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Gabe Dean

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Watch the replay of The Bader Show from Mar 30, 2021 with Gabe Dean

0:01 The first Olympics Gabe Dean remembers
0:03 Gabe didn’t have Olympic goals until recently
0:05 Coming out of retirement has been important for Gabe Dean
0:07 The passing of Gabe Dean’s uncle continues to give him perspective
0:08 The football players Gabe Dean used to follow as a kid
0:11 Gabe Dean’s transition from focusing on football to wrestling
0:13 Gabe didn’t follow wrestling closely in high school
0:16 The urgency Gave Dean had to be an All-American during his gap year
0:18 The time Cam Simaz made Gabe eat bbq wings because he went 0-2
0:21 Gabe Dean’s retirement from competition
0:25 Coaching and training with Kyle Dake helped Gabe get better
0:26 The moment Gabe knew he was all in for Olympic Trials
0:31 How Gabe felt about getting the win over Bo Nickal
0:32 Gabe’s visualization and approach to competing in the upcoming Olympic Trials
0:36 Gabe Dean’s wins & whoopins