Brooks Wheelan & Gabe Dean | The Bader Show

Brooks Wheelan & Gabe Dean

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0:01 Brooks Wheelan’s early wrestling career
0:04 The eastern Iowa wrestling scene was insane when Brooks was growing up
0:09 Growing up in Iowa during a Hawkeye dynasty
0:10 The time Terry Brands hit Brooks’ brother with his shoe
0:13 Dan Gable’s motivational speeches
0:14 Brooks was excited for Zalesky to take over at Iowa
0:16 Wheelan’s friend was Brent Metcalf’s chemistry partner
0:19 Brandon Mason was a legend because he was from Western Iowa
0:20 Wrestling intermural tournaments at Iowa
0:21 Brooks got to see his youth wrestling buddies have major college success
0:24 Wrestling led Brooks to finding success in comedy
0:26 How Brooks became good at comedy
0:29 Dealing with adversity in comedy
0:31 Brooks plans comedy shows around wrestling events
0:32 Morningstar had a stack of brackets in his room
0:33 Studying biomedical engineering at Iowa
0:36 Brooks tried to wear a Waterloo West Wrestling shirt on SNL
0:38 How Brooks connects with people he has never met
0:41 Brooks Wheelan’s wins & whoopins0:42 Brooks Wheelan asks Gabe Dean how he’s feeling after coming out of retirement
0:44 Gabe Dean asks Brooks Wheelan how he fell in love with comedy
0:45 The time Gabe Dean pretended to be paralyzed after being headlocked by a girl
0:48 When Gabe Dean knew he would compete in the 8-man bracket
0:49 How hard training felt after having been coaching
0:54 The adjustments Gabe needs to make between now and the 8-man bracket
0:56 How coaching helped Gabe in competition
0:57 How competing helped Gabe approach his coaching
0:59 Losing an uncle gave Gabe a fresh perspective on competing
1:01 Gabe’s last tournament in 2017
1:03 How Gabe got over the struggles at the end of his career
1:05 Gabe knew he could compete again
1:06 Dake and Gabe’s unique approach to solving hard positions
1:10 Gabe’s thoughts about his path through the bracket
1:12 Gabe liked what he felt when he wrestled Lujan at Senior Nationals
1:13 Who does Gabe think will come out of the bottom side of the bracket?
1:17 Gabe Dean’s final word