Top Mercenaries & Wildcards At The RTC Cup | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 582)

582. RTC Cup Mercenaries & Wildcards

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On episode 582 of FRL, Ben, Bray, and Jon Kozak talk top mercenaries and wildcards at this weekend's RTC Cup.

Run of Show

0:00 - Ed Ruth accidentally called out a small child

0:04 - Gable Steveson promo. Is that the top match of the RTC Cup?

0:17 - What does a Mason Parris vs Nick Gwiazdowski look like?

0:22 - Reviewing UWW dual meet criteria

0:30 - Top mercenaries at the RTC Cup

0:41 - Wildcards who could make a big impact

0:54 - Top dual meet memories