2022-23 National Girls High School Rankings

132 pounds

USA Wrestling, FloWrestling and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum have published its November 2022 rankings for high school girls wrestlers for the 2022-23 season. This national ranking evaluates all girls enrolled in grades 8-12, and athletes from all 50 states are eligible for selection.

Since the Preseason Rankings were posted in October, a number of major preseason competitions were held, with Super 32, the USA Wrestling Preseason Nationals, the FreakShow, the Ultimate Club Duals and other top competitions bringing together many of the nation’s ranked athletes as well as numerous young and up-coming stars.

In the November rankings, there were three new No. 1 athletes since the Preseason selections: Alex Szkotnicki of Maryland (112), Valerie Hamilton of Illinois (138) and Maddie Kubicki of Missouri (144).

Athletes who remain at No. 1 include Gabriella Gomez of Illinois (100), Audrey Jimenez of Arizona (105), Elena Ivaldi of California (117), Everest Leydecker of Arizona (122), Shelby Moore of Washington (127), Janida Garcia of Colorado (132), Destiny Rodriguez of Oregon (152), Ella Pagel of Minnesota (164), Sabrina Nauss of Michigan (180), Savannah Isaac of Ohio (200) and Kiera Ganey of Illinois (225).

The Pound-For-Pound (P-4-P) rankings were also updated, with the top seven athletes remaining the same. There are seven new wrestlers n the P-4-P rankings: No. 12 Savannah Gomez of California, No. 17 Paige Morales of California, No. 18 Maddie Kubicki of Missouri, No. 22 Kiely Tabaldo of California, No. 23 Taina Fernandes of Maryland, No. 24 Morgan Turner of Illinois and No. 25 Piper Fowler of Tennessee.

The next National Girls High School Ranking will be in January, after early season high school competition, including major holiday tournaments across the nation.

People often ask what criteria are used for selections. The committee collaborates on each ranking, using the following standards in priority order:

1. International competition results

2. USA Wrestling National Championship results in both freestyle and folkstyle (U15, 16U, U17, Junior, U20, Senior), including the National Duals

3. State high school championships results (both official and unofficial)

4. Other major national-level open tournament in the pre-season and post-season

5. Competition during the high school season,

6. USA Wrestling Regional competitions and USA Wrestling state tournaments

7. All other competitions for high school-age girls

Evaluation will include specific available data on:

·       Head-to-head matches

·       Ranked wins (victories over a nationally ranked opponent)

·       Most recent competitions

·       Body of work

·       Common opponents

Coaches, parents and athletes are encouraged to provide information about specific athletes and their achievements throughout the year for the committee to consider. If they have information on specific girls who should be considered for ranking or updates on their achievements, please send it by email to girlsrankings@usawrestling.org. The quality of these rankings continue to improve as people choose to share updated information.

RankNameCityStateHigh SchoolLast Rank
1Janida GarciaColorado SpringsColo.Springs Studio2 at 132
2Valerie HamiltonGridleyIll.El Paso-Gridley High School5 at 132
3Carina GiangerusoCrosswicksN.J.Northern Burlington High School14 at 132
4Lauren WaltonLexingtonKy.Carr Academy9 at 132
5Taylor Fierbach-GravemanSpearfishS.D.Spearfish High School10 at 132
6Zoe GriffithGouveneurN.Y.Gouveneur High SchoolNR
7Taydem KhamjoiStocktonCalif.Chavez High School26 at 138
8Camryn BrownWoodbridgeConn.Amity Regional High School21 at 132
9Isis FranceGlendaleAriz.Wyoming Seminary30 at 138
10Kaidance GergEatonvilleWash.Homeschooled6 at 138
11Hanna ErrthumMount HorebWis. Mt. Horeb High School7 at 132
12Alyssa CaltigironeYorkMaineYork High SchoolNR
13Piper CaddenGilbertAriz.Gilbert High School13 at 132
14Lilly LuftCharles CityIowaCharles City High School17 at 132
15Alanna HaneyRichlandWash.Chiawana High School22 at 132
16Kylie RuleMineral PointWis.Mineral Point High School19 at 132
17Hannah RipperOrindaCalif.Miramonte High SchoolNR
18Isabella DiasLevittownPa.Harry S Truman High SchoolNR
19Taylor DawsonCollinsvilleIll.Collinsville High SchoolNR
20Nicole RedmondOlatheKansasOlathe-South High School24 at 132
21Daniella NugentBoxfordMass.Phillips Academy Andover20 at 132
22Taylor MiessCastle RockColo.Chatfield High SchoolNR
23Marissa SanabriaWentzvilleMo.Wentzville High SchoolNR
24Attalia WatsonHomewoodIll.Homewood-Flossmor High School12 at 138
25May PradoMariettaGa.Lassiter High School18 at 132
26Luiza NoguieraHuntington ParkCalif.Birmingham High SchoolNR
27Morgan EdwardsBangorPa.Blair Academy17 at 127
28Aleksandra BastaicHighlandInd.Highland High SchoolNR
29Morgan LucioCasa GrandeAriz.Valient College PrepNR
30Mackenzie PrattGranite CityIll.Granite City High SchoolNR