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Thomas Gilman

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Watch the replay of The Bader Show from Apr 13, 2021 with Thomas Gilman

0:00: Texas wrestling.

1:00: Thomas Gilman introduction.

2:00: Thomas Gilman came out of nowhere?

2:30: Do people like Thomas Gilman?

3:30: Early Olympic memories.

6:00: Olympic delusion.

8:30: Thomas Gilman’s first international wrestling experience.

10:00: “International wrestlers have an elusive feel.”

12:15: The best way to approach multiple styles of wrestling. 

14:00: Brad Hildebrandt’s influence on his career and achieving a higher level of discipline.

15:45: Getting rid of bad habits. 

17:45: Don’t feel too good?

19:30: No Nick Suriano or Spencer Lee at the Olympic Trials. 

20:45: Improving at the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club. 

23:45: Competing with love and not hate.

24:45: Is Thomas Gilman becoming a different person?

26:30: Buying into the NLWC system.

29:00: Learning from the Navy Seals.

30:30: War, combat, and wrestling go hand-in-hand.

32:30: “I’m going to do whatever it takes and sacrifice myself for the guy next to me.”

33:15: How does Thomas Gilman has fun?

35:30: Thomas Gilman is not a cat person but he has a cat.

36:30: Similarities and differences between Tom Brands and Cael Sanderson.

38:00: Thomas Gilman’s training partners.

40:00: The Olympic experience.

41:45: 2021 World Championships.

43:30: Where would Thomas Gilman go for a vacation?

45:00: Training internationally. 

46:00: Thomas is Gilman is on social media. What he likes and doesn’t like.

48:30: What makes a good cup of coffee?

50:30: NCAA watch party and cheering for Penn State over Iowa.

53:00: Are the 2024 Olympics are on Thomas Gilman’s radar?