Bryce Meredith & Trent Hidlay | The Bader Show

Bryce Meredith & Trent Hidlay

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0:01 Trent Is here, how did he hear about the RTC Cup and what was training like

0:08 - Strategy for 5 AA opponents

0:13 - Trent almost missed the RTC Cup

0:25 - What was Trent expectations going to Cincinnati 

0:30 - Mental training 

0:40 - Smash bros - chair and tv - and the pop and shove it underhook

0:43 - Overlapping question with Bryce and Trent - How to market yourself as a wrestler

0:50 - Bryce’s thoughts on wrestlers as a business

0:54 - The path to MMA

0:57 - Bryce’s thoughts on the 8-Man bracket

1:02 - Why does Bryce take as many matches as he can?

1:05 - Best wins and worst whoopin

1:12 - The training situation down in Arizona.

replay of The Bader Show from Dec 8, 2020 on FloWrestling