8 Man Bracket Is Set, Senior Nationals Heating Up, Who's #1 Week | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 555)

555. 8 Man Bracket Is Set

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On episode 555 of FRL, the boys talk about the 8 man bracket being set, Senior Nationals registration heating up, and Who's #1 week is finally here.

Run of Show

0:00 - Kyle Bratke’s Green Bay Packers are 3-0. Remember that one time Bratke tried to sue Ben?

0:01 - Will Ben corner Tony Ramos on Friday night against Nicky Ryan?

0:03 - Rudis will be sponsoring Who’s #1 and how have they not gotten Cyon involved yet?

0:05 - Our 8 man bracket is set and straight fire

0:14 - Senior Nationals registration is starting to heat up

0:32 - Manny Rivera steps down at CSU Bakersfield

0:34 - Who’s #1 week is finally here

0:59 - We have more big news coming later this week

01:02 - Questions from friends