Thoughts On U23/Junior World Team Trials, METCALF Ep. 1 | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 554)

554. Thoughts On METCALF Ep. 1

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On episode 554 of FRL, the boys share their thoughts on METCALF Ep. 1, the announcement of U23 Nationals and Junior World Team Trials, and more.

Run of Show

0:00 - Overall impression on Metcalf Ep. 1

0:12 - U23 Nationals/UWW Junior World Team Trials date and location announced

0:13 - WE ARE...once again hearing about massive redshirts for Penn State this season. Who is eligible to take on and what would their lineup look like if they do that? 

0:17 - Could Iowa break the scoring record if a bunch of teams redshirt their best wrestlers?

0:21 - What college wrestlers will enter U23 Nationals or UWW Junior World Team Trials

0:31 - Bratke gives an update on what in the world the Pac-12 is doing with their life

0:36 - Alien Hour is back!

0:44 - Everyone in the podcast world is moving to Austin and we will be best friends with them all

0:47 - Sorry no more updates on the 8 man bracket at this moment

0:48 - Questions from friends