?

21:05 Murderers Row

22:07 Not competing at the senior WTT

24:30 2022

25:30 Difference wrestling males and females

26:58 Wrestling mentality

29:12 68 KG

30:07 Future competitions

30:55 Russia experience

32:30 Using social media 

34:30 Questions from Rich

38:15 Working with Jessica Medina

39:00 Outro