COVID-19 Ruins Michigan's Big Duals, Olympics Scare, Ben Is Fighting Jake Paul | FloWrestling Radio Live Ep. (602)

602. COVID-19 Ruins Michigan's Big Duals

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On episode 602 of FRL, the boys talk about COVID-19 ruining Michigan's big upcoming duals, the Olympics scare from last week, Teague Moore being out at American, NCAA weekend recap, and the news of Ben Askren fighting Jake Paul breaks on the show. 

Run of Show

0:00 - Bratke vents about his beloved Green Bay Packers

0:04 - We had an Olympics scare late last week, but the IOC and Japan said it’s still happening

0:06 - Penn State-Michigan State was on and then off

0:07 - The Michigan athletic department is ruining everything

0:13 - Gable tweeted Ben and said he was going to take his advice

0:15 - Who is actually better: Spencer or Gable?

0:22 - Breaking down the rest of Iowa-Minnesota

0:26 - Teague Moore out at American

0:28 - Stanford wore all black singlets with no Stanford branding on them

0:30 - Lance Runyon is a man to watch, he pins Anthony Mantanona

0:33 - The Ian Parker-Dom Demas series has been all over the place

0:34 - Chris Cannon is going to be problems

0:36 - Eric Barnett deck #3 Devin Schroder

0:38 - Ohio State is a really tough team to figure out

0:46 - Ben shares some really awesome thoughts on wrestlers developing in college

0:48 - Ariel Helwani breaks the news that Ben will fight Jake Paul

0:52 - Ben gets us back on track and talks about wrestlers developing in college

0:53 - Isaac Trumble storms onto the scene

01:00 - A new wrinkle to how you can qualify for the NCAA Championships this year

01:02 - Jake Paul’s statement on fighting Ben

01:08 - Questions from friends