picture of 2020 Who's #1

Completed , Feb 7-8, 2020

What's the best way to find out Who's Number One? Head-to-head matches between the top-ranked grapplers in the game! You can watch Who's Number One LIVE on FloGrappling on February 8. Click here for tickets to watch the event in person in Costa Mesa CA. 

Who’s #1 was a great success this past weekend, with the top-ranked athletes showing up and putting on spectacular matches in Costa Mesa, California. The #1-ranked athletes in the FloGrappling rankings defended their top spot in nine of the night's bouts, with #1 only losing in three of those nine matches.

Black Belt

Victor Hugo defeats Nicholas Meregali 2-0 – watch video

Roberto Jimenez defeats Keenan Cornelius 6-4 – watch video

Brown Belt

Tainan Dalpra defeats Mike Khatchikian via choke – watch video

Adam Bradley defeats Dante Cano 4-4, 2-1 adv – watch video

Meyram Alves defeats Joshua Cisneros 4-0 – watch video

Conner DeAngelis defeats Miha Perhavec 12-0 – watch video

Jessa Khan defeats Vicky Hoang via toehold – watch video

Andy Murasaki defeats Lucas Protasio via split decision – watch video

Micael Galvao defeats Mateus Rodrigues via choke – watch video

Purple Belt

Tye Ruotolo defeats Jhonathan Pessanha via decision – watch video

Lucas Montalvao defeats Elder Cruz 0-0, 4-0 adv – watch video

Rico Staton defeats Robin Bohlin via 2-2, 4-1 adv – watch video

Jansen Gomes defeats Rui Alves via 2-0 – watch video

Nsima Inyang defeats Chad Wesley Smith via armbar – watch video

Blue Belt

Gustavo Ogawa defeats Jonah Gratt via armbar – watch video

Andrew Tackett defeats Dominic Mejia 8-6 – watch video

Cole Abate defeats Sebastian Oyervidez via triangle armbar – watch video

Undercard (Fight to Win rules matches) 

Black Belts

Marcus Norat defeats Cleber Luciano decision * becomes Masters Lightweight Champion

Stephen Martinez defats Jason Butcher North South Choke SOTN

Donald Bailey defeats PJ Montano armbar

Omar Sabha Defeats Alexandre Dos Santots Decision

Noah Arnold Tillis defeats Jose De Jesus Gutierrez Decsion

Kuhio Tabancura defeats Robson Lopes de Rezende Split Decision FOTN

Wes Levine defeats Fabio Trindade decision

Jason Medina defeats Robert Lopez decision

John Thomas defeats Thiago Angelon decision

Philip Fitzpatrick defeats Brian Mendez decision

Tat Dang Khoa Jimmy defeats Clifton Teshima Split Decision

Brown Betls

Joshua Valles defeats Sanni Wehbe heel hook SOTN

Albert Tapiadefeats Alfredo Munoz North South Choke

Benjamin Bieker defeats Brent Buskirk decision FOTN

Purple Belts

Anthony Aguilera defeats Javier Pompa Sosa Decision