Jacarra Winchester | The Bader Show

Jacarra Winchester

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0:01 - Jacarra brings the heat to the show

0:05 - How has Jacarra’s routine adjusted over the pandemic - squatting at the OPTC - It’s me or the succulent - Jacarra can play video games during covid  

0:10 - when Jacarra comes over to play videos it is not to chill it is to fuck people up in Mortal Kombat

0:12 - Captains Cup - the difference between individual and team competitions - Jacarra’s prematch ritual - 

0:16 - Jacarra wrestled a dirty opponent, how she got over it. “I’m from Oakland, you’re not gonna punk me.”

0:18 - How did Jacarra develop as a wrestler. Started raw, went to Mizzou to train with Clarissa and Sammie

0:22 - how Jacarra watches film, on herself and others

0:24 - overseas experiences - Japan is her favorite - Mongolia was rough

0:27 - Why Sara McMann is her coach - still fights in the MMA

0:31 - Who awed Jacarra? Clarissa. What was it like meeting her

0:40 - Best win and worst whooping -