Mark Perry | The Bader Show

Mark Perry

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0:01 Mark Perry’s intial thoughts about Burroughs vs Valencia
0:03 Zahid’s focus for this match with Burroughs
0:04 Why will Zahid have to go through hell to beat Burroughs?
0:07 How Mark Perry developed his philosophy of pushing athletes through hell and back
0:10 Comparing training for high level individuals to high level programs
0:13 The importance of good relationships between coaches and athletes
0:15 Mark Perry’s thoughts about women’s wrestling back in the day
0:18 When Perry grew to deeply appreciate women’s wrestling
0:21 Perry’s thoughts on Ragan vs Louive and Miracle vs Godinez
0:24 Mark Perry’s perspective on Echemendia vs Henderson
0:27 Life at Arizona State right now
0:30 Perry’s thoughts on how kids train at Thorougbred
0:32 Mark Perry’s wins & whoopin’s
0:37 Perry’s state finals mistake as a freshman
0:40 Mark Perry’s final word