Terry Steiner | The Bader Show (Ep. 149)

Terry Steiner

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0:01 Terry Steiner just got back from the Herni Deglane Grand Prix in France
0:03 The crazy COVID-19 situation in France
0:05 The rust that comes with a 10 month layoff
0:09 Assessing Team USA’s performance in France
0:15 Tamyra Mensah-Stock’s performance and match with Forrest Molinari
0:18 Coach Steiner’s thoughts on the Captains’ Cup
0:23 Steiner thinks Captains’ Cup matches should count toward Olympic Trials seeding
0:24 The competitions coming up for Team USA’s women
0:26 Does Coach Steiner ever get pissed off?
0:28 Gable’s influence on Steiner’s coaching
0:36 How Gable peaked Iowa teams for NCAAs and the time he kicked Terry out of the room
0:44 How Terry handles the different needs of different athletes, and Adeline specifically
0:52 Terry Steiner’s final word