Fresno State Drops Wrestling & Russian Nationals Results | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 564)

564. Fresno State Drops Wrestling

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On episode 564 of FRL, the boys discuss Fresno State dropping wrestling, Russian Nationals results, the second NLWC event, and more.

Run of Show

0:00 - CP and Bratke almost had a wardrobe malfunction today

0:01 - Szn 1 of The Wire hurt Ben

0:02 - Ben has ditched the crutches and is officially shooting high crotches 

0:03 - Fresno State drops wrestling after just reinstating a few years ago. What gives?

0:13 - Update on what Team USA will be doing this year with the Senior World Championships

0:15 - Everything you need to know about Russian Nationals

0:28 - Metcalf Episode 3 thoughts

0:38 - Changes coming to the PSAC schools

0:40 - Sadulaev’s quotes on Kyle Snyder and the losses he’s taken and winning vs money

0:45 - Beau Bartlett vs Bryce Meredith tonight...who you got? Thoughts on NLWC event

0:56 - A little Super 32 talk

01:05 - Questions from friends