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Shane Griffith

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Watch the replay of The Bader Show from Mar 24, 2021 with Shane Griffith

0:01 When Shane Griffith first heard Stanford was planning to drop wrestling

0:03 Coach Borrelli’s message to the team when the program was dropped

0:04 Shane Griffith thought about leaving Stanford for a while

0:06 The conversations between Shane Griffith and his teammates once the program was cut

0:08 COVID-19 had a major impact on training at Stanford

0:14 Wrestling training outside was weather dependent

0:15 The emotional toll of all of these COVID-19 restrictions

0:17 During December and January, Shane Griffith didn’t know if he would compete

0:19 Every day of the first half of January, Griffith thought Stanford might pull the plug

0:20 Shane knew the best thing he could do to save the program was to do his job on the mat

0:22 The black singlets made a statement about the internal family at Stanford

0:23 Stanford’s administration didn’t communicate much with the student athletes

0:25 How it felt to compete at NCAAs

0:27 Shane’s NCAA Championship experience and the fallout since then

0:37 How Shane has changed during the last year

0:38 If Shane Griffith gets to compete in a Stanford singlet again, he’ll know they’ve won

0:39 Shane’s thoughts about the future

0:40 Graduating from Stanford in 3 years is no joke

0:41 What it feels like to talk about the Stanford situation all the time

0:42 Coach Borrelli’s support during the last year

0:44 Stanford’s 15 day competition window

0:45 Shane Griffith’s final word