2015 National Duals
Iowa City, IA
Feb 20-23, 2015
Show Results


Finals Results:

The Missouri Tigers captured the National Duals title on Sunday. The finals featured the last two unbeaten squads as Missouri took on Iowa and beat them 6 bouts to 4.

Below are the running notes bout-by-bout.

1st Place: #4 Missouri 18, #1 Iowa, 12
125:#1 Alan Waters DEC #5 Thomas Gilman, 5-4 TB1
1st Period: Gilman sporting a full leg wrap on his left leg.  Wrestling on their knees as is common for Waters, tight collar tie.  Ref stalemates them twice, wants more action than that. No attempts 2 minutes in.  Period ends scoreless with no real attempts.

2nd Period: Waters takes bottom.  First attempt to his feet is rejected.  They go out of bounds.  Waters tries a switch 45 seconds in but Gilman does not allow.  Now Waters out to the side with a whizzer, trying to step behind for a reversal.  Ref stops it for potentially dangerous or out of bounds. 45 seconds left.  Waters escapes with 30 seconds left.  They go out of bounds and Waters keeps wrestling a good 3 seconds after the whistle.  Period ends.

3rd Period: Gilman takes neutral since he has 1:30 RT on the board. A minute left on the clock.  40... 30 and stalemate.  Not a lot of attempts.  20.... 15... 10... 5... heading to OT.

SV1: Gilman with an underhook, works for something and Waters tries to pancake him, but no points.Period ends.

TB1a: Waters on bottom.  Off the whistle, a locking hands call on Gilman and Waters switches him successfully!  Score is now 4-1, Waters. 

TB2b: Waters just clamps on TIGHT and Gilman throws himself back.  The ref stops it to warn someone.  Gilman is angry and attacks Waters' legs after the whistle and Waters got off.  Waters amps up the crowd.  Ref gives Waters a point for a slam, gives Gilman a point for Waters' unsportsmanlike conduct.  (I may be wrong about the reasons for the points, but that's my guess and both guys were awarded penalty points).  Back at it, Waters clamps on BUT Gilman clamps on to a head and arm to reverse him to his back!!!! Not enough time for backpoints though.  Waters wins 5-4 and tortures the crowd.  Lots of antics on the bench and the crowd explodes with "LET'S GO HAWKS!" Terry Brands is riled up!!!

133: #6 Cory Clark DEC Zach Synon
, 7-2
1st Period: Clark working for a Russian tie.  Synon in on a single and gets around for the takedown!  Rides him looses for 11 seconds before Clark breaks free.  Hard handfighting from Clark.  Clark in on a single, gets to his feet with it, trying to tree top.  They go out of bounds and the crowd boos wildly. Clark continues to attack but can't get any points.

2nd Period: Clark up and out, 2-2.  Synon counters Clark's aggressive handfighting by dropping to a single.  Clark manages to turn it into his own takedown, 4-2 for Clark now.  Crowd is lobbying for a stall call on the bottom guy, and the ref ccalls it.  Clark riding very tough, Synon is pretty flat.  Gets up to his base late, but can't escape.

3rd Period: Synon on bottom.  Early switch attempt is denied.  Flat now, Clark driving around from the side and Synon stays flat, so the ref dings him again for a stalling point.  Clark PRYING hard for a hammer lock, can't get it.  Clark working him hard, the crowd is loving it.  Synon to his base, Clark butt drags him back down.  Stalling point agian.  Clark throws in a leg, abusing Synon's head to humiliate him.  Clark wins 7-2 after RT.

#7 Lavion Mayes DEC #6 Josh Dziewa, 13-6
1st Period: Dziewa gives Mayes a couple legal slaps early, to set the tone.  Dziewa working the head but Mayes isn't intimidated, drops to a leg once or twice.  Mayes double leg and finishes on the edge 45 secs in.  Restart at the center.  Dziewa stands up threw Mayes' attempted spiral ride.  Escape.  Dziewa again heavy with the hands but Mayes just drops to leg.  Dziewa's handfighting is favoring Mayes.  Another double leg, another takedown.  1:30 left in the period.  Dziewa escapes.  Shot Dziewa, no good.  A minute left.  Mayes double, Mayes takedown.  6-2.  Out of bounds.  Dziewa gets to his feet, Mayes hangs on a long time because he's hoping to ride out the period and gets dinged for stalling for not returning him.  Period ends.  Mayes takes 1:17 RT into the 2nd period.

2nd Period: Dziewa on bottom.  Mayes locks up a near side cradle, works to side.  Lets it go. Dziewa turns in, Mayes gets back around.  Dziewa escapes.  A minute left.  Dziewa having a hard time succeeeding with anything but escaping.  Another double for Mayes.  Takedown, 8-3.  Escape Dziewa, 8-4.  Period ends.

3rd Period: Mayes takes neutral.  Shot Mayes, defended.  Shot Mayes, cuts to side and they go out of bounds.  Shot Mayes, they go out of bounds and the ref warns Dziewa for stalling.  half shot single leg attempt by Mayes.  Mayes runs back to center and doubles him out of bounds for a takedown.  10-4, 11-4 with RT.  Cuts him on the restart.  10-5.  Needs one more takedown.  Double leg on the edge.  Mayes needs to ride 17 seconds to end the match with a major.  Dziewa up and out, Mayes frantic for a takedown.  Time runs out.  13-6.

#4 Drake Houdashelt DEC #1 Brandon Sorensen, 2-1
1st Period: This is a big one.  Shot from distance from Drake, they go out of bounds.  Another shot for Drake.  Reshot Sorenson, no real penetration from either guy's attempts.  A minute left.  Shot Houdashelt, nothing.  Period ends.

2nd Period: Sorenson takes bottom.  Sorenson works to his feet, Drake brings him down.  Out of bounds.  30 seconds in.  Both guys working tenaciously.  Out of bounds again.  Caution Houda on the restart.  Sorenson to his feet and Houdashelt runs him out of bounds, the crowd wants a stall call.  Again to his feet, Houda returns him and they go out of bounds.  RT at 53 seconds now.  Same sequence, Houda gets a stalling warning but his RT is up to 59 seconds.  Drake continues to force a ride at the risk of stall calls and maintains control.  RT up to 1:18.  Out of bounds.  Sorenson up, Drake snags an ankle and trips him back down.  30 seconds remain.  20.... 15... Bad position for Sorenson.  Period ends.  Ride out for Houdashelt.

3rd Period: Houdashelt takes bottom.  Out in 5 seconds.  A lot of pushing from the collar tie from Sorenson but nothing close to an attack.  Crowd is upset, nonetheless.  "He's stalling!"  Ankle pick attempt from Iowa, nothing.  "Boooooo!" A bit later, Sorenson does get a stalling point, but it's not enough.  Match ends, 2-1 after RT.

Mizzou has done very well for themselves in these early swing matches.

157: #18 Joey Lavallee DEC #14 Mike Kelly, 6-1
1st Period: Front headlock for Kelly, stalemate.  A lot of hard handfighting but no leg attacks.  Kelly is the guy taking ground, for what that's worth.  Shot Lavallee, not able to get behind.  Leg sweep attempt from Kelly, unsuccessful.  45 seconds left.  Deep attack by Lavallee, Kelly buries his head and has the rear ankle, trying to free up his leg to spin behind.  Stalemate with 15 seconds left.  Period ends.

2nd Period: Kelly takes bottom.  Faces a spiral ride from Lavallee.  To his feet, Lavallee returns him and they go out of bounds.  Kelly gets out after 1:04.  Lavallee head inside single leg and takedown.  2-1 for Lavallee.  This would be a huge win for Mizzou.  Kelly kicking out, Kelly drops to an ankle and works back out.  Out of bounds.  Mizzou doing a great job riding Iowa out of bounds in this dual--Iowa having a very hard time from bottom despite making space frequently.  Period ends.

3rd Period: Lavallee on bottom, out in 7 seconds.  Lavallee maintains 1:33 RT.  In on a single quickly, trying to come out the back door.  Stalemate.  1 minute left.  Kelly in on a shot, Lavallee reshots and they go out of bounds.  Lavallee pancakes a desparate Kelly attack for 2 points.  Period ends. 

Both teams came to wrestle today, Mizzou seems to be getting more leg attacks though, and winning on the mat, too. 

165: #12 Nick Moore DEC Mike England, 3-2
1st Period: Moore bullrushes England, breaks him to his side and nearly pancakes him, but they go out of bounds before any points can be scored.  Double leg by England, stuff by Moore's hips.  15 seconds... period ends.

2nd Period: England on bottom, out in 4 seconds.  Moore takedown.  England out again in 3 seconds.  Shot England deep, stuffed again by hips.  Transitions back up on his feet.  2-2 score.  Period ends.

3rd Period: Moore takes bottom.  To his feet and able to turn in 30 seconds into the period. 3-2.  Shot attempt by Moore, nothing.  A minute left.  30 seconds left.  Moore appears to have the wrestling edge, but England beats him in tattoos.  Match ends. 

Dual score is now 12-6, Mizzou.

174: #3 Mike Evans DEC #5 John Eblen, 4-1
1st Period: Russian tie for Eblen.... Not a lot going on after a minute.  Slide by attempt by Eblen, gets behind but Evans turns in without going down at all.  Halfway through the stanza.  Hi-C attempt by Evans, doesn't commit to it.  Shot Eblen, no penetration.  Eblen trying some upper body stuff, but not feeling anything.  A minute left.  Slide by attempt from Eblen.  Shot Eblen, reshot Evans, period ends.

2nd Period:
Eblen on bottom.  To his feet but Evans throws his ankle into the air to maintain his position on top.  Eblen to his feet but Evans forward pressure sends him back down.  Now Eblen up and out for an escape on the edge 42 seconds into the period.  Half shot by Evans.  A minute later, nothing.  Period gon' end. 

3rd Period:  Evans on bottom.  Up and turns in after 12 seconds.  1-1.  Shot Eblen, reshot Evans, no points.  45 seconds remain.  Evans reshot single and finishes it with 35 seconds left.  Out of bounds.  Evans riding tough.  Will get riding time, tilt as time runs out.  4-1. 

Dual score now 12-9, Mizzou.  Brooks is sitting at 184--Alex Meyers will wrestle for Iowa. 

9 Willie Miklus DEC Alex Meyers, 6-5
1st Period: Guys jockeying for Russian ties.  Miklus drops to a single, cuts double, Meyers stands him up.  Halfway through period now... now 2 minutes past.  45 seconds remain... 30... 20... 10... Over.  Not a lot of action.

2nd Period:
Miklus starts bottom.   Out in ten seconds and then scores on a single leg.  Nearly gets points on a tilt but can't get a 2 count.  Meyers to his feet, escapes AND gets a locked hands point.  That's big.  Miklus leading 3-2.  20 seconds remain.  Shot Meyers, trying to pull Miklus in.  Crowd wants a takedown called (justifiably).  Ref hesistates but awards it.  Meyers takes a 4-3 lead into the third period.

3rd Period:
Meyers on bottom.  Miklus fighting deserately to get the RT over a minute and he does it.  1:31 remains.  Meyers escapes with RT clock at 1:08 in Miklus favor.  Miklus shot, great scramble, takedown Miklus.  They go out of bounds.  Brands will challenge whether or not there was an escape.  Score is 5-5.  Miklus on top, has 1:11 RT.  Meyers to his feet but Miklus flops him back down.  Spiral ride.  Meyers to his feet, returned by Miklus.  30 seconds left.  Stalling warning on Miklus with 5 seconds left.  Match ends.  6-5 after RT.  Miklus kisses the crowd. 

Mizzou leads 15-9.

197: #6 Nathan Burak v. #1 J’den Cox
1st Period: Cox is elegantly ballroom dancing out there, quite elegant to the eye.  1:40 remaining.  60 seconds remain... 50... 40... Cox wants space and shots, Burak wants ties.  Snap and switch sides from Cox, but no deep attack.  15 seconds left.  Over.

2nd Period:
Burak on bottom.  Cox hooks his ankle with his leg and crunches from the side.  Spiral ride now.  1 minute left... 50 seconds... Burak to his feet, Cox follows a long time, gets a stall call and lets him go.  Collected 1:25 RT.  20 seconds left.  10... Over.

3rd Period: Cox on bottom.  Cox to his feet and out in 3 seconds.  Cox shoots him off the mat.  Burak pancake attempt, no good.  90 seconds remain.  60... Stall call on Cox, and a point!  Cox kicks into high gear and gets a double leg on the second attempt!  3-2, Cox.  26 seconds remain, he has RT locked up.  Escape Burak, he needs a takedown.  Not gonna happen.  4-3, final.  Crowd boos with sour grapes.

Dual score is 18-9, Mizzou, which ices this dual.

285: #3 Bobby Telford DEC #16 Devon Mellon, 6-3
1st Period: Telford on the offensive!  Snaps Mellon like a carrot, takedown.  Flattens him out now.  Mellon escapes after a 44 second ride.  60 seconds remain... 50... 10... Period ends.

2nd Period:
Mellon on bottom.  Out just after Telford's RT gets to 1:02.  Snatch single attempt on the edge by Telford, they go out, but Mellon gets warned for stalling.  2-2 as the period ends.

3rd Period
: Telford on bottom.  Up and out, RT is down to 58.  Telford single on the edge, gets the other leg for a takedown.  5-2.  53 seconds left.  Escape Mellon, but Bobby has 1:07 RT now.  30 seconds left.  6-3 final.

3rd Place: #6 Cornell 22, #20 Lehigh 15
125: #3 Nahshon Garrett by forfeit.

133: #11 Mason Beckman DEC Mark Grey, 6-2
1st Period: Takedown, Beckman.  Grey escapes after 20 secs.  Beckman Hi-C attempt in the last 15 seconds but can't finish it.

2nd Period
: Grey starts bottom. He escapes and Beckman takes him down. 4-2.

3rd Period
: Beckman takes bottom.

Randy Cruz DEC Logan David, 8-6

149: #6 Chris Villalonga MAJ Drew Longo, 11-2

157: #4 Brian Realbuto DEC Mitch Minotti, 5-3

165: #11 Dylan Palacio DEC Marshall Peppelman, 6-4

Santiago Martinez DEC Duke Pickett, 2-1

184: #1 Gabe Dean DEC #3 Nate Brown, 7-2

1st Period: Scoreless first period.
2nd Period
: Dean starts down, gets reversal.

197: #12 Jace Bennett DEC #15 Elliot Riddick, 4-1

Doug Vollaro by Forfeit.

Semifinal Results:

#1 Iowa 24, #6 Cornell 8
125: #5 Thomas Gilman (Iowa) DEC #3 Nahshon Garrett (Cornell), 3-1
1st Period: The two get a little chippy heading out of bounds, gets the crowd cheering but nothing too big.  Uneventful period on the whole, ends scoreless.

2nd Period: Gilman chooses down. Escapes after 12 seconds, leads 1-0. Single leg Gilman, head inside.  Garrett whizzers for a bit but then elevates nearly to his own TD, but they go out of bounds!  Nice flurry.  Period ends 1-0, Gilman.

3rd Period
: Garrett takes down.  Escapes quickly.  Stalling warning on Garrett as he backs out of bounds.  Double leg for Nahshon, but he can't come close to finishing.  The hand fighting is picking up.  Head inside single for Gilman, Garrett snatches his ankle to try to steal the takedown but GILMAN winds up on top with 12 seconds to go! 3-1 for the win!

133: #6 Cory Clark (Iowa) DEC Mark Grey (Cornell), 6-2
1st Period: Guys being heavy-handed, Clark working for a Russian tie.  Period ends scoreless.

2nd Period: Clark starts on bottom.  Escapes after 9 seconds.  They are reviewing the escape, but it's upheld.  Grey single leg, converts it for 2 points, Clark escapes again.  Clark attachs, Grey dives for ankle, they scramble on the edge.  Clark has his leg, Grey pulls him out of bounds and gets warned for stalling.  Back at center, same situation, Clark converts for a 4-2 lead this time.  Period ends.

3rd Period: Grey on bottom.  Clark riding tough with a leg in and a power half.  Later on, working for a bar/half combo.  Stalling point against Grey.  Match ends 6-2.

141: #6 Josh Dziewa (Iowa) DEC Dylan Realbuto (Cornell), 5-3
1st Period: Realbuto shot, Dziewa attempts to spin behind but they are out of bounds.  Dziewa takedown with a minute left.  Realbuto escapes in short time and is RUNNING across the mat as Dziewa chases him.  2-1.

2nd Period
: Dziewa on bottom, manages to turn in and grab a leg, gets reversal.  Escape Realbuto, trails 4-2. Dziewa shot, Realbuto tries to pass leg and winds up in a banana split situation, but they are out of bounds. 

3rd Period: Realbuto on bottom.  Escapes quickly, but Dziewa now has accumulated 1:45 of RT.  No more scoring before the match ends.

149: #1 Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) DEC #6 Chris Villalonga (Cornell), 4-1
For some reason we are delaying before starting this match.
1st Period
: Underway and very little action 2 minutes in.  Lot of pushing.  Period ends 0-0.

2nd Period: Villalonga on bottom.  Out after 35 seconds.  Shot Villalonga but his head is buried under Sorenson's hips.  Stalemate.  Sorenson single, Villalonga whizzering, Sorenson steps over a la Logan Stieber and limp arms out for the takedown in short time.  2-1.

3rd Period: Sorenson starts on bottom.  Escapes and in on a shot, they head out of bounds.  Stalling called again on Villa, and this time Sorenson gets a point.  4-1. 

157: #4 Brian Realbuto (Cornell) DEC #14 Mike Kelly (Iowa), 10-7
1st Period: Kelly immediately takes a (bad) shot.  Realbuto snaps and spins behind. Something happens and Realbuto cries out briefly.  They stop the match and take some time to decide if injury time is warranted.  Ultimately they decide that yes, it is.  Which means that Kelly gets a free escape point and gets to remain on bottom.  He escapes again to tie it up 2-2.  Lot of delays in this match.  Taping up Kelly's head now.  Back at it, neutral, tied 2-2.  Double leg off the whistle for Realbuto.  Kelly escapes after a bit, but Realbuto now has 1:34 RT.  Period ends 4-3.

2nd Period: Realbuto takes bottom.  They scramble and award a reversal but it is controversial.  They stop action to video review... another delay.  No reversal.  Upon the restart, Realbuto escapes to a 5-3 lead.  Double leg for Realbuto, 7-3.  Riding tough with a leg in.  Period ends.

3rd Period: Kelly on bottom.  Escape.  Blood time..... Single leg Realbuto,  Kelly cradles him for a takedown for a bout a second.  Realbuto escapes and reshots to a 9-6 lead.  Crab ride.  Stalemate.  Escape.  Realbuto wins 10-7 after RT point--he had 3:36 RT.

165: #11 Dylan Palacio (Cornell) DEC #12 Nick Moore (Iowa), 5-4
1st Period: Quick TD for Palacio, quick E1 for Moore. 2-1.  Palacio reaches for another leg but can't get it this time.  Working for attacks.  Moore in on a double, Palacio elevates his way to a stalemate.  The crowd doesn't like it.  Drag attempt for Palacio.  Period ends 2-1.

2nd Period: Moore starts on bottom.  Another quick escape to tie it up.  Palacio has just 14 seconds of RT after being on top twice.  Takedown Palacio, quick escape for Moore (just 4 seconds this time).  More attacks from Palacio. 

3rd Period: Palacio on bottom.  Moore rides him for 20 seconds and kicks him.  Stall warning on Palacio after he's been attacking all match.  Again.  It is warranted, though, as he is essentially running from him.  Matchends.  The crowd boos him and he rubs it in their face.  Some Iowa wrestler stands in his way as he leaves the arena.

NOTE: Cornell lost a team point after this match.

174: #3 Mike Evans (Iowa) DEC Duke Pickett (Cornell), 3-0
1st Period: Pickett comes out amped up and charging after giving Storley a tough match in the earlier round.  Cornell's bench gets warned for something, didn't see what.  The match is stopped as Pickett's eye is cut.  What was it Gordon Bombay told Charlie in #MD1?  "Next time he does that, I want you to hold your eye like it's cut!"  I digress...  Back at it after a couple minutes.  Evans shoves him to the ground at the table out of bounds and the Cornell coaches are FURIOUS and the crowd explodes in a combination of love for Evans and disdain for Koll complaining.  Big discussion going on.  Appears nothing became of it.  Period ends 0-0.

2nd Period:  Evans takes down and escapes after 28 seconds.  Evans near a takedown on the edge but they don't award it.  Period ends 1-0.

3rd Period: Pickett takes neutral, not wanted to go under Evans.  Evans single leg on the edge.  Pickett tries to kick away but Evans drags him back in and finishes.  Blood time for Pickett.  40 seconds remain when we restart.  Evans rides him out.  These two are not happy with each other, but Evans is obviously happier. 

184: #1 Gabe Dean (Cornell) DEC #11 Sam Brooks (Iowa), 6-2
1st Period:  Dean shot, Brooks reshot and in advantageous position.  Dean turns back to lock through his crotch, coming behind, Dean finishes for 2.  E1 for Brooks.  Shot Brooks, Dean snaps and spins but can't get the takedown.  Period ends 2-1.

2nd Period: Brooks on bottom.  Escapes quickly.  Dean has a total of 17 seconds of RT now.  Tied 2-2.  They trade shots.  Brooks shoots on the edge, Dean trying to come behind.  Stalemate at a weird time.  Period ends.

3rd Period:  Dean on bottom.  Escapes.  Takedown Dean, 5-2.  Stalling warning on Dean, sitting on the hips on top.  20 seconds left... 10... over.  Dean gets RT point.  Iowa fans clap for the match.

197: #6 Nathan Burak (Iowa) DEC #12 Jace Bennett (Cornell), 3-2

1st Period: A minute in, no shots.  A little pushing on the edge from Burak, but no committed attacks. A minute left.  Iowa crowd wants a stall call.  Burak single leg with 15 seconds through, Jace tries to come around the back, can't do.  Period ends 0-0.

2nd Period: Burak down, escapes after 17 ticks.  Burak with a front headlock.  Bennett grabs his ankle, working for his own attack... but Burak breaks free and spins behind for a 3-0 lead. Jace escapes after 20 seconds and the period ends 3-1.

3rd Period: Jace on bottom.  Quick escape, 3-2 lead for Burak.  Burak clamps on to a front headlock and Bennett gets dinged for stalling as he backs out of bounds.  A minute left.  Bennett shoots, and again.  Burak grabs another FHL.  Match ends.

285: #3 Bobby Telford (Iowa) by Forfeit
Crowd boos the decision not to wrestle.

#4 Missouri 23, #20 Lehigh 9
125: #1 Alan Waters (Mizzou) DEC Scott Parker (Lehigh), 7-3
1st Period:  T2 Waters, rides for 16 secs and release. T2 again, riding this time.  Stalling warning on Waters for keeping the legs up too many times when Parker gets to his feet, so Waters kicks him. Stalling warning on Parker for backing up too much.  4-2.

2nd Period
: Waters takes down.  Escapes after 13 seconds and then keeps his toes in to get a TD on the edge.  Injury time for Parker.  Given his choice of position, Waters takes bottom and escapes quickly again.  Waters leads 6-2.

3rd Period
: Parker takes bottom, escapes quickly.  No scoring for the rest of the match.  7-3 after RT.

133: #11 Mason Beckman (Lehigh) DEC Zach Synon (Mizzou), 9-4
1st Period: Quick takedown for Beckman and he will start riding.  Escape Synon after 32 secs.  Beckman in on a head-inside single, gets behind heading out of bounds.  Quick escape for Synon after the restart.  Beckman scores again, 6-2 at end of period.

2nd Period: Beckman starts on bottom.  Synon rides 55 seconds before Beckman escapes.  Synon attacks with a double but they head out of bounds.  Takedown, Beckman.  9-3 headed to 3rd.

3rd Period: Synon on bottom.  Mason rides a bit but then kicks him, though the RT is just at 55 seconds.  He will get RT with another TD, though.  He doesn't get it.  Match ends 9-4.

141: #7 Lavion Mayes (Mizzou) MAJ Randy Cruz (Lehigh), 11-3
1st Period: Mayes with a pair of takedowns early, 4-1.

2nd Period: Cruz starts on bottom, escapes.  Takedown Mayes.  Escape Cruz. 

3rd Period: Missed some action but we are now in the third period.  Mayes leads 10-3 and is on bottom.  Cruz riding very tough... ref calls some back points which were NO WHERE close to actually being there.  He erases them, fortunately.  Cruz rides out the period. 

149: #4 Drake Houdashelt (Mizzou) MAJ Drew Longo (Lehigh), 10-2
1st Period: Takedown for Houdashelt 25 seconds in.  Longo no where near escaping.  Houda working a turk, but is no where near turning him.  Bars him up.  Period ends 2-0 with 2:35 RT for Drake.

2nd Period: Houdashelt starts on bottom.  Quick escape and takedown.  Now riding hard again.  Yikes for that RT clock.  E1 Longo.  7-1.  Shot for Longa and they scramble their way out of bounds.  Period ends. 

3rd Period: Longo on bottom(?).  Houdashelt runs the RT up to 4:01 before Longo escapes.  Houdashelt shoots, they are scrambling.  Houdashelt rolls him out of bounds but keeps a toe in for the takedown!  10-2 final

157: Mitch Minotti (Lehigh) DEC #18 Joey Lavallee (Mizzou), 2-0
1st Period:  Two minutes in and no scoring.  Period ends scoreless.

2nd Period:  Lavallee on bottom.  Minotti still riding a minute in.  Make that two minutes in.  Still scoreless.

3rd Period: Minotti on bottom.  Escapes after 14 seconds.  Time passes... 2-0 final.

165: Mike England (Mizzou) DEC Marshall Peppelman (Lehigh), 6-1
1st Period:  Mizzou shoots a single leg and scores with 30 seconds left in the period. Granby for Peppelman, England rolls with him and maintains control to end the period 2-0.

2nd Period: Peppelman takes bottom.  Winds up being a shaky decision as he gets ridden for 90 more seconds.  Period ends 2-1.

3rd Period: England takes bottom. Escapes after 54 seconds, which leaves his RT advantage at 59 seconds.  Double leg takedown for England with 15 secs remaining.  6-1 final.

174: #5 John Eblen (Mizzou) DEC Santiago Martinez (Lehigh) 4-2

1st Period: I got nothin for you.  Scoreless first period.

2nd Period: Eblen starts on bottom.  Escapes after 18 seconds.  Takedown Eblen, ridges for 45 seconds--Martinez escapes with 5 secs left in the period.

3rd Period:  Martinez takes down.  Eblen brutal with a claw lock, looking for near fall.  Ref calls stalemate after a while.  Match ends.

184: #
3 Nate Brown (Lehigh) DEC #9 Willie Miklus (Mizzou), 7-3
1st Period: Takedown, Brown after a minute.  Miklus looks quite helpless beneath him.  Brown rides out the period.

2nd Period:  Brown takes bottom.  Up and out quickly.  3-0.  Takedown Miklus, closes his deficit to 3-2. 

3rd Period:  I got distracted by the 1st period 174 fireworks on the other match... Brown wins 7-3.

197: #1 J’den Cox (Mizzou) DEC #15 Elliot Riddick (Lehigh), 4-0
1st Period:  Cox attacking, can't finish on a frustrating Riddick.  Cox gives him a shove at the end in frustration. 

2nd Period: Cox on bottom.  Escapes after 12 seconds. Cox is awarded a second point, not sure why--maybe stalling.  And another.  3-0 Cox to end the period.

3rd Period:  Riddick starts on bottom.  Cox riding.  40 seconds.  50... 60... 70... 85 and now we have some blood time for Riddick.  Back at it.  Cox rides out the period, wins 4-0.

285: #16 Devon Mellon (Mizzou) DEC Doug Vollaro (Lehigh), 5-3

1st Period:  Mellon takes down a much-larger Vollaro.  Escape for Vollaro after 11 seconds.

2nd Period: Mellon takes bottom.  Escapes in 9 seconds.

3rd Period:  Mellon wins 5-3.

Quarterfinals Results:

Losing teams are eliminated.

#1 Iowa 44, Chattanooga 3
125: #10 Sean Boyle DEC #5 Thomas Gilman, 3-1 SV1
133: #6 Cory Clark PIN #15 Nick Soto, 4:15
141: #6 Josh Dziewa DEC Mike Pongracz, 4-2
149: #1 Brandon Sorensen TECH Jacob Murphy, 19-4
157: #14 Mike Kelly PIN Austin Sams, 4:32
165: #12 Nick Moore DEC Justin Lampe, 11-6
174: #3 Mike Evans PIN Sean Mappes, 4:44
184: #11 Sam Brooks PIN McCoy Newburg, 1:52
197: #6 Nathan Burak DEC Scottie Boykin, 8-3
285: #3 Bobby Telford PIN Jared Johnson, 2:50

#6 Cornell 19, #2 Minnesota 17
125: #3 Nahshon Garrett TECH Ethan Lizak, 18-2
133: #1 Chris Dardanes DEC Mark Grey, 5-3
141: #4 Nick Dardanes MAJ Logan David, 19-10
149: #6 Chris Villalonga DEC Jake Short, 2-1
157: #4 Brian Realbuto DEC #1 Dylan Ness, 9-3
Realbuto leads whole match.  Ness nears takedown in the closing seconds but Realbuto steals the takedown and puts Ness on his back to bust open the score at the end.
165: #11 Dylan Palacio TECH #16 Nick Wanzek, 18-2
174: #4 Logan Storley DEC Duke Pickett, 7-5
Pickett takes a 3-2 lead late in the second, only for Storley to escape and tie it up late.  Storley escapes quickly in the third to make it 4-3 with 1:50 to go. TD Storley, stall point for Pickett, escape Pickett... RT makes it 7-5 final for Storley, but a shaky match for the big favorite.
184: #1 Gabe Dean DEC #13 Brett Pfarr, 10-4
This dual meet looking quite interesting... if Dean wins here as expected, Cornell will be in the drivers seat to upset Minnesota.  Dean gets the job done for his team.
197: #5 Scott Schiller DEC #12 Jace Bennett, 7-1
285: #15 Mike Kroells MAJ Jacob Aiken-Phillips, 10-1

#20 Lehigh 21, #3 Ohio State 18
125: #7 Nathan Tomasello DEC Scott Parker, 9-3
133: #11 Mason Beckman DEC #5 Johnni DiJulius, 1-0
Beckman rode Johnni out the whole second period, Johnni took neutral in the third and could not get a takedown to win.
141: #1 Logan Stieber PIN Randy Cruz, 4:52
149: Drew Longo DEC Randy Languis, 2-1
157: Mitch Minotti DEC #9 Josh Demas, 3-1
Minotti gets takedown with 15 seconds left to win it. 
165: #5 Bo Jordan TECH Marshall Peppelman, 22-6
Jordan with 3 takedowns, 3 nearfall points and 2:05 RT... in the first period.
174: Santiago Martinez DEC #13 Mark Martin, 4-2
184: #3 Nate Brown PIN #12 Kenny Courts, 3:29
Puts Lehigh in great upset position. Tavanello puts on his headgear with the match in doubt.
197: #3 Kyle Snyder MAJ #15 Elliot Riddick, 9-1
Snyder pancakes him to his back at the end of the second, but the buzzer prevents the fall!  7-0 heading to the third. Dual score will be tied 18-18 going into heavyweight.
285: Doug Vollaro DEC #14 Nick Tavanello, 4-2 SV2
Essentially down because of Vollaro's 20 second RT advantage, Tavanello takes a risky shot.  Vollaro goes behind for the win and team upset!

#4 Missouri 23, #12 Illinois 13
125: #1 Alan Waters DEC #2 Jesse Delgado, 6-2
133: #9 Zane Richards DEC Zach Synon, 9-2
141: #7 Lavion Mayes MAJ #8 Steven Rodrigues, 11-3
149: #4 Drake Houdashelt DEC Kyle Langenderfer, 6-3
157: #2 Isaiah Martinez MAJ #18 Joey Lavallee, 17-6
Was a one-point match going into the third, then IMar turned up the heat in a big way.
165: #8 Jackson Morse DEC Mike England, 4-3
174: #5 John Eblen PIN #11 Zac Brunson, 0:49
184; Nikko Reyes DEC #9 Willie Miklus, 3-1 SV
197: #1 J’den Cox MAJ Jeff Koepke, 15-3
285: #16 Devon Mellon DEC Brooks Black, 5-1 TB1