Joey McKenna & J'den Cox | The Bader Show

Joey McKenna & J'den Cox

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0:01 How McKenna’s feeling about his match with Nahshon
0:03 What McKenna felt when he had to pull out of the 8-Man
0:05 How it felt to watch the 8-Man
0:07 McKenna’s preparation for Nahshon
0:08 How McKenna figured out how to wrestle freely
0:14 How important are the few minutes before a match?
0:17 What McKenna noticed watching Nahshon at the RTC Cup
0:19 McKenna compares his size to Nahshon’s
0:22 McKenna’s match with Yianni at Senior Nationals
0:33 McKenna’s thoughts on this weekend’s matches0:41 Joey McKenna asks J’den Cox about his 2021 New Year’s resolution
0:44 J’den asks McKenna who’s tougher between JO and Yianni
0:45 Does J’den Cox look like OJ Simpson?
0:47 J’den’s experience with COVID-19
0:54 How much time it takes to prepare for a match after being sick
0:56 The first few workouts after COVID-19
0:57 What J’den has been working on recently
1:00 J’den’s adjustment to 97 kg
1:01 J’den’s preparation for Hayden Zillmer
1:04 The difference between the two types of matches J’den had with Zillmer
1:06 When did J’den believe he was world-class
1:12 J’den’s plans to compete between now and the Olympic Trials
1:14 J’den makes predictions for Tamyra/Adeline and Taylor/Burroughs
1:21 Final word from J’den Cox