Oklahoma State Depth Chart & Potential Lineups, Previewing 149 & 157 | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 504)

504. Oklahoma State Depth Chart

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On episode 504 of FRL, the boys discuss Oklahoma State's depth chart and potential lineups for this season and preview 149 and 157 for next year.

Run of Show 

0:00 - We are all wearing shirts to suck up with people 

0:01 - Ben misses us starting each show with the area code 

0:03 - Oklahoma State depth chart and potential lineup possibilities 

0:25 - Previewing 149 for next season: If Yianni moves up, can anyone beat him? 

0:32 - Taking a look at 157 next year: Is David Carr on Deakin and Hidlay’s level? 

0:38 - A little redshirt report talk 0:40 - Ben had a friend who tried to rig a scale 

0:42 - How does Anthony Echmendia stack up against Yianni, Jaydin Eierman, Nick Lee, and Dom Demas? 

0:46 - We have a chat feature on the app now and people think standing on their head helps lose weight 

0:53 - Ben has a theory of espresso helping him lose weight 

0:56 - Jon Kozak’s stats on most matches wrestled by senior level freestyle athletes 

0:59 - Questions from friends