FRL 379: What Inspired Ethan Lizak To Comeback Against Nick Piccininni And Final X Confidence Picks


Minutes 0:00 - No Willie today, he’s in Italy 0:01 - The NFHS proposal to reduce weights will not reduce opportunity at the high school level 0:10 - Should we be concerned about a Willie gout flareup in Italy? 0:11 - G’Angelo Hancock is in the Sassari finals 0:12 - What is Russia’s team shaping up to look like? 0:26 - Birthday wishes to Mike Mal, Eric Bush, and Ryan Pyles 0:28 - Lock Haven is adding women’s wrestling! 0:29 - Ethan Lizak is in the building 0:38 - The most anticipated Kyle Bratke’s Alien Hour of all-time 0:55 - Final X confidence picks 1:08 - Questions from Friends