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Feb 26, 2017

FloWrestling is once again proud to stream The National Collegiate Open Wrestling Championship. The National Collegiate Open serves as a post season championship for NCAA Division-I athletes that are not wrestling in their school's national qualifying tournament.


National Collegiate Open


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The National Collegiate Open serves as a post season championship for NCAA Division-I athletes that are not wrestling in their school's national qualifying tournament.
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Finals Results

125Brandon Cray (Maryland) DEC Brendan Howard (Clarion), 3-0
133Montorie Bridges (Wyoming) DEC Taylor Lamont (Utah Valley), 2-1 TB2
141AC Headlee (North Carolina) DEC Will Clark (NC State), 3-2
149Kennedy Monday (North Carolina) MD Chris Yankowich (Virginia), 10-1
157Luke Weiland (Army West Point) DEC James Saylor (USMAPS), 4-0
165Hayden Hidlay (NC State) DEC Luke Drugac (Old Dominion), 8-1
174Noah Stewart (Army West Point) MD Tyler Askey (Virginia), 11-1
184Peter Renda (NC State) DEC Max Dean (Open), 10-3
197Ben Darmstadt (Open) DEC Nicky Hall (NC State), 5-0
285Michael Hughes (Hofstra) DQ Michael Rogers (NC State), 3:32

Semifinal Results

Brandon Cray MD (Maryland) F Charles Lenox NC (NC State), 3:41
Brendan Howard PA (Clarion) DEC Gage Curry DC (American), 3-2

Taylor Lamont (Utah Valley) MD Angelo Barberio (American), 9-0
Montorie Bridges WY (Wyoming) DEC Brett Kulp PA (Franklin & Marshall), 9-5

Will Clark (NC State) DEC Mark Mccormick (Rider), 3-1
AC Headlee (North Carolina) F Joe Calderone (LIU Post), 2:35

Kennedy Monday NC (North Carolina) DEC Kyler Rea WV (West Virginia), 4-1
Chris Yankowich (Virginia) DEC Josh Mcclure (North Carolina), 8-2

Luke Weiland NY (Army West Point) MD Laken Cook NC (Appalachian State), 11-2
James Saylor (USMAPS) F Nigel Ruiz (Army West Point), 4:03

Luke Drugac (Old Dominion) DEC Daquon Wilson (Limestone), 7-1
Hayden Hidlay (NC State) DEC Devin Austin (Pitt-Johnstown), 6-5

Noah Stewart NY (Army West Point) DEC Daniel Bullard NC (NC State), 11-5
Tyler Askey (Virginia) MD Abner Romero (Old Dominion), 9-0

Max Dean (Open) DEC Greg Bulsak PA (Clarion), 9-5
Peter Renda (NC State) DEC Gregg Harvey (Pittsburgh), 2-0

Ben Darmstadt (Open) DEC Jay Aiello VA (Virginia), 6-0
Nicky Hall (NC State) DEC Kevin Mulligan (Rutgers), 3-1 SV

Michael Rogers NC (NC State) DEC Andrew Gunning NC (North Carolina), 2-1
Michael Hughes NY (Hofstra) F Antonio Pelusi PA (Franklin & Marshall), 2:01

Quarterfinal Results

Charles Lenox NC (NC State) DEC Ryan Hetrick NY (USMAPS), 5-4
Brandon Cray MD (Maryland) DEC James Sass SC (Limestone), 3-0
Brendan Howard PA (Clarion) DEC Tommy Cox NC (NC State), 5-3 SV
Gage Curry DC (American) MD Jonathan Tropea NJ (Rider), 13-3

Taylor Lamont UT (Utah Valley) DEC Tariq Wilson NC (NC State), 12-6
Angelo Barberio DC (American) DEC Parker Walton NC (Duke), 2-0
Brett Kulp PA (Franklin & Marshall) DEC Josh Patrick NJ (Rutgers), 3-2
Montorie Bridges WY (Wyoming) F Connor Wallace VA (Old Dominion), 2:35

Mark Mccormick NJ (Rider) DEC Jordan Reich NJ (Princeton), 3-1 TB2
Will Clark NC (NC State) DEC Kizhan Clarke DC (American), 2-1 TB2
Joe Calderone NY (LIU Post) F Jake Nicholson NY (Binghamton), 5:35
Ac Headlee NC (North Carolina) DEC Jamel Morris NC (NC State), 6-4

Kyler Rea WV (West Virginia) DEC Beau Donahue NC (NC State), 19-16
Kennedy Monday NC (North Carolina) MD Collin Glorioso PA (Lock Haven), 13-0
Josh Mcclure NC (North Carolina) DEC Miller Clark NC (Appalachian State), 6-3
Chris Yankowich VA (Virginia) DEC Nick Noel NY (Army West Point), 8-1

Laken Cook NC (Appalachian State) MD Wade Hodges MD (Maryland), 11-3
Luke Weiland NY (Army West Point) DEC Will Verallis VA (Old Dominion), 7-0
James Saylor NY (USMAPS) DEC Chris Mauriello VA (Old Dominion), 8-7
Nigel Ruiz NY (Army West Point) F Gary Dinmore NJ (Rider), 6:17

Daquon Wilson SC (Limestone) DEC Anthony Olivieri NY (Hofstra), 9-7
Luke Drugac (Old Dominion) DEC Ryan Lopez (West Virginia), 10-4
Hayden Hidlay NC (NC State) TF Matthew Gancayco NJ (Princeton), 20-5 7:00
Devin Austin (Pitt-Johnstown) DEC Brett Donner (Rutgers), 8-2

Daniel Bullard NC (NC State) F Christian Price OH (Ashland), 0:57
Noah Stewart (Army West Point) F Owen Brooks (Drexel), 2:24
Tyler Askey VA (Virginia) MD Terrell Forbes VA (Old Dominion), 12-4
Abner Romero (Old Dominion) DEC Nunzio Crowley (Binghamton), 10-6

Greg Bulsak PA (Clarion) DEC Stephen Loiseau PA (Drexel), 6-1
Max Dean (Open) DEC Alan Clothier NC (Appalachian State), 9-6
Gregg Harvey PA (Pittsburgh) DEC Alex Hopkins NY (Army West Point), 5-1
Peter Renda (NC State) TF Steve Decius (Limestone), 20-2 5:53

Ben Darmstadt (Open) F Trey Hartsock (Lock Haven), 2:25
Jay Aiello VA (Virginia) DEC Terrell Fields PA (Clarion), 6-2
Kevin Mulligan NJ (Rutgers) MD Nick Mcshea MD (Maryland), 12-0
Nicky Hall (NC State) DEC Michael Carfagno (Rider), 5-2

Michael Rogers (NC State) MD Christian Araneo (Princeton), 9-0
Andrew Gunning (North Carolina) DEC Brylee Shumaker (Clarion), 7-3
Michael Hughes (Hofstra) F Mike Markulec (Princeton), 1:41
Antonio Pelusi PA (Franklin & Marshall) DEC Ralph Normandia NJ (Rutgers), 5-2