Breaking Down The Bottom Half Of The 8-Man Bracket | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 568)

568. Bottom Half Of The 8-Man Bracket

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On episode 568 of FRL, the boys breakdown the bottom half of the 195 lbs 8-man bracket, state associations axing wrestling, and more.

Run of Show

0:00 - It’s really cold in Austin

0:01 - Ben is back to working outside

0:03 - State associations are canceling their seasons. What are the kids in those states going to do?

0:08 - Jumping into 8-man bracket talk. Sammy Brooks vs Nate Jackson is likely the best first round matchup

0:21 - Thoughts on Myles Martin vs Drew Foster

0:23 - We somehow start talking about ice cream, chicken, and pizza

0:31 - We finally get back to talking about Myles Martin and who he would want to see in the semis

0:35 - Alex Dieringer sadly tore his ACL, but is going to try and get back by the Olympic Trials

0:37 - We come back to Imo’s pizza and toasted ravioli 

0:39 - Questions from friends

0:55 - CP gets a DM from a very good wrestler wanting to wrestle another very good wrestler live on Flo