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Jordan Oliver

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Watch the replay of The Bader Show from Apr 6, 2021 with Jordan Oliver

0:01 Jordan Oliver feels good after winning the Olympic Trials
0:02 Oliver’s first memory of the Olympics
0:05 JO believed he could be an Olympic champ at a young age
0:16 Jordan Oliver’s memories of the 2012 Olympic Trials
0:33 JO gained a lot from being Coleman Scott’s training partner in 2012
0:39 The process for Jordan Oliver moving up to 149 for his senior year
0:46 Jordan Oliver’s rivalry with Brent Metcalf
0:55 JO had no doubt he’d be ready heading into the 2021 Olympic Trials
1:08 Oliver’s preparation for the Last Chance Olympic Qualifier
1:12 Watching Coleman Scott’s extra qualifying process in 2012 is helping Jordan now
1:14 Jordan’s final word