Wrestlers Throwing Shade On Twitter, Drafting The Matches We Want To See Most | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 528)

528. Drafting The Matches We Want To See Most

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On episode 528 of FRL, the boys talk about wrestlers throwing shade on Twitter, talk about the matches they want to see the most, and answer the many great questions from friends. 

Run of Show

0:00 - We find out that stump grinders are very expensive

0:02 - Burroughs throws a little shade at Dake on Twitter after he beat Chamizo

0:03 - Does the Dake-Chamizo result impact your feelings about a Dake-Burroughs matchup?

0:13 - J’den Cox wants a match with David Taylor before DT takes on Sadulaev

0:17 - Explaining the Astros cheating scandal to Ben

0:20 - Bratke invites Saduleav to stay at his house

0:21 - Ben talks a little more about his conversation with Kyle Dake and his training philosophy

0:26 - Drafting makes that we want to see

0:43 - Austin DeSanto does have freestyle experience and the story is great

0:44 - Questions from friends