Zeke Jones, Andy Barth, & Jonny Ruggiano | The Bader Show

Zeke Jones, Andy Barth, & Jonny Ruggiano

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0:01 Zeke Jones’ first memories of Jordan Burroughs
0:09 How is Burroughs at the same level now that he was in 2011?
0:11 Zeke’s thoughts on the Burroughs vs Zahid match
0:13 The game plan to beat Jordan Burroughs
0:14 Zeke Jones’ perspective on the college season
0:17 Arizona State’s COVID-19 protocols
0:18 Breaking down The Burroughs vs Zahid match
0:28 Zeke’s thoughts on a potential Burroughs vs Taylor match
0:31 ASU had a great signing day0:35 Zeke Jones asks Andy Barth how he feels about the vision and direction of USA Wrestling
0:37 Andy Barth asks Zeke Jones about the new group at Sunkist Kids
0:39 The inspiration for Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
0:43 Andy’s motivation to be so involved in wrestling
0:44 Jonny Ruggiano’s role with Titan Mercury
0:45 How the RTC Cup came together
0:49 The Pandemic opened the opportunity for this event
0:51 The long-term vision for Titan Mercury
0:54 Meaningful moments for TMWC
0:58 TMWC’s large-scale support of US athletes
1:00 Andy and Jonny are getting excited for the RTC Cup
1:07 Andy and Jonny’s thoughts on Burroughs vs Zahid
1:11 Andy and Jonny’s final word