Previewing 125, Can Anyone Challenge Iowa Next Season? | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 501)

501. Can Anyone Challenge Iowa?

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On episode 501 of FRL, the boys take an early look at 2020-21 NCAA team race, preview 125, and talk a good amount about Sebastian Rivera's weight.

Run of Show 

0:00 - CP has one more point on the talent debate 

0:06 - An update from the training camp going down in Oklahoma 

0:07 - Should Michigan redshirt Micic, Massa, Amine again since Iowa is so good? 

0:09 - What does Penn State look like over the next two seasons? 

0:10 - Back to Michigan lineup possibilities 

0:12 - How many title contenders does Iowa have next season? 

0:13 - It’s hard to leave fire power on the bench 

0:15 - The future of Penn State wrestling 

0:20 - Over/under 125 points at the NCAA Championships for Iowa this season 

0:21 - Cornell can make things interesting next season, but their best shot may be in 2022 

0:22 - 2022 NCAAs are in Detroit… 

0:22 - Pres also did another pizza review for Imos...we’re still taking it over Joe Exotic’s pizza 

0:25 - People are mad that wrestlers are training in Oklahoma 

0:29 - Another update on sports returning, college ADs and Presidents keep disagreeing 

0:33 - Hands on knees better for resting but what about body language? (Helen Maroulis vs Chris Bono) 

0:44 - Would you go to a dual held today? 

0:46 - Henry Cejudo going to go to Iowa City to train with Spencer 

0:48 - Previewing 125 for the 2020-21 season 

0:49 - Northwestern has some options if Sebastian Rivera goes up to 141 

0:51 - Who wins between Sebastian River and Nick Lee? 

0:56 - Tougher weight next season: 133 or 141? 

0:58 -  Evidence of the stink bug, Sebastian Rivera 

0:59 - Jose Rodriguez update 

01:01 - Ben wants CP to move to Puerto Rico 

01:03 - Ben almost got in a street fight with a man who could kill him with death touches 

01:06 - Bratke has a karate video ready to show the world 

01:07 - Bigger threat to Spencer: Glory or Vito? 

01:10 - 125-pounders that could surprise people 

01:12 - Ben proclaims himself the best pinner in NCAA history 

01:15 - Questions from friends