Luke Pletcher On His Match With Darrion Caldwell | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 522)

522. Luke Pletcher On Darrion Caldwell

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On episode 522 of FRL, Luke Pletcher joins the show to discuss his matchup with Darrion Caldwell, the boys give an update on the possibility of World Championships happening in 2020, Jenna Burkert on the move, an update on Bellarmine, and more.

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben’s got to do his taxes

0:01 - The arena the World Championships is supposed to be at is currently a COVID hospital

0:07 - Bellarmine moving up to D1 and will join SoCon

0:10 - Jenna Burkert to the Southeast RTC

0:12 - Update on Bellarmine’s postseason status

0:14 - Luke Pletcher hops on

0:15 - Pletcher breaks down how he got on the card

0:17 - Luke really doesn’t understand how wrestlers can say no to wrestling for money

0:20 - Reaction to everyone wanting to wrestle him after Ashnault withdrew 

0:21 - How familiar is Luke with Darrion Caldwell and how will he prepare for the match?

0:25 - Ben really wants Luke to watch Lang-Caldwell

0:26 - Luke gives us some insight into his training situation 

0:29 - Luke wasn’t surprised to learn that Caldwell didn’t know who he was

0:30 - Luke is planning on hitting a turn in this match 

0:31 - A couple questions from friends about Luke’s NCAA career

0:36 - Luke hops off but is excited to put on a show

0:38 - What the event will look like on the 25th 

0:40 - What made Darrion want to come back to the mat, how wrestling training is different from MMA

0:43 - Darrion said he would have beat Kyle Dake in 2011 if he was healthy

0:48 - How the Caldwell-Pletcher match came to be

0:50 - Ben is fascinated with how people become stars

0:55 - Ben has a question about college football

0:58 - More talk on Luke Pletcher’s weight classes while in college

0:59 - Questions from friends