2016 Journeymen Fall Classic Middle School Results Results
Oct 1
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Middle School Results

Middle School 70A:
1st place (5-0) Nic Allison (Mifflin County)
2nd place (4-1) Matthew Dolan (Iron Eagles Wv)
3rd place (3-2) Alessandro Nini (Elite Nj)
4th place (2-3) Carson Wagner (Dark Knights)
5th place (1-4) Braxton Appello (Dark Knights)
6th place (0-5) Jacob Joyce (Clark)

Middle School 75A:
1st place (5-0) Kai Owen (Team Greco)
2nd place (4-1) Dagen Condomitti (Dark Knights)
3rd place (3-2) Jaden Pepe (Dark Knights)
4th place (2-3) Maxwell Gallagher (Barn Brothers)
5th place (1-4) Jason Athey (Dark Knights)
6th place (0-5) Freddy Pimental (Doughboy)

Middle School 80A:
1st place - Stevo Poulin (Journeymen) dec. Marc-Anthony Mcgowan (Team Greco) 2-0
3rd place - Richard Treanor (Darkhorse Wrestling) dec. Matthew Henrich (Mat Warriors) 1-0
5th place - Aiden Wallace (Bitetto Trained) pins Jason Hood (Clarks Wrestling) 1:01
7th place - Shailen Savur (Elite) pins Daniel Rella, Jr (Bitetto Trained) 0:57

Middle School 85A: 
1st place (5-0) Nick Fea (Apex)
2nd place (4-1) Matt Vulakh (North Penn)
3rd place (3-2) Gregor Mcneil (G2)
4th place (2-3) Erik Roggie (Smithfield)
5th place (1-4) Chase Liardi
6th place (0-5) Ryan Luna (Gilroy Hawks)

Middle School 85B:
1st place (4-1) Anthony Santaniello (Shore Thing)
2nd place (4-1) Andy Lucinksi (Cobra)
3rd place (4-1) Michael Dolan (Iron Eagles Wv)
4th place (2-3) Vincent Robinson (Harvey Twisters)
5th place (1-4) Time Cook (Clark)

Middle School 85C:
1st place (3-0) Zack Soda (Doughboy)
2nd place (1-2) Gunnar Myers
3rd place (1-2) Christopher Tringali (Mendham-Chester Patriots)
4th place (0-3) Jmari Lowman (Clark)

Middle School 90A
1st place - Conner Redinger (Omp) dec. Joseph Cangro (Bitetto Trained) 5-3
3rd place - Nasir Wilkinson (Coop Trained) maj. Bailey Flanagan (Cfwa) 10-0
5th place - Jordan Titus (Barn Brothers Wrestling) dec. Kelly Dunigan (Waldwick) 4-2
7th place - Ethan Fernandez (Rednose Wrestling School) dec. Patrick Jackson (Iron Eagles Wv) 2-0

Middle School 90B:
1st place (5-0) Jimmy Harrington (Doughboy)
2nd place (4-1) Drew Currier (Kt Kidz)
3rd place (2-3) Wayne Mcintyre (Dark Knights Wrestling Club)
4th place (2-3) Rocco Camillaci (G2)
5th place (1-4) Matthew Bobola (Clarke)
6th place (1-4) Gabe Gramly (Bison Legend Wrestling)

Middle School 95A:
1st place (5-0) Cooper Flynn "wins"
2nd place (4-1) Vincent Santaniello "wins"
3rd place (3-2) Mason Bush "wins"
4th place (2-3) Alex Hanley "wins"
5th place (1-4) Tyler Barrett "wins"
6th place (0-5) Drake Torrington

Middle School 95B:
1st place (5-0) Jesse Brochu "wins"
2nd place (4-1) Michael Joyce "wins"
3rd place (2-3) Logan Waller "head to head"
4th place (2-3) Jack Bertha "wins"
5th place (1-4) Calvin Burke "head to head"
6th place (1-4) Alexander Giuliani

Middle School 100A:
1st place (5-0) Isaac Salas "wins"
2nd place (4-1) Vinny Zerban "wins"
3rd place (3-2) Justin Mastroianni "wins"
4th place (2-3) Gene Quodala "wins"
5th place (1-4) Jaren Powell "wins"
6th place (0-5) Marek Bush

Middle School 100B:
1st place (5-0) Cody Chittum "wins"
2nd place (4-1) Myles Griffin "wins"
3rd place (3-2) Michael Bobola "wins"
4th place (2-3) Jared Purcell "wins"
5th place (1-4) Carson Porter

Middle School 105A:
1st place - Nic Bouzakis (Team Greco) pins Avery Bassett (Bison Legend) 2:19
3rd place - William Ebert dec. Stone Lewis
5th place - Hunter Gandy dec. Dan Gibson
7th place - Nicholas Foster maj. Justin Hood

Middle School 112A:
1st place (5-0) Zack Witmer (Bison Legend)
2nd place (4-1) Shayne Van Ness "wins"
3rd place (3-2) Giani Martini "wins"
4th place (2-3) Dylan Weaver "wins"
5th place (1-4) Tyler Pizzi

Middle School 112B:
1st place (3-0) Tylynn Lukens (Spartan)
2nd place (2-1) Malachi Duvall "wins"
3rd place (1-2) Owen Woolcott "wins"
4th place (0-3) Harrison Abacherli

Middle School 120A:
1st place (5-0) Jagger Condomitti (Dark Knights)
2nd place (4-1) Gregory Hotaling "wins"
3rd place (3-2) Christian Hansen "wins"
4th place (2-3) Jose Montano "wins"
5th place (1-4) Garrett Hughes

Middle School 136A:
1st place (5-0) Trey Kibe (Bison Legend)
2nd place (4-1) Paul Jakub "wins"
3rd place (2-3) Aiden Hanning "head to head"
4th place (2-3) Jack Darrah "quality wins"
5th place (2-3) Cooper Kropman "wins"
6th place (0-5) Dante Rooke