Fargo Junior Cadet Nationals
Fargo, ND
Jul 19-26, 2014
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Cadet Women Notes and Final Results

- California won it's 3rd straight team title. The only time the Golden State didn't win the title was the first year the Cadet Women tournament was held: 2011, when Hawaii won.

- Two states claimed their first individual titles in back-to-back weight classes.

- Hailey Horton (101) became the first ever Fargo Champion from the state of Georgia, followed by Ronna Heaton (108) of South Dakota.

- Until this year, Puerto Rico had never had a Cadet Womens All American. This year they had three.

- Ashlyn Ortega (132/CO) was named Most Outstanding Wrestler.

Final Team Scores:
1. California - 65.0
2. Texas - 53.0
3. Washington - 52.0
4. Illinois - 22.0
5. Puerto Rico - 17.0
6. New York - 16.0
7. Colorado - 14.0
8. Pennsylvania - 14.0
9. Georgia - 13.0
10. Michigan - 12.0

Final Results:
Cadet - Women - 88
1st Place - Jayda Bordeaux of Texas

Cadet - Women - 95
1st Place - Naomi Chavez of Texas
2nd Place - Brooke Thurber of Wisconsin
3rd Place - Hailey Cox of Utah
4th Place - McKayla Campbell of Ohio
5th Place - Cassondra Lewandowski of Michigan
6th Place - Paula Aguilar of California
7th Place - Leah Olsen of Washington

Cadet - Women - 101
1st Place - Hailey Horton of Georgia
2nd Place - Jocelyn Murphy of Illinois
3rd Place - Alexandra Vasquez of Colorado
4th Place - Darcy Brownell of New York
5th Place - Genae Sampract of Illinois
6th Place - Diona Freitas of California
7th Place - Ronnie Green of New York
8th Place - Aileen Gonzalez of New York

Cadet - Women - 108
1st Place - Ronna Heaton of South Dakota
2nd Place - Annastassia Ramirez of California
3rd Place - Brenda Reyna of Washington
4th Place - Charlotte Fowler of Texas
5th Place - Kyleigh Dagustino of Pennsylvania
6th Place - Aleah Gould of California
7th Place - Viannei Perez of Washington
8th Place - Brittany Wynn of California

Cadet - Women - 115
1st Place - Sierra Joner of Washington
2nd Place - Tommie Mosteller of Washington
3rd Place - Anesia Ramirez of Washington
4th Place - Gabriela Ramos of Puerto Rico
5th Place - Jessie Ausman of Texas
6th Place - Martina Valdez of California
7th Place - Lizette Young of California
8th Place - Kayla Mesar of North Carolina

Cadet - Women - 124
1st Place - Cierra Foster of Idaho
2nd Place - Brittany Bates of Texas
3rd Place - Andribeth Rivera of Puerto Rico
4th Place - Alexandria Enriquez of Georgia
5th Place - Mia Dow of California
6th Place - Hailey Malischewski of Pennsylvania
7th Place - Breanna Douglas of Kansas
8th Place - Logan Mize of Texas

Cadet - Women - 132
1st Place - Ashlynn Ortega of Colorado
2nd Place - Kayla Marano of Oklahoma
3rd Place - Ginamarie Santiago of Puerto Rico
4th Place - Hailey Hall of Washington
5th Place - Shelley Avelino of California
6th Place - Alexia Foca of New Jersey
7th Place - Lauren Gilbert of Texas
8th Place - Haven Olmos of California

Cadet - Women - 143
1st Place - Nonie Reyes-small of California
2nd Place - Desiree Giamarusti of Illinois
3rd Place - Solin Piearcy of California
4th Place - Nazareth Saavedra of New Jersey
5th Place - Taea Regua of California
6th Place - Brooke Logan of Arizona
7th Place - Sarah Tison of Minnesota
8th Place - Chelsea Guerrero of Texas

Cadet - Women - 154
1st Place - Alexis Bleau of New York
2nd Place - Mariah Harris of Pennsylvania
3rd Place - Rebecca Donaldson of Florida
4th Place - Nicole Diaz of California
5th Place - Courtney Lillich of Ohio
6th Place - Kailey Grogan of Kansas
7th Place - Abby Lees of Washington
8th Place - Paula Orosco of Texas

Cadet - Women - 172
1st Place - Kenya Spenser of Michigan
2nd Place - Taylor Rosario of Texas
3rd Place - Kacie Moorehouse of Washington
4th Place - Savannah Ellis of Arizona
5th Place - Andrea Sennett of Illinois
6th Place - Sara Kouba of Wisconsin
7th Place - Aileen Robledo of Texas
8th Place - Starlyn White of Missouri

Cadet - Women - 198
1st Place - Emily Huerta of Washington
2nd Place - Rachel Bridges of Texas
3rd Place - Katelyn Blanchard of California
4th Place - Sydnie Thiesen of California
5th Place - Briana Jordan of South Carolina
6th Place - Mackenzie Turner of Indiana